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Notice to All Employees: How to Use Signage to Solve Branding Problems in Business Part 1

digital-marketing-1433427_640Marketing and sales jobs are made to work hand in hand. If the marketers are accomplishing their goals, then salesmen will experience more success and vice versa. However, these two are not usually copasetic the way they were designed to be. Sometimes this is due to corporate decisions (or lack of decisions) that are made. Perhaps it has to do with the company’s culture. Or maybe it is because of a bad manager. Regardless of the reason, the truth remain that division exists in these two fields. In fact,  “a Forrester study found that only 8% of B2B companies have tight marketing and sales alignment” (1). Yikes! That is an extremely low number and is reflective of a disappointing trend. 

Landmark Signs Inc Sales and Marketing.pngFor those employees that are involved in the fields of marketing and sales at their workplace, like we discussed in last week’s blog, you have a choice. Even though the company you work for is most certainly dependent upon your success, you may not have a lot of say in how these departments are run. So, you can put your hands up and think that since you are not the owner, CEO, or even a manager, it’s not really your problem. But as we learned last week, if your company struggles, no jobs are immune from taking the hit right along with the business. The other option is that you can get involved and recognize that your company’s success or lack of success will directly impact you. So you better take this business seriously and help contribute to the positive growth of your company.

The Problem

One of the ways we recommend this is to find solutions for the problems your company is dealing with. As we have already identified, 92% of business to business companies are struggling with maintaining unity between two of their most important divisions. 

The Solution

So how can a business solve this problem? One of the ways is to make sure that both departments are telling the same story to those that they communicate with. In order to do this, of course, everybody has to know what that story is. This is where branding comes in. Author of “Consumer Behavior for Dummies”, Laura Lake, advises that companies “think of branding as though your company or organization were a living, breathing person. Imagine this person explaining who they are, why they’re valuable, and what they specifically have to offer. As consumers begin to identify with you, your brand will live in the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects, and they’ll connect on an emotional level.” She also adds that a good brand will do the following: 

“Clearly deliver a message

Confirm the brand’s credibility in the marketplace

Emotionally connect target prospects with a product or service

Motivate the buyer to make a purchase

Create user loyalty” (2).

How Signs Can Solve this Problem

First American Monument Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.
Monument Sign by Landmark Signs Inc. 

Having been in the sign industry for over 40 years, we have seen signs come to the rescue for many company problems. Our business owner learned the sign trade from his own father the old fashioned way, through hand-painted letters. And even a business investing in this type of signage, whose impact would be low next to some of the top sign technology of today, saw an improvement in their business. What passer-by doesn’t feel something when they drive by and see the sign of their favorite coffee shop or restaurant? A well-made sign can not only send the right message to your consumers, but it can also get your sales and marketing departments on the same page. 


Signs, from Monument Signs to Retail Signs and more, all have the ability to solve the problems that most businesses face. Whether you are an employee that makes major decisions that affect the company or you are merely beginning your journey at that business, caring about how your company does means caring about how you do. Branding is just one area that you can concern yourself with.

Check back in with us next week to learn specifically how your company can use signage to improve branding. 

Landmark Signs


Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 40 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!
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Notice to All Employees: How to Use Signage to Solve Problems in Business 

In Your Best Interest

Don’t think that because it is not your business, then it is not your business whether or not it succeeds.pngDon’t think that because it is not your business, then it is not your business whether or not it succeeds. You might not be the owner, a boss, or even a manager, but the success of the company you work for directly affects your livelihood. You might be just starting out at the company loading boxes in the warehouse or are still working at the cash register. Regardless, if that company takes a tumble, no one is immune from sustaining an injury or two. 

Looking around, we can see that the business field is fraught with challenges and pitfalls. There is an old statistic that says that many businesses fail within ten years, even more fail within five, and even greater amounts fail within one year. Even if your business, or the business you are working for, has been around for more than ten years, the chance of failure is still existent.

Businesses Are Struggling

In a world full of technology that is constantly changing the way people do business and how consumers make purchases, many mega giants that have been around for decades are crumbling under the pressure. Payless, which has been around for over 60 years, has closed “2,100 of its locations in the United States and Puerto Rico… [and also] plans to shut down its online store… Payless is the latest brick-and-mortar retailer to suffer in the age of Amazon (AMZN), joining Toys “R” Us, Brookstone and clothing store Charlotte Russe” (1). 

In fact, here are a few other major businesses that have had to close many of their stores. Note that each of these stores listed have been in business for over 50 years. 

Abercrombie & Fitch – in business since the early 1900’s

Has already had to close hundreds of their locates and will continue this downward trend by closing three more major stores, including one in New York City. 

CVS – founded in 1963

Has had to close over 70 store locations in order to cut their costs and maintain their business. 

Gymboree – founded in 1976

They have plans to file for bankruptcy a second time and will close 900 of their stores. 

J.C. Penny – founded in 1902

Closed 138 stores in 2017 and will close at least 24 more this year. 

Macy’s – founded in 1851

The oldest store on our list has had to lay off about 5,000 workers as a result of shutting down some of its stores (2). 

As can be seen by the numbers above, it does not matter how long a company has been in business. Any business can struggle and have to close its doors. 

Jobs Lost

Even more powerful than the doors that are closing, are the jobs that are lost. Each one of these stores closing represents thousands of jobs lost. In fact, as of April 2019, more than 41,000 jobs had been lost in 2019 alone as a result of retail stores closing (3). That, of course, does not include the hundreds of thousands of jobs that have been lost in the last several years. 

And guess what? All those jobs lost included managers, salespeople, clerks, stockers, and more. When a business collapses, everyone suffers no matter how high or low up in the company their position is. 


The Groves Custom Monument Sign
Monument Signs by Landmark Signs Inc.

So why do we, a sign company, bother telling you all of this? Well, as a business service oriented company, and business owners ourselves, the achievements of our fellow businesses is an area of concern. We have written many blogs directed at business owners, some helping owners avoid making common sign mistakes, others focused on using signage to compete with Amazon, and other still meant to encourage owners to use signs to solve major business owner problems

However, if all employees take personal responsibility for the success of the business they work for, then they have an advantage over many other companies. Of course, management and the ownership is responsible for inspiring this in their employees through strong leadership. But there is no guarantee of this. Despite the leadership or lack of it in upper management, it is in everyone’s best interest to care about the fate of their business no matter what their position. 

Signage is one way to inspire the success of a business and its employees. We hope this introduction blog helped all our readers to see the importance of caring about the place they work for. Check in with us next week to learn specifically how signage can make a positive impact on a company that all employees can care about. 

Landmark Signs


Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 40 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!
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What are Customers Saying about Landmark Signs?

Did you ever wonder how to help your clients realize the value of your service without sounding like you are bragging?

Or how to get your company to stand out in such competitive areas like Orange County, Los Angeles County, or San Diego County?

At Landmark Signs, we sometimes feel the same way. We believe in our products and can confidently say that we provide a quality of service that many of our competitors don’t. However, we often hesitate to say this because as a sign business, we aren’t really in the business of building ourselves up, but rather making our clients look good with elegant signage.

Plus, with so much local competition (a quick sign business search found over 60 other sign companies in the Orange/Anaheim area alone) why would you take our word for it?


As a savvy consumer, you wouldn’t trust that we are a great sign business without some sort of proof. And just like in a courtroom, some of the best evidence is given through first hand accounts. So, we encourage you to take a few minutes to see what our customers are saying about us. We greatly appreciate their feedback and hope that you will too.

word & brown lobby sign
Lobby Sign Design, Manufactured, and Installed by Landmark Signs Inc.


 “I am very satisfied with the prompt and complete service Landmark Signs provides.” – Ann Johnson, Word and Brown Companies

the chili pepper gold leaf window graphic
Gold Leaf Sign Designed, Manufactured, and Installed by Landmark Signs Inc.

“Landmark Signs did a wonderful job at designing and installing our signage for our new office in Beverly Hills.  We couldn’t be happier.” Yolanda Cunningham, Heritage Auctions

Nailspa Custom Channel Letter Sign
Business Sign Designed, Manufactured, and Installed by Landmark Signs Inc.

“John was very helpful with design ideas, options and pricing.  John was very informative regarding new signs, city permits, etc.  John made the whole process stress free!  John personally came to my business on the day of the install and WOW!  IT LOOKS AMAZING!” – Paul Boparai, Owner, Nailspa

Park Del Amo Monument Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.
Monument Sign Designed, Manufactured, and Installed by Landmark Signs Inc.

“I’ve been working with Landmark Signs and have been VERY pleased with the quality of service, quality of products, installations and repairs . . . which isn’t easy for someone handling 14 commercial buildings!” Kathy O’Brien, Property Manager, Mission Hospital

Jondo Custom Channel Letter Sign
High Rise Sign Designed, Manufactured, and Installed by Landmark Signs Inc. 

“Extremely helpful and responsive . . . I highly recommend them for any and all sign work in the Los Angeles area.” – Ken Quigley, Blue Pond Signs

Channel Letter Wall Sign Designed, Manufactured, and Installed by Landmark Signs Inc. 

“Once you use Landmark you’ll never want to use anyone else.” – Jacob Kulik, Property Manager, 4G Verizon Wireless

We live in a world that has more options than ever before. The benefits of this are certainly vast – we no longer must settle for whatever is handed to us, we can shop around to get the best deal, and we can obtain virtually whatever we need.

However, this can sometimes be overwhelming. Too many choices can make it hard to determine what opportunity is best for us. Hence, we have an entire generation of people who struggle with FOMO (the fear or missing out). This is no doubt due to the endless choices at are our fingertips.

So where do we turn when we want to find the right answer? Many consumers are looking to people who have first-hand experience in order to make a decision. Which is why we have taken the time to show you what our clients are saying about us.

We believe that we provide top-notch services. So don’t just take our word for it! Listen to those who have experience working with Landmark Signs.

Landmark Signs


Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 40 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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Why Should I Illuminate My Business Signs? Part Two

fire-bowl-1397855_640.jpgA lighthouse. A campfire. The northstar. All of these beacons of light symbolize hope and safety. For the seeking sailor a lighthouse is shelter from a cruel and unrelenting storm of the sea. For the wilderness wanderer, a campfire keeps the creatures of the forest away and allows for clean water and cooked meals. For the tired traveler the north star is a guide to home in the dark night sky.

Why has light come to represent protection and second chances? It very simply comes down to the fact that light stands out from its environment. When something is illuminated, everything else that is not simply fades into the background. For the lost globetrotter, keeping his eye on the light can mean the difference between life and death. For the modern business owner, ignoring the opportunity that comes from illumination can mean very much the same thing.

True, the fight of a company is not literally life and death. However, everyday a business is in a constant conflict attempting to survive against the vast competition. Utilizing light for your signage can mean the difference from your company being spotted by passers-by or being overlooked in a sea of non-illuminated signage.

Why You Should Illuminate Your Business Sign #2:

Stand Out From The Competition

Berris Lighted Dimensional Letters
Illuminated 3D Wall Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.

Last week, we looked at the importance of illuminated signage since it ensures that your signage is seen even when it is dark outside (click here to learn more). Furthermore, in an earlier blog we discussed that many different types of business signs can be illuminated including a powerful Monument Sign, an impressive Pole Sign, an elegant 3D Wall Sign, and more. This means that there are many signs available to make sure that your business is noticed by passers-by who are out on the road when the sun sets which is especially important when the early nights hours roll around in the winter.

However, this is not the only reason why it is important to illuminate your business signs. An illuminated sign will help you stand out from the competition. After all, we know that the competition is fierce. A fact reflected in the reality that, according to Gretchen Schmid, writer of the article entitled 17 Statistics Every Business Owner Needs to Be Well Aware Of, only “two-thirds of business[es] survive 2 years in business, half of all businesses will survive 5 years, and one-third will survive 10” (read more about small business problems here).

This tells us that it is not easy to own a business and keep it surviving and thriving for many years. A major factor in this struggle is the competition of other businesses in your industry striving to eke out their own place in the business world. As business owners, we need to do everything we can to ensure that we are a part of that exclusive one-third whose business lasts for 10 years of more. This includes making sure that your sign is noticed by illuminating your business sign.

Check back in next week to learn about more reasons why you should illuminate your business sign.

Landmark Signs


Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 35 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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Why Should I Illuminate My Business Sign? Part One

“Signs enhance the unique image of a neighborhood and favorably influence people’s perceptions of individual businesses and the district as a whole” (Source).

A well-designed sign that reflects well on a company improves not only the perception of the business, but also how people think about the surrounding community. That is why it is vital that your sign sends the right message to those driving or walking by (to learn how customers judge your business by your sign, click here).

Though most successful businesses understand the significance of having a well-made sign, some do not understand why we often make the suggestion of illuminating the sign. This is something we recommend for many sign types including Monument Signs, Pole Signs, Channel Letter Wall Signs, and more. But why? I want a sign that makes a good impression upon my clients, isn’t that enough?

Well, often times, sign lighting is what takes your sign to the next level and impresses clients even more. However, it is about more than image; sign lighting also serves its purpose practically and enhances a sign so that it is even more of an asset to your company. If you have taken the time to invest in your sign than why not get the most out of it that you can? (Learn how else to get the most out of your sign here). Read on to learn why you should make sure to illuminate your business sign.

Why You Should Illuminate Your Business Sign #1: Make Your Business Visible at Night

Verizon Standard Channel Letters
Verizon Wireless Channel Letter Sign by Landmark Signs Inc

Many things change during the winter time. In many places it means that snow covers the streets in a pearl dusting, leaves fall from the trees that were once covered in an anthem of autumn colors, and wind blows with a fresh, cold bite. It is true that as a Southern California sign company, most of our clients experience a much milder form of the winter described above. However, no matter where you are in the United States, winter has at least one shared characteristic: the dark of night comes earlier.

church-648429_640.jpgIn fact, in the deep winter it begins to darken outside earlier than 5 pm. This means that there are many hours that potential customers are driving by your business while it is dark outside. After 5 pm is a time that many people are commuting home from work and are stuck at a stand-still traffic during rush hour, which gives them plenty of time to look out the window and notice what is around them, including your business.

A sign, no matter how elegant and unique, will not be seen by those driving by if it blends into the background of the night.  If it is surrounded by an outline of light, it is sure to stand out against it’s dark backdrop, but without it, the eye will quickly move past your business sign onto something else that catches its attention.

Even during the rest of the year, when the daylight lasts longer than in the winter, there are still many hours people are out driving around in the night time. An illuminated sign is a great way to be noticed during those dark hours. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to let potential customers passing by know that you are there even when it’s dark outside (to learn how often people pass by your sign, read our blog here).

Check back in next week to learn about more reasons why you should illuminate your business sign.

Landmark Signs

Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 35 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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SlideShare Presentation: Five Creative, Practical Signs Solutions For Your Company

Advertising and marketing are extremely powerful and important tools that every business should utilize in the most effective way possible.  The way to make the most permanent, impressive impact in this area of expertise is signage. However, the term “signage” can be a little vague and could mean a variety of different things.  For companies who know that they need to use originate, renovate, or expand their sign needs but struggle with knowing which type of signage is best, I have compiled a list of the 5 most effective sign types and why they might work best for you and your growing company.


Retail  Signs

Retail Signs can be lit by neon, but they can also be illuminated by LED.  Not only can both of these lighting options be lit in a standard-lit through method, but they can be used to display halo lighting, standard lit through with halo lighting, and neon can even provide exposed neon lighting.  See examples of each lighting option below.

All of which, depending on the message you are trying to convey to your customers, can be custom designed to make a beautiful and powerful product to place proudly over your store, office or building.  Retail Signs are a great option for those that want to make a beautiful, bold statement that will literally draw customers right to your door.  These signs are especially helpful when a company is located right on the street and desire to get noticed even during the evening and night hours.  They can be placed on high-rise buildings as well.  Plus, for those who want to have an illuminated sign placed above their door but do not want to overwhelm their clients with too much attention, halo-lighting is a classy and subtle choice for your Retail Signs.


Lobby Signs

Another type of signage that makes an impression to customers literally in your store or office is Lobby Signs.  Lobby Signs are the informational signs that can be installed on the interior walls of your office, artistically and confidentially displaying your company name.  Although these signs can be illuminated, they are usually not lit because it is best to keep Lobby Signs understated and delicate.  When deciding what type of material to make your Lobby Sign out of, choose from several high-quality materials like metal, acrylic finished with baked enamel paint or even gold leaf (a personal favorite of mine)!

Lobby Signs give the impression of dependability and elegance of your company when clients enter your office.  They also let people know that you are here to stay and can be made in a way that shows the permanence and reliability of your company.  They are ideal for corporate offices, retail stores and even restaurants and assist with identification making them a practical option, but most importantly they can establish your company as important, trustworthy and permanent.


Directional Signs

Directional Signs are essential for any space that has several buildings and suites.  These are the types of signs that point the way to parking entrances, a particular office, identify the names of the building, and are overall used to make your property more navigatable for clients.  There are many options for the look of Directional Signs; they can be created out of sandblasted wood, carved wood, stone, metal & much more.  Able to be made out of many different materials with a variety of color choices, beautiful and attractive Directional Signs can be custom-made to enhance your property and make it easy for your customers to come to you!

When clients are trying to find you, nothing can be more frustrating than arriving somewhere with several buildings and offices that are not properly identified.  Driving or walking around with little knowledge of how to find your company or a particular suite can leave your clients with a bitter taste in their mouth, already irritated before you have even had the chance to talk with them in person.  This is why it is extremely important to make getting around your property as easy as possible with Directional Signs.


Monument Signs

Monument Signs are a permanent and substantial way to advertise your business at street level. They can be substantially constructed of materials such as aluminum, steel, concrete, stone and other long-lasting components. They can also be illuminated externally or internally with neon, fluorescent or LED lighting options in creative ways that will get your sign noticed even at night!

When Wall Signs don’t have the visibility your growing company needs, Monument Signs are an often over-looked option to let customers locate you from the street.  They are also helpful when there are several tenants in a piece of property that would like to be identified in a manner that draws the attention of passers-by.  Monument Signs can quite literally turn your marketing strategy into more than just a sign, they can literally become a landmark of your company.


 Pylon Signs

When people think of the most dependable, impressive type of sign, Pylon Signs are usually the first sign that comes to mind.  Like Monument Signs, they are a great option when your Wall Signs do not have the exposure you desire.  Furthermore, they are perfect for letting your customers know where you are from afar and ideal when you have the opportunity to draw attention of those driving by on freeways.

With a Pylon Sign from Landmark Signs, take your company to new heights with a sign mounted in the air 15 feet or sometimes as high as 100 feet! Pylon Signs are the most substantial and impressive sign product you can choose and usually have internal illumination options. To impress and attract clients, there is no better sign option than a Pylon Sign.

Choosing a Sign Type

Knowledge is empowering and can enable to use the tools you have been given the most efficiently.  Choosing a sign that best fits not only your company but with clients as well can be the different between getting the sale or getting passed by.  Do everything you can to display the right message and advertise the way you want, starting with the type of sign your company uses.

For more information about different sign types, their functionality, and what sign is best for you go to www.landmarksignsinc.com.

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Which Sign Type Should I Choose? Window Graphics

Gold Leaf & Chipped Glue Window Display

First impressions can tell you a lot about a person.  For example, someone’s name can tell you about his or her parents in the name that they chose and possibly a person’s cultural background.  How they introduce themselves can give you more information too.  Is this individual confident?  Is he shy?  Is she outgoing?  Furthermore, how does this person dress?   Is he or she fashion conscious?  Or is that individual more business minded and professional?

As helpful as these first impressions are, they may or may not be accurate.  It is in the details, the information we learn as we get to know a person even better that confirms or disaffirms our initial impression.  Sometimes, we come to find that we were spot on.  This person is very much like who we originally assumed them to be.  But more often than not the details we learn about a person after that first impression,  surprise us or greatly expand upon that person we thought we had all figured out.

The same can be said of signage.  That Channel Letter Sign above your store, the Monument Sign by the street, or the Directional Signage around your property are usually the first impression a customer will have about your company.  It tells a client what your company name is and the design of that signage reflects your business’ priorities.  But where do the details come in?  These types of signs do not generally give you the chance to tell a potential customer about specific details.  That is where Window Graphics come in.  Let’s learn more about this sign type:

Large Advertising Space

Windows are usually a large surface ideal for advertising; display your company name, logo, store hours, motto, or more information with Window Graphics.

Variety of Materials

Window Graphics are available in a wide variety of materials and can be applied vinyl, hand-painted, a full-color print, gold leaf and even illuminated.

Affordable Signage

Depending on what materials you use, Window Graphics are not only a convenient place to advertise, but they can also be a relatively inexpensive way to get your message across.

It’s all about the details.  And windows are an ideal and convenient location to advertise your business and its details.

Window Graphics can be applied vinyl, hand-painted, a full-color print, gold leaf and even illuminated.  With a Landmark Signs Window Graphic, you can advertise conveniently and creatively for an affordable cost.  Confirm the already positive impression you have already left through your Monument Signs, Channel Letter Sign, or Directional Signs.

Call Landmark Signs to learn more about your Window Graphic options!

Or call us at (714) 637-9900!

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Which Sign Type Should I Choose? 3D Signs


There are many sign types available for customers considering obtaining a sign, with a variety of materials, colors, lighting options, style, and design to choose from.  This can be extremely overwhelming for a business owner who is aware of the importance of signage and that they need one, but does not know which sign type (or types) will reflect well upon their establishment.  There are many sign types, some of the most common being Monument Signs, Channel Letter Signs, and ADA Signs.

Furthermore, going to a sign company’s website can introduce them to an ever grander array of choices. Which may very well open his or her eyes to brand new options and inspire a different way of thinking about signage.  However, this can also add even more of a stress, as they navigate through the products wondering which sign type to choose.

Our website makes this more convenient as each product lists what makes it an ideal choice for our customers. We wanted to make sure that our blog achieves this as well by further exploring the different sign types.

Today we will take a look at 3D Signs.

Simple and elegant 3D Signs are an ideal sign choice for above the store on in the lobby.  Learn why else your company can benefit from a 3D Sign.

It is Dramatic Signage

Bold and innovative, 3D Signs make a dramatic impact, impressing passers-by and encouraging customers to come right to your door.

There are a Variety of Material Options

With Landmark Signs, 3D Signs can be made out of acrylic, metal, stainless steel, finished with Gold Leaf and even more.

They Display Dimension and Perspective

Adding perspective and dimension with 3D Signs creates depth, making your sign interesting and innovative.

So why should you choose a 3D Sign for your company or business?  At Landmark Signs, we want to help our clients make a big impact as their first impression, which is why we offer 3D Signs that are sure to get you noticed, bringing clients right to your door.  With an array of options including Dimensional Lobby Signs, Channel Letter SignsGold Leaf Signs, & much more, our 3D Signs are perfect for adding dimension and a dramatic presence.  Stand out from the rest of your competition with a 3D Sign that Landmark Signs can custom create to display dependability and excitement!

Call Landmark Signs today to learn more about our 3D Signs! 949.637.9900

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Which Sign Type Should I Choose? Gold Leaf Signs

Just like the design and look of your sign can be a reflection of your company and its priorities, so too can the sign type that you choose.  Want to send a message of dependability and permanence?  Then a Monument Sign is the ideal fit for your business.  Looking to warmly greet customers as they enter your establishment?  Then an elegant Lobby Sign can speak volumes to your clientele.  What about an attractive, eye catching sign meant to attract customers passing or driving by your shop?  A neon or LED Channel Letter Sign will be exactly what your company need.  Deciding which sign type will be the best fit for your company and send the right message can be a challenge.  Which is why we at Landmark Signs wanted to create this blog series to help those who are asking themselves, “Which sign type should I choose?”

First Trust Gold
Gold Leaf Lobby Sign

In today’s blog we will be focusing on one of the most elegant sign types a company can choose: Gold Leaf Signs. These hand-crafted, delicately designed signs immediately send a message of sophistication and grace.   The sheets of gold used to make these signs impress anyone walking by and says to customers we value your loyalty as if it were gold.  There are many reasons why Gold Leaf Signs may be the best fit for you company.  Let’s take a look at a few of them:

They are Made out of Real Gold and Silver Leaf

Silver Leaf Lobby Sign
Silver Leaf Lobby Sign

There are many companies that say “we are good as gold” but how many of them can actually prove it?  With Gold Leaf Signs you are showing your customers that your business is a quality business. For a sign made our of real 23 ½ carat gold leaf or one made of 9 carat gold for a silver look, choose a Gold Leaf Sign.

They Impresses Clients

Looking to attract high-end clientele and then impress them once they get there?  Gold Leaf Signs are a perfect choice.  It is hard to find a sign more impressive than Gold Leaf Signs.

Gold Leaf And Chipped Glue Window Display
Gold Leaf And Chipped Glue Window Display

It Turns Your Sign into Art!

Gold Leaf Signs are a chance to display something beautiful and artistic at your place of business.  Not many companies can display a sign that is quite literally a piece of artwork, but with Gold Leaf sign you can turn your ordinary sign into art!

Gold Leaf Monument Sign
Gold Leaf Monument Sign

A unique and rarely used art form, Gold Leaf Signs are a beautiful, upscale sign option that will literally turn your sign into art.  Landmark Signs has a team of talented experts with the skill to carefully and delicately gold leaf or silver leaf signs with real 23 1/2 carat gold or silver.  With Gold Leaf Signs by Landmark Signs, impress clients with a high-quality sign to let them know that your company is solid, valuable and trusted.  Call the Gold Leaf Sign experts at Landmark signs today for your own Gold or Silver Leaf Signs!

To choose your own Gold Leaf Sign, contact Landmark Signs. 

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