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Top 5 Exterior Directional Signs: Each Sign Tells a Story

maze-919271_1920.jpgJoanna just dropped off her son at his basketball practice at 4:15. With her 3-year old daughter in the backseat, soon she will need to pick her eldest daughter up from her after school yearbook class across town before turning back around the other way and getting her son from his practice. Since street traffic is beginning to increase moment by moment, she figures she has about 15 minutes to run into this new store she found online that has the exact vanity that she has been trying to find for weeks.

The only problem is, she can’t find the store. The address was listed on the website, and she knows it is somewhere in this complex, but is not sure exactly where. There is nothing to direct her path and she has been driving around this large complex for almost five minutes. By the time she finally finds the business, a small, obscure spot hidden around the corner, her fifteen minutes are up. In her frustration, she drives away deciding instead to buy the vanity through Amazon. As her thoughts turn to the rest of her day, the new shop she was excited to visit leaves her mind and won’t be given a second thought (except maybe when relaying her annoying experience to her friend over coffee tomorrow).

A customer, and any of her potential referrals, lost.

If that business had invested in exterior Directional Signage, they would have been easily found and been given the opportunity to impress Joanna with their excellent customer service and high-quality products.

This story details why exterior Directional Signage is extremely important for any business located within a large or complicated complex or a company that has several different buildings that customers will need to navigate in order to get to the right place.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Landmark Signs exterior Directional Signs to learn more about the story that each sign tells.

#1: Queen Mary Exterior Directional Sign

Queen Mary Exterior Directional Sign
Exterior Directional Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.

This Directional Sign is located over the walkway of this historic ship, The Queen Mary. Its purpose is to allow touring visitors to easily find their way to the different components of the ship. With its elegant and clean design, this exterior Directional Sign sends the message that your time traveling back into history will be just as nice.

#2: Essex Skyline Exterior Directional Sign

Essex Skyline Exterior Directional Sign
Exterior Directional Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.

This Banner Sign helps potential customers quickly locate the leasing office, a necessity for any apartment complex, especially one as large as this one. With this exterior Directional Sign, this company will help a customer realize that they will be taken care of from the moment they step onto to their property and beyond when renting one of their apartments.

#3: First American Exterior Directional Signage

Exterior Directional Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.

Like all signage, exterior Directional Signs should reflect the values of the company. This Gold Leaf Sign is meant to tell the story that our company is not only as good as gold, but that they have all the resources available to make your time within their business complex a positive one.

#4: Rreef Exterior Directional Signage

Rreef Exterior Directional Sign
Exterior Directional Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.

Although most companies hate to see their clients leave, when it is time for them to depart, their exit should be as smooth as possible. If they have a hard time exiting your site, then you risk having their last thought about your business being a negative one. An exterior Directional Sign like this, will ensure that the taste left in their mouths about your business is a positive one.

#5: Parking Exterior Directional Signage

Parking Exterior Directional Sign
Exterior Directional Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.

When a center is large enough to have a parking structure, Exterior Directional Signage can make all the difference. Make sure that your customers can efficiently navigate every part of your property like this sign does.


Taking care of your customers from the start can be the key to separating your from the competition. Get your own Exterior Directional Signs from Landmark today by giving us a call of sending us an email.

Landmark Signs

Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 40 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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Top 10 Common Sign Mistakes to Avoid

High Rise Building Sign by Landmark Signs

Any major investment has pitfalls that can be avoided with insider tips. For example, Matt Jones, a former car salesman, recommends that those looking to buy a new car give themselves an advantage “when you’re trying to negotiate a lower sales price, [by] giv[ing] the dealership a reason to discount the price. If you’ll use the service department, say so. If you’ll refer friends, be sure to say that, too.” (1). For those wanting to cut down on expensive flights, the Airlines Reporting Corporation advises that travelers “book seven weeks in advance. Passengers pay the lowest price, nearly 10 percent below the average fare, if they buy 50 days before their flight” (2).

It is impossible to be an expert in everything. But sometimes it feels like you need to be one in order to get the best deals and avoid major mistakes. While, we cannot ease the demanding process of purchasing a house or booking a hotel, we can certainly make the business of investing in a sign much easier. Avoiding these top ten sign mistakes will help you get the sign you want, when you want it and where you want it.

#1: Not Obtaining a Monument Sign

Monument Signs are a must for any business that is set back from the street or within a complex with several other stores and businesses within that center.

To learn more about why you need a Monument Sign for your business, click here.

#2: Not Investing in a Quality Sign

It can seem wise in the short term to opt for a cheaper sign if you are looking to save a few bucks. However, this usually causes problems a lot sooner than one might think. Investing in a quality sign will make a positive impression right from the start.

Learn how to avoid this sign mistake by clicking here.

#3: Only Having One Sign Type

This often has to do with a business wanting to save money or not thinking about the long term. But this can lead to a company missing out on reaching different types of advertising, like the far-away marketing Pole Signs offer or the street advertising Monument Signs provide.

Read more about avoiding this sign mistake here.

#4: Not Having Directional Signage

Directional Signage is a must for any business that has a large complex or several interior spaces. It will not do a company any good if their customers arrive frustrated because they could not find their center or even worse, if they simply give up because they can’t find it.

Avoid this sign mistake by clicking here.

#5: Having One Sign, When You Need Several

For some complexes, maybe one sign type if enough. Still, there is a big advantage to investing in multiple signs in order to capitalize on all potential customers.

Learn to avoid this sign mistake by reading more here.

#6: Not Benefiting From Multiple Sign Types

Each sign type provides its own benefits and in order to reach all potential clients, it is vital that a company have several sign types in order to get every advantage.

Read here to understand how to avoid this common sign mistake.

#7: Not Illuminating Your Signs

Again, this often happens because a business wants to save some money. However, by not illuminating their signs, they are missing out on many visibility options.

Learn more about this sign mistake here.

#8: Making a Sign Yourself

In the age of DIY, it can be tempting to apply this to your signage. However, this rarely works out and can end up costing you more money down the road or eating up your sign budget all together.

Read here to avoid this common sign mistake.

#9: Not Checking In With Your Landlord or City About Sign Restrictions

This mistake can cost you big as you might end up in a building that does not allow you to have the signs you really want.

Figure out how to avoid this common sign mistake by reading here.

#10: Not Getting a Permit For Your Sign

Permitting fees can seem unnecessary. However, since they city says they are, make sure to save yourself trouble down the road by getting a sign permit for all of your signs.

Avoid this common sign mistake by reading here.

Call or email Landmark Signs today to make sure every sign mistake is avoided and you get the signs you really want!

Landmark Signs

Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 40 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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How to Avoid Common Sign Mistake #6



“The possibilities for signage are limited only by imagination and budget.  In fact, many businesses will benefit from using more than one type of sign as part of their overall strategy” (1).


startup-594091_1920When businesses think of purchasing signage for their company, they are often considering just one sign type. They might have just moved into a location and need a new sign above their store, so they stay focused on purchasing just a Channel Letter Sign. Or maybe a property owner sees the need for a Monument Sign so that his or her tenants can advertise on it from the street. And there are those that want to capitalize on having a business right by the freeway so they get a Pole Sign to be seen from far distances.

While all of these investments are worth it, a business does itself harm when it gets hyper focused on just one sigh type and does not see the other opportunities that different sign types can provide them. This is often the result of companies wanting to fix the immediate problem. However, in an article entitled Why Great Business Leaders Must Address the Big Picture, it states that

big picture thinking means strategic thinking. Brand strategy and business strategy are all about seeing the whole picture. Considering things in a silo never creates impactful strategy. And often leaders get hung up on tactical details that stall powerful, strategic thinking” (2).

Signage is a critical part of your big picture business strategy, and if it isn’t already, now is the time to make it a part of your brand strategy. There are many reasons that signage is an integral part of marketing a business (click here to learn more), including the fact that 75% of consumers have said that they have referred a business simply because of its signage (3). The value of that word of mouth marketing cannot be overstated. So it is vital that when purchasing signage, a business thinks long term and examines all the sign opportunities they have.

Common Sign Mistake #5: Only Having One Sign Type

It is important that in order to capitalize on the benefits of signage, a company invests in several sign types since each sign type has its own unique advantage. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the different sign types and what they can do for your business.

Wall & Building Signs

High Rise Building Sign by Landmark Signs

These are some of the most common sign types, since Wall & Building Signs go directly above a store’s door or right on the building. While they most obviously provide the opportunity for a customer to identify your company and its location, it also provides other benefits.

First of all, a Wall Sign, like a Channel Letter Sign, if it is done well and is of high quality, often makes the first impression upon your customers. They usually see this sign before even being greeted by your receptionist. Additionally, a company that takes the time to put up a Building Sign shows those passing by that they are a company that is there to stay. And like with most signs, if you illuminate your Wall Sign, then you will stand out even more from all the other signs in the area (to learn about the other benefits of illuminated signage, click here).

Monument Signs

South Coast Neon Monument Sign by Landmark Signs
South Coast Neon Monument Sign by Landmark Signs

While you may not know what they are called, you have most definitely seen a Monument Sign. They are the ones that are located right by the street.

What is the point in having a Monument Sign? Well there are many reasons. One of which is the fact that they get your business to be seen by people driving by on the street. This is vital if your building is set back from the street and further in the complex. This is also helpful if your building is blocked by trees, another building, or some other obstruction that makes your building hard to see from the street.

Furthermore, a Monument Sign, made out of substantial materials and large in size, tells your potential customers that your business is substantial and permanent. Click here to learn even more about how Monument Signs can help your business grow.

Directional Signs

The Commons Digital Sign Display
Interior Directional Signage by Landmark Signs

Directional Signs are located within a building and outside of it around a complex. For schools, malls, hospitals, and more these signs are a must. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find the location of a company and not being able to. Directional Signs can ensure that your customers arrive at your company easily and in a good mood.

In addition to helping your customers quickly find your building or office, Directional Signage also shows a consumer that you care about them and want to make sure that they are taken care of. It also sends that message that you are a legitimate company and have invested in not only your business, but also in your customers. Click here for even more information about Directional Signage.


These are only three of the many different sign types that are necessary for most, if not all businesses. In order to make sure that you take advantage of all the benefits that signs have to offer, contact Landmark Signs today. Check out this blog to learn about even more sign types.

Landmark Signs


Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 40 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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How To Avoid Common Sign Mistake #4

In today’s extremely competitive environment, it is extremely important that brick and mortar businesses give themselves an edge in order to make more sales. Between low price retailers like Walmart and the ever present online giants like Amazon, competition is more intense than ever. Every opportunity needs to be explored; every advantage capitalized upon; and every open door walked through.

That’s not to say that the competitive environment means that it is hopeless for brick-and-mortar stores (learn more about how to fight amazon with signage here). In fact, what Walmart and Amazon are lacking, is what your business most likely excels at. American businessman and politician, Matt Bevin stated that “While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary” (1). What this tells us is that while it is important to think of the big picture, sometimes the best way to reach that end goal is to focus on the little things and watch them add up over time.

It can be easy to think that skipping steps and taking shortcuts in order to reach your destination may be the best way to go. But cutting corners is hardly ever the way to create a well-made product. This also applies to any sign decisions that you make.

Common Sign Mistake #4: Not Having Directional Signage

Interior Directional Signage by Landmark Signs

“The easier you make it for your customer to find what they are looking for — be it your office, or a product within your store — the easier it is to get a sale. If a customer can’t find what they need, they may become so irritated that they give up and your sale is then lost” (2).

There are very few experiences more frustrating than getting lost and not being able to find what you are looking for. Directional Signage is vital for any large or complicated complexes, particularly, churches, shopping malls, universities, sports or concert venues, hospitals, parks, and office buildings. It keeps your customers from arriving at your store or building irritated, or even worse, it keeps them from not arriving at all.

Directional Monument Sign
Exterior Directional Sign by Landmark Signs

There are two different types of directional signage: interior and exterior. Interior signage is the kind that directs customers and visitors to different offices or stores within the office. For larger places, it is not enough that your customers were able to find your building, they must also be able to navigate their way within that building. Additionally, there are also exterior signs that help your customers navigate their way around the outside of the complex, assisting them with finding buildings, parking structure, or stores.

Not only do these types of signs make it more likely that you are going to make a sale, they also send a positive message to the customers about what type of business you have. It tells them that you care about your customers and that you want to take care of them and their needs from the second they step foot on your property. Furthermore, “with these signs, visitors or customers are less likely to get lost which helps to avoid a situation that could reflect badly on the business” (3).

Take care of your customers and make the sale by avoiding this sign mistake and others. Landmark Signs can help you with all of your directional signage needs, whether you need interior signage, exterior signage, or both.

Landmark Signs

Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 40 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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SlideShare Presentation: Five Creative, Practical Signs Solutions For Your Company

Advertising and marketing are extremely powerful and important tools that every business should utilize in the most effective way possible.  The way to make the most permanent, impressive impact in this area of expertise is signage. However, the term “signage” can be a little vague and could mean a variety of different things.  For companies who know that they need to use originate, renovate, or expand their sign needs but struggle with knowing which type of signage is best, I have compiled a list of the 5 most effective sign types and why they might work best for you and your growing company.


Retail  Signs

Retail Signs can be lit by neon, but they can also be illuminated by LED.  Not only can both of these lighting options be lit in a standard-lit through method, but they can be used to display halo lighting, standard lit through with halo lighting, and neon can even provide exposed neon lighting.  See examples of each lighting option below.

All of which, depending on the message you are trying to convey to your customers, can be custom designed to make a beautiful and powerful product to place proudly over your store, office or building.  Retail Signs are a great option for those that want to make a beautiful, bold statement that will literally draw customers right to your door.  These signs are especially helpful when a company is located right on the street and desire to get noticed even during the evening and night hours.  They can be placed on high-rise buildings as well.  Plus, for those who want to have an illuminated sign placed above their door but do not want to overwhelm their clients with too much attention, halo-lighting is a classy and subtle choice for your Retail Signs.


Lobby Signs

Another type of signage that makes an impression to customers literally in your store or office is Lobby Signs.  Lobby Signs are the informational signs that can be installed on the interior walls of your office, artistically and confidentially displaying your company name.  Although these signs can be illuminated, they are usually not lit because it is best to keep Lobby Signs understated and delicate.  When deciding what type of material to make your Lobby Sign out of, choose from several high-quality materials like metal, acrylic finished with baked enamel paint or even gold leaf (a personal favorite of mine)!

Lobby Signs give the impression of dependability and elegance of your company when clients enter your office.  They also let people know that you are here to stay and can be made in a way that shows the permanence and reliability of your company.  They are ideal for corporate offices, retail stores and even restaurants and assist with identification making them a practical option, but most importantly they can establish your company as important, trustworthy and permanent.


Directional Signs

Directional Signs are essential for any space that has several buildings and suites.  These are the types of signs that point the way to parking entrances, a particular office, identify the names of the building, and are overall used to make your property more navigatable for clients.  There are many options for the look of Directional Signs; they can be created out of sandblasted wood, carved wood, stone, metal & much more.  Able to be made out of many different materials with a variety of color choices, beautiful and attractive Directional Signs can be custom-made to enhance your property and make it easy for your customers to come to you!

When clients are trying to find you, nothing can be more frustrating than arriving somewhere with several buildings and offices that are not properly identified.  Driving or walking around with little knowledge of how to find your company or a particular suite can leave your clients with a bitter taste in their mouth, already irritated before you have even had the chance to talk with them in person.  This is why it is extremely important to make getting around your property as easy as possible with Directional Signs.


Monument Signs

Monument Signs are a permanent and substantial way to advertise your business at street level. They can be substantially constructed of materials such as aluminum, steel, concrete, stone and other long-lasting components. They can also be illuminated externally or internally with neon, fluorescent or LED lighting options in creative ways that will get your sign noticed even at night!

When Wall Signs don’t have the visibility your growing company needs, Monument Signs are an often over-looked option to let customers locate you from the street.  They are also helpful when there are several tenants in a piece of property that would like to be identified in a manner that draws the attention of passers-by.  Monument Signs can quite literally turn your marketing strategy into more than just a sign, they can literally become a landmark of your company.


 Pylon Signs

When people think of the most dependable, impressive type of sign, Pylon Signs are usually the first sign that comes to mind.  Like Monument Signs, they are a great option when your Wall Signs do not have the exposure you desire.  Furthermore, they are perfect for letting your customers know where you are from afar and ideal when you have the opportunity to draw attention of those driving by on freeways.

With a Pylon Sign from Landmark Signs, take your company to new heights with a sign mounted in the air 15 feet or sometimes as high as 100 feet! Pylon Signs are the most substantial and impressive sign product you can choose and usually have internal illumination options. To impress and attract clients, there is no better sign option than a Pylon Sign.

Choosing a Sign Type

Knowledge is empowering and can enable to use the tools you have been given the most efficiently.  Choosing a sign that best fits not only your company but with clients as well can be the different between getting the sale or getting passed by.  Do everything you can to display the right message and advertise the way you want, starting with the type of sign your company uses.

For more information about different sign types, their functionality, and what sign is best for you go to www.landmarksignsinc.com.

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Which Sign Type Should I Choose? Window Graphics

Gold Leaf & Chipped Glue Window Display

First impressions can tell you a lot about a person.  For example, someone’s name can tell you about his or her parents in the name that they chose and possibly a person’s cultural background.  How they introduce themselves can give you more information too.  Is this individual confident?  Is he shy?  Is she outgoing?  Furthermore, how does this person dress?   Is he or she fashion conscious?  Or is that individual more business minded and professional?

As helpful as these first impressions are, they may or may not be accurate.  It is in the details, the information we learn as we get to know a person even better that confirms or disaffirms our initial impression.  Sometimes, we come to find that we were spot on.  This person is very much like who we originally assumed them to be.  But more often than not the details we learn about a person after that first impression,  surprise us or greatly expand upon that person we thought we had all figured out.

The same can be said of signage.  That Channel Letter Sign above your store, the Monument Sign by the street, or the Directional Signage around your property are usually the first impression a customer will have about your company.  It tells a client what your company name is and the design of that signage reflects your business’ priorities.  But where do the details come in?  These types of signs do not generally give you the chance to tell a potential customer about specific details.  That is where Window Graphics come in.  Let’s learn more about this sign type:

Large Advertising Space

Windows are usually a large surface ideal for advertising; display your company name, logo, store hours, motto, or more information with Window Graphics.

Variety of Materials

Window Graphics are available in a wide variety of materials and can be applied vinyl, hand-painted, a full-color print, gold leaf and even illuminated.

Affordable Signage

Depending on what materials you use, Window Graphics are not only a convenient place to advertise, but they can also be a relatively inexpensive way to get your message across.

It’s all about the details.  And windows are an ideal and convenient location to advertise your business and its details.

Window Graphics can be applied vinyl, hand-painted, a full-color print, gold leaf and even illuminated.  With a Landmark Signs Window Graphic, you can advertise conveniently and creatively for an affordable cost.  Confirm the already positive impression you have already left through your Monument Signs, Channel Letter Sign, or Directional Signs.

Call Landmark Signs to learn more about your Window Graphic options!

Or call us at (714) 637-9900!

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Which Sign Type Should I Choose: Directional Signs


A potential client drives up to your property already considering doing business with your company (he made the trip to visit you; he is interested).  He arrives a few minutes early to make sure they have enough time to find your office.  Suite 205, your receptionist told him. The only problem is that when your receptionist told him the suite, she failed to give him the very specific instructions required to find your office because she had another client on hold and three people in the waiting room.  So now this potential client has to navigate through your property on his own.  And 15 minutes later, after having entered three incorrect building, frustrated, late, and slightly embarrassed, he finally manages to make it to your office.  Only now, his interest has waned.  Because, your company has already failed to take care of him by making him find you instead of you coming to him.  Why would he trust you to take care of him in the future?

One of the easiest ways to solve this dilemma is through Directional Signage.  While it is not considered the most glamorous of signs, it is one of the most necessary.  And, at Landmark Signs, we create custom Directional Signage so that it not only makes your office or building easy to find, it can also complement your property.  Let’s look at a few reasons why Directional Signs are a great choice.

Enhances your Property

With Landmark Signs, you can work with our professional design team to produce Directional Signs that enhances your property and complements the look your business has already established.

Easily Directs Customers

For large complexes & those with multiple buildings, Directional Signs are needed to make your property navigable for your customers.  Don’t make your customers come to you.  With Directional Signs, you can come to them.

Assortment of Materials

With a variety of materials available, Landmark Signs can create Directional Signs out of sandblasted wood, carved wood, stone, metal & much more!

Directional Signs are intended to help your customers navigate around complexes when in the car or on foot, which is an extremely important impression to make upon your clients.  Able to be made out of many different materials with a variety of color choices, Landmark Signs can custom-create beautiful and attractive Directional Signs to enhance your property and make it easy for your customers to come to you! For Directional Signs, contact Landmark Signs today!

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