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A Parisian Sign Gallery

Our hearts our heavy for the people of Paris.  We want to celebrate the city with its a montage of its signs.

Cave de L’Ermitage 
Champs Elysee
Avenue des Champs Elysees
Le Petit Pont
Le Petit Pont
La Metro
Musee du Louvre
Musee Du Louvre

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You are in are thoughts and prayers.

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Should self-service dominate the business world?

In the past year, our company, Landmark Signs, has undergone several major changes including a new and bigger office space, redesigning our logos, and trying to streamline and organize the way we do business.  With these changes, we have had to analyze our marketing approach and ultimately decide what type of company we want to be.  Because we are able to do such a wide variety of signs, this has been difficult for us to do.  We worry that focusing on one type of client may limit us and leave us without enough business to support ourselves, while trying to take care of too many clients may lead us to not delivering the quality products we know we can produce.

This past week we met up with a potential client, a high-end boutique, Zadig & Voltaire, out in West Hollywood.  They have stores all over Paris and London, and are very well known overseas.  But for whatever reason, they have not had the same amount of success in California as they have in Europe.   I thought this may have something to do with the fact that their sign was not very noticeable, and that maybe customers were simply passing them by because they did not know they were there. I felt certain that with more attention, they could be very successful because their merchandise was trendy and fashionable, just what LA loves.

After this meeting, this led us to ask ourselves, what should be the priority of Landmark Signs?  Obviously, we need to take care of our customers and provide for ourselves.  Without money, the business could not continue, and without satisfied customers, no one would want to work with us.  However, is the self-serving attitude really the best way to go?  Is it all about us, and how much money we make, and what we get out of the deal?  Or should we turn our attention to the type of clients who need us and the service we offer?  Shouldn’t it be about what we can do for them?  Maybe the reason we have not been able to decide what the best direction for our company is, is because we have been focusing too much on how we might profit off of our decision.

When we look at a company like Zadig & Voltaire, one that truly has a quality product, but just isn’t getting noticed enough, it makes us wonder if perhaps these types of clients should be our priority.  That’s what a sign is after all, a way to get noticed.  It tells passers-by a little something about your company, based on the design you choose, where your store is, and what type of store you are.  If this is our business, if this is what we do, then why wouldn’t we want our clients to be the ones who deserve to get noticed?  Not every job will make us as much money as it would if we chose to only work with the “big guys,” that’s true, but don’t the “big guys” already have enough attention?  At the end of the day, once our sign is installed, our client is finally getting the recognition they deserve, and we have delivered a product that does all we promised it would, then shouldn’t that be enough?

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