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Sign Project: Skyline Luxury Apartments

Skyline Luxury Apartments South Coast Metro, CA

If anybody has driven on the 55 Freeway near the 405 Freeway recently, they may have noticed the colorful wall washers running down the sides of two buildings.  Well, those buildings belong to Skyline Luxury Apartments and we put up those wall washers a little over a year ago, along with several other types of signs.  It was quite a large project, but one that we are very proud of, especially since the advertising methods chosen by Skyline greatly benefited their company.

In fact, before Skyline purchased the property, the previous owner had struggled to get their company noticed and ended up having to leave.  However, once Skyline took over, they decided upon an aggressive and bold campaign to advertise, choosing Landmark Signs to help them send their message.

With a Monument Sign, Window Displays, an extremely large Banner, A-frame Signs Promotional Displays, and even colorful LED Wall Washers, there was no doubt about it,people were going to pay attention to them.  And their approach paid off!  With all the advertising they received many calls with customers interested in leasing one of their apartments and have exciting and creative signs all over their property to let every know who they are and what their company is about!

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