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The Sign Expert Says: Pylon or Pole Signs, What Are They and Why Would You Need One?

June 22, 2017
bella spese pole sign

Pylon Sign with “Pole Covers”

Sometimes the “lingo” or language used to describe signs and sign products is a little confusing. 

This I think is the case with the terms “Pylon” or “Pole” Signs.  Although everyone has seen one, you may not know why they are called that, what they are best suited for or even what they are.  In this article I hope to clear all that up for you.

To begin with, “Pylon” or “Pole” Signs are typical terms for the very same thing.  They are called that because they are signs that are mounted atop or over large steel structures made typically out of round steel pipe, ranging from 6 to 22 inches in diameter.  Some you will see are very evident as the pipes may be exposed from the ground to the bottom of the sign.  Others may have “Pole Covers” or other cladding to disguise or decorate the internal pipe structures more pleasingly.  So essentially, they are called “Pole Signs” because they are mounted on steel pipe or “poles”.

Additionally, they are often called “Pylon Signs” because that same structure is very similar to the pylons or columns supporting bridges.  The pipe structure like bridge pylons, is embedded deeply into the ground in large concrete footings.  So, in the sense that they are like bridge pylons, they are often called “Pylon Signs”.  But again, no matter what you call them, “Pylon” or “Pole” Signs are the same thing.

stadium pylon sign

60 Foot Pylon Sign With Exposed Pole

Pylon / Pole Signs are the tallest ground signs made, exceeded only by those placed on top of skyscrapers.  They are at minimum taller than monument signs, starting at about 12′.  They can in certain circumstances be 200 feet or higher.  Think of the large ground signs in Las Vegas.  Although they don’t appear to be, many of those are easily in that size range.


The main benefit of Pylon / Pole Signs is that they can be seen from greater distances.  Monument Signs by contrast, are much more intimate, being valuable to advertise at eye level to passing street traffic.  But when your location can be seen from a distance, Pylon / Pole Signs make it possible for your business to be noticed over the top of ground obstructions such as trees, trucks and even buildings, far in advance of a driver arriving at your location.  So it’s advantage is that you can attract attention in time enough for the passersby to turn into your location and take advantage of your services.  Also, they are an advertising device that can often be seen by autos traveling away from or only near your business, planting your image in their minds as a service they may want to use at a future time.  And typically they are much larger and more legible, meant to be easily read from a mile or more.

One major issue with Pylon / Pole Signs is that they are often frowned on or extremely limited by city codes.  Understandably many cities consider them eyesores and either ban them, limit their height or require careful and creative designs that make them as attractive as possible.  We at Landmark Signs know how to deal with city planners, take the most effective approach and the best way to design Pylon / Pole Signs so that they will be beautiful and accepted.  So don’t worry, if a Pylon / Pole Sign is the best option for you, we can help that become a reality.

lawndale pole sign

It Might Not Be Big But It’s A Pole Sign!

If you have a business that is hard to see because of nearby buildings, trees and ground obstructions, a Pylon / Pole Sign may be perfect for you.  If you have services that are especially important to or need to be advertised to the traveling public along highways and freeways, a Pylon / Pole Sign may be essential to your success.  If you want your company to make as many good impressions as possible to everyone near or far so that you are remembered and sought out when your services are needed, a Pylon / Pole Sign could be just the thing you need.

At Landmark Signs, we are highly knowledgeable and proficient at obtaining permits, designing, manufacturing and installing Pylon / Pole Signs.  If you think one might be best for you, contact us today at or at 714-944-7257.

Sign ExpertThanks for your attention and best wishes!

John Myres, The Sign Expert.

714-944-7257 (my cell).


Landmark Signs New Logo Rollout!

June 16, 2017

lsi logo

Hi Gang!

Just wanted the all to know that we are rolling out a new logo and slogan, ready to take on the “sign world”!  In the course of the next few weeks, look to see that this will change on all our social media.

There has been a definite graphic trend towards cleaner and more contemporary logos and marketing that we both accept and find refreshing.  The reason is, we are all being  bombarded with advertising and visual graphics on every medium.  It’s all over our cell phones, pads and computers, as well as on television and on signs.  That means that whatever visual medium you are using, it needs to be as clear and impactful as possible.  So, we are embracing this trend and reflecting that in our new logo / slogan change.

A major difference in what we are doing is increasing our use of the color blue.  For decades it has been recognized that blue is the subliminal color of security and trust.  It was said that the originator of the use of this color was the IBM Corporation and for good reason, since that company came to be known as extremely reliable with products of the highest quality and dependability in its day.

In this day and time, “the woods are full” of sign companies producing mediocre signs and services.  The emphasis is on “cheap” and “fast” without the concern for long-term durability and the necessity for making the right impression upon the buying public.  People often get fooled into thinking “a sign is just a sign” or that one is not different than another.  And so there is a proliferation of “fast sign” companies with an emphasis on making a sale without consideration for the client’s long term welfare or giving the best overall value for the client’s hard earned dollars.  Landmark Signs is not that kind of company!

And so, our slogan has also changed, not negating the previous one as unworthy, but with a more direct emphasis on quality.  At Landmark Signs we take your overall needs into consideration, desiring to give you the benefit of our decades of service by making sure that what we provide you will last, and beautifully so.  We save you money because we are making you a sign that won’t cost you over and over again as you have to replace it or constantly repair it.  We also expertly analyze your needs and your location, making sure that your new sign from Landmark does its job as a marketing and identifying vehicle effectively.  And all our products are permanent, manufactured of the highest quality materials and durable.  Landmark Signs does not make “fast signs” just great ones!

So, if you are in the market for a  permanent, well designed, high quality, extremely effective and beautifully crafted custom sign, Landmark Signs is your “go-to” sign company!

Contact us today at (714) 637-9900 or email us at!


The Sign Expert Says: Comprehensive Sign Programs – How Can I make Sure I Get the Right One?

June 6, 2017

the Professional

Does it pay to have a professional prepare a Comprehensive Sign Program or just have your secretary type one out?  Is there any benefit to doing it well as opposed to just getting it off of your lists of things you have to do as quickly and cheaply as possible?

Having been in the business for over 35 years, I have seen many sign programs from the sublime to the barely legible.  Many were obviously done just well enough to get by and meet whatever was required by the city but no more.  The result in many cases is a document that confuses the tenant, irritates the city planner and costs your management time, money and patience as they attempt to make the tenants understand it and have to fight to keep them from taking advantage of its inconsistencies.  A bad one can make things worse rather than better.  It can cost you far more that a properly prepared one would have in the first place!

“But” you may ask “How do I know that I’m getting a good one?  What should I expect the sign expert I hire to do differently than just anyone can do?  What features of the Comprehensive Sign Program itself should I be looking for to know its right?”

It’s All About Who You Hire.

More than anything else, the best Comprehensive Sign Programs begin with the person  or company you hire.  Developing Sign Programs requires experience and forward thinking.  The professional you should be working with is one who understands the future issues you may face, such as:

  1. The future loss of sign options as City sign codes become more stringent.
  2. The possibility that you may want to subdivide spaces and will need sign allowances to cover that.
  3. Your need to draw in high profile tenants by providing adequate sign opportunities that have the flexibility to allow their trademark logos, fonts and colors.
  4. The desire to have the latest in technology that is the least invasive to your buildings and landscape.

We at Landmark have produced many Comprehensive Sign Programs and are aware of all of the issues and your needs so that we are able to anticipate and cover every potential problem.

You Need a True Professional.

Comprehensive Sign Programs also often need to go through a process that includes thorough research of city codes and possibilities, engaging and negotiating with city planners and attendance and representation of your interests before a Design or Architectural Review Board or City Council.  You’ll need a company who can handle your project with professionalism and tact, with the right mix of assertiveness when necessary to protect your interests.  You also need someone who can speak with understanding and knowledge with your architect, someone who knows the critical issues and problems that need to be worked out so that the beauty of your premises is maintained while making sure that your tenants will get adequate and effective signage.

At Landmark Signs, we have the experience and professionalism to deal appropriately with all the parties involved, whether they be City Planners, Board or Council Members, Architects, Property Owners and Tenants and others.  We are respectful and considerate while courteously but insistently negotiating on your behalf to protect your interests.  We keep you informed so that you are free to make the critical decisions if necessary, while supplying you with the detailed information so that you are fully informed of all the nuances of the issues that arise.

The Bottom Line – A Good Comprehensive Sign Program is Very Important.

As a long-time sign professional, I encourage you not to underestimate the value of a well prepared Comprehensive Sign Program.  Done properly, it can make your job and that of your manager’s a lot easier in communicating and regulating your tenant sign issues.  It can help you establish and maintain a good working relationship with your city’s officials and workers.  It can protect your interests, helping you to attract and keep valuable and high profile tenants by making sure their sign marketing opportunities are sufficient and effective.  And it can protect your facility’s structure and enhance it, with thoughtfully and creatively design sign solutions that are up-to-date in technology and forward thinking.

When hiring a company to do this service, be sure to check out the quality of their work.  Talk to them about the issues you are concerned with and feel them out about whether or not they even understand the problems or have any real solutions for them.  At times you may even ask a City Planner who they would recommend.  At Landmark we have been recommended may times by city officials.

And don’t “cheap out”.  Spending a fair amount will lead to lesser costs in the long run, with minimal work on the part of your employees and greatly reduced costs of repairs due to improper signage.

If you are in our service range of Southern or Central California, please call us and let us take care of this service for you.  You’ll be glad you did!

Sign Expert

John Myres, The Sign Expert.


The Sign Expert Says: Comprehensive Sign Programs – What Do They Do and How Do They Do It?

April 4, 2017

people and signsComprehensive Sign Programs – Blog Two

As a multi-tenant property owner or manager, what is really your biggest problem? What is the factor over which you have the least control? Isn’t it a “people problem” primarily?

bad sign

What Happens Without A Sign Program!

And of all the objects that are found in, around and on your facilities and its grounds, which are the most noticed, attracting the most attention? More than likely it would be the signs, for good or for bad.

Combined together then, a major issue you have to deal with has to be tenant signage, the lessees’ tendency to do what they think is good for them without consideration for the damage it could do to your property or for how it may detract from the beauty of your buildings and campus.

So, how can you deal with this effectively? Is it best to just deal with every issue as it comes up and not worry about it until it does? Or is there a better way?

There is, and it’s called a Comprehensive Sign Program. It’s taking a proactive approach to the problem by communicating to your tenants what they may and may not do, in advance and clearly so that there is no question. And if your City cooperates, they can become a partner with you in insuring your rules will be honored.

What it Does and How It Does It.

Primarily, a Comprehensive Sign Program is a very detailed and sophisticated document that establishes every rule regarding every sign on your property. Many owners make it an addendum to the lease, so that at the very outset of a relationship with a tenant, they are bound by it’s rules or they will have broken their lease

general requirmentsIn our Comprehensive Sign Programs we begin with a page dedicate to General Requirements. These will include the types of signs that are acceptable as well as those that are not allowed, definitions as to terms and directions as to how a tenant can obtain permission from you to proceed for permits. They establish that a city permit must be obtained and that the contractors they hire must be qualified, licensed and insured so that they don’t use a fly-by-night company to save money or attempt to do an amateur job themselves. All of this can be supplemented by a warning as to what your legal rights are and what you will do if they violate any of the regulations you’ve established.

Following General Requirements, our Comprehensive Sign Programs then begin to address every sign type that the tenant may be allowed to use or be a part of. There will be pages on Monument and / or Pole Signs, Individual Tenant Building Signs, and sometimes Window Signs, Address Signage and Temporary Signage. In each case, theretenant sign parameters will be fully illustrated designs, showing the sizes, colors, materials and detailed construction, so that there will be no questions as to what level of sign manufacture and installation is expected. As regards individual tenant signs, there will pages showing exactly how to determine what size and area the tenant’s sign can be, as well as where on the building their sign can be placed. Whatever sign type it is, there is plenty of information, direction and detail that can assure you that your tenants will know exactly what to do.

Also included will be a detailed Site Plan. This helps orient the tenant as to what types of signs are allowed on the property and where they can be located.

For some of our typical examples, click on the links below (please note that these have old phone numbers!):

Fairway Village

Lantern Bay

It Can Protect You and Secure Your Rights

But more than just for the tenants, a Comprehensive Sign Program can help protect and even enhance your rights with the City to obtain permits for the signs you want to have or reserve for your tenants to have.

There is no doubt that having good sign opportunities is an attraction to potential lessees. So, more than likely you will want to have sufficiently sized and attractively designed Monument or Pole Signs that have plenty of tenant panels. You may also want to establish that tenants who are leasing corner, end or pad shops have rights to have signs on more than one wall so that they are sufficiently seen from all approaches. And if you have large or big box tenants, you’ll want to make sure they can have signs that are sizable and attractive enough to be seen from a distance and display their established trade marks effectively.

In many cases, your city government may require a Comprehensive Sign Program or encourage you to submit one. Often they will allow a higher percentage of sign area and other sign allowances in appreciation for your cooperation and expense. The end result is, with a Comprehensive Sign Program you will typically be able to secure sign rights and better allowances that will benefit not only your tenants but your own sign needs. Becoming an established document, the Comprehensive Sign Program can hold these rights for you into the foreseeable future, even if the City becomes more restrictive over time. The way many cities are going, you may want to consider submitting a Comprehensive Sign Program as soon as possible!

The City Can Be Your Last Line of Defense

Finally, since many cities will accept and approve of your Comprehensive Sign Program, they become your last line of defense. They will not allow your tenants to obtain permits that do not agree with it. They will (if it is in the rules) make sure you have signed it off before letting the tenant proceed. They will also make sure the contractor your tenant is using is qualified by requiring them to present appropriately professional sign designs and to have contractor’s licenses. And if your tenants ignore your rules and fail to get a permit, the city has legal remedies to force the tenant to remove their signs or bring them up to code and even fine the scofflaw.

If you are like most property owners and managers who have sign issues with tenants and  the city, a Comprehensive Sign Program just might be the ticket to your peace of mind!  If you have a need for one, just let us know and we’ll be glad to help.

Sign ExpertStay tuned to my next blog about Comprehensive Sign Programs, “How Can I Make Sure I Get the Right One?”, coming soon!

John Myres, “The Sign Expert”

The Sign Expert Says: Comprehensive Sign Programs – What Are They? Why Should You Care?

March 30, 2017

Sign Programs

Comprehensive Sign Programs – Blog One

If you are a medium to large retail, commercial or industrial property owner or developer, chances are good that at some point the city in which your real estate exists will require you to submit a Comprehensive Sign Program. This may be prompted by your presentation of plans for a new development, or simply by a tenant of yours going to City Hall just to get a permit for a sign. Either way you may be tempted to consider it a bothersome inconvenience just planted there by the city government to take more of your money and make your dreams a little harder to get. So you may be asking not just “What is it” but also “Why should I care? Isn’t it just something I have to get out of the way?”

But believe it or not, a well designed Comprehensive Sign Program can be a great help to you on a number of levels and well worth the cost.

Have you gone to great expense having a talented architect draw up plans for a unique and beautiful building? Or do you have a property that’s special to you, with features and improvements you’ve personally overseen and are proud of? A Comprehensive Sign Program can help you protect and beautify your investment by assuring that no tenant will place an unattractive, poorly built and architecturally offensive sign on your wall.

Have you or are you planning to use some very expensive and unique materials on your structures? Is your landscaping, whether existing or in the works, very special, beautiful and expensive? A well prepared Comprehensive Sign Program can specify very particular and even groundbreaking methods of the construction and installation of signs to insure that your building components and grounds won’t be permanently damaged or suffer.

Of course you understand and are compassionate that your tenants are just business people like yourself and need attractive and effective signs to succeed. But do you worry that your lessees would be tempted to consider their concerns greater than yours and either damage your property or mar it’s magnificent looks? A Comprehensive Sign Program protects you against this and more.

Specifically speaking, a Comprehensive Sign Program is a multi-page document similar to architectural plans and designs. It deals with every sign type and sign issue that may be needed or encountered on your property. But it goes beyond this by building in regulations and becoming a part of your leases to insure that your tenant’s signs are controlled, being checked not only by you, but at the city too as they will use it to double check what is permitted. Even still, it can do much more for you than these things too.

For a look at some of our Sign Programs, click on these links:

Pacific Business Center

Formosa South

Magnolia Plaza

The bottom line is, a Comprehensive Sign Program is a valuable tool you can use to:

  1. Keep your beautiful and expensive investment safe from harm by tenants and others;
  2. Help make an impression on the City government as to your good intentions towards beautifying your surrounding area and respecting your fellow citizens and property owners;
  3. And if properly and skillfully done with coordination with your architect and your personal oversight, a well designed plan that will enhance, beautify and add that extra special touch to your property that really sets it apart!

Sign ExpertIn the following blogs, I’ll explain more about Comprehensive Sign Programs including, “What Do They Do and How Do They Do It?” and “How I Can Make Sure I Get the Right One?”. So, stay tuned and thanks for reading!

John Myres, The Sign Expert.




Presentation: Which Sign Type Should I Choose?

February 13, 2016

With so many sign options, it can be difficult to determine which sign would be the best fit for a company.  Sometimes, companies need more than one sign type.  But which ones?  And why?  What sign type will make the most sense for my company while also sending a message that accurately represents who we are and what we do?  At Landmark Signs, it is part of our job to make sure that you have these questions answered.  With over 35 years of sign expertise, we take the time to get to individually know each company we work with to make sure the sign choices they make are the right ones.  While we look forward to this one-on-one consultation, we also decided to begin a blog series that will give companies looking for signage an idea of what might be best for their company.

Check out our presentation to learn more!

Or give us a call! (714) 637-9900

SlideShare Presentation: Five Creative, Practical Signs Solutions For Your Company

January 16, 2016

Advertising and marketing are extremely powerful and important tools that every business should utilize in the most effective way possible.  The way to make the most permanent, impressive impact in this area of expertise is signage. However, the term “signage” can be a little vague and could mean a variety of different things.  For companies who know that they need to use originate, renovate, or expand their sign needs but struggle with knowing which type of signage is best, I have compiled a list of the 5 most effective sign types and why they might work best for you and your growing company.


Retail  Signs

Retail Signs can be lit by neon, but they can also be illuminated by LED.  Not only can both of these lighting options be lit in a standard-lit through method, but they can be used to display halo lighting, standard lit through with halo lighting, and neon can even provide exposed neon lighting.  See examples of each lighting option below.

All of which, depending on the message you are trying to convey to your customers, can be custom designed to make a beautiful and powerful product to place proudly over your store, office or building.  Retail Signs are a great option for those that want to make a beautiful, bold statement that will literally draw customers right to your door.  These signs are especially helpful when a company is located right on the street and desire to get noticed even during the evening and night hours.  They can be placed on high-rise buildings as well.  Plus, for those who want to have an illuminated sign placed above their door but do not want to overwhelm their clients with too much attention, halo-lighting is a classy and subtle choice for your Retail Signs.


Lobby Signs

Another type of signage that makes an impression to customers literally in your store or office is Lobby Signs.  Lobby Signs are the informational signs that can be installed on the interior walls of your office, artistically and confidentially displaying your company name.  Although these signs can be illuminated, they are usually not lit because it is best to keep Lobby Signs understated and delicate.  When deciding what type of material to make your Lobby Sign out of, choose from several high-quality materials like metal, acrylic finished with baked enamel paint or even gold leaf (a personal favorite of mine)!

Lobby Signs give the impression of dependability and elegance of your company when clients enter your office.  They also let people know that you are here to stay and can be made in a way that shows the permanence and reliability of your company.  They are ideal for corporate offices, retail stores and even restaurants and assist with identification making them a practical option, but most importantly they can establish your company as important, trustworthy and permanent.


Directional Signs

Directional Signs are essential for any space that has several buildings and suites.  These are the types of signs that point the way to parking entrances, a particular office, identify the names of the building, and are overall used to make your property more navigatable for clients.  There are many options for the look of Directional Signs; they can be created out of sandblasted wood, carved wood, stone, metal & much more.  Able to be made out of many different materials with a variety of color choices, beautiful and attractive Directional Signs can be custom-made to enhance your property and make it easy for your customers to come to you!

When clients are trying to find you, nothing can be more frustrating than arriving somewhere with several buildings and offices that are not properly identified.  Driving or walking around with little knowledge of how to find your company or a particular suite can leave your clients with a bitter taste in their mouth, already irritated before you have even had the chance to talk with them in person.  This is why it is extremely important to make getting around your property as easy as possible with Directional Signs.


Monument Signs

Monument Signs are a permanent and substantial way to advertise your business at street level. They can be substantially constructed of materials such as aluminum, steel, concrete, stone and other long-lasting components. They can also be illuminated externally or internally with neon, fluorescent or LED lighting options in creative ways that will get your sign noticed even at night!

When Wall Signs don’t have the visibility your growing company needs, Monument Signs are an often over-looked option to let customers locate you from the street.  They are also helpful when there are several tenants in a piece of property that would like to be identified in a manner that draws the attention of passers-by.  Monument Signs can quite literally turn your marketing strategy into more than just a sign, they can literally become a landmark of your company.


 Pylon Signs

When people think of the most dependable, impressive type of sign, Pylon Signs are usually the first sign that comes to mind.  Like Monument Signs, they are a great option when your Wall Signs do not have the exposure you desire.  Furthermore, they are perfect for letting your customers know where you are from afar and ideal when you have the opportunity to draw attention of those driving by on freeways.

With a Pylon Sign from Landmark Signs, take your company to new heights with a sign mounted in the air 15 feet or sometimes as high as 100 feet! Pylon Signs are the most substantial and impressive sign product you can choose and usually have internal illumination options. To impress and attract clients, there is no better sign option than a Pylon Sign.

Choosing a Sign Type

Knowledge is empowering and can enable to use the tools you have been given the most efficiently.  Choosing a sign that best fits not only your company but with clients as well can be the different between getting the sale or getting passed by.  Do everything you can to display the right message and advertise the way you want, starting with the type of sign your company uses.

For more information about different sign types, their functionality, and what sign is best for you go to

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