Our Expert Blogger

Sign ExpertIn addition to the blogs posted by Landmark Signs, we will have a frequent blog posted by our expert blogger, John Myres, called “The Sign Expert Says:”.  His many years of experience in the sign industry will prove helpful to our readers who want information, opinions and commentary about the sign industry and products from a seasoned perspective.

John Myres is a long-standing sign professional with over 40 years’ experience. He has been a licensed electrical sign contractor since 1987 and a Design Director for one of the top three major sign corporations in the United States. He has been awarded first place for his sign designs in the State of California and achieved honorable mention with the International Sign Association. John is a true “sign veteran” who literally started by sweeping the floors in his father’s sign shop and over the years has had hands-on experience in almost every aspect of sign sales, design, project management, construction and installation. He presently lives in Orange, California with his wife Denise and has three children Julia, Kyle and Amy.  He is an active Christian minister, leading and teaching in a 50 and up ministry at his local church.

If you’d like John’s personal sign advice or help, don’t hesitate to contact him at 714-944-7257 or at johnm@landmarksignsinc.com.

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