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How to Avoid Common Sign Mistake #6



“The possibilities for signage are limited only by imagination and budget.  In fact, many businesses will benefit from using more than one type of sign as part of their overall strategy” (1).


startup-594091_1920When businesses think of purchasing signage for their company, they are often considering just one sign type. They might have just moved into a location and need a new sign above their store, so they stay focused on purchasing just a Channel Letter Sign. Or maybe a property owner sees the need for a Monument Sign so that his or her tenants can advertise on it from the street. And there are those that want to capitalize on having a business right by the freeway so they get a Pole Sign to be seen from far distances.

While all of these investments are worth it, a business does itself harm when it gets hyper focused on just one sigh type and does not see the other opportunities that different sign types can provide them. This is often the result of companies wanting to fix the immediate problem. However, in an article entitled Why Great Business Leaders Must Address the Big Picture, it states that

big picture thinking means strategic thinking. Brand strategy and business strategy are all about seeing the whole picture. Considering things in a silo never creates impactful strategy. And often leaders get hung up on tactical details that stall powerful, strategic thinking” (2).

Signage is a critical part of your big picture business strategy, and if it isn’t already, now is the time to make it a part of your brand strategy. There are many reasons that signage is an integral part of marketing a business (click here to learn more), including the fact that 75% of consumers have said that they have referred a business simply because of its signage (3). The value of that word of mouth marketing cannot be overstated. So it is vital that when purchasing signage, a business thinks long term and examines all the sign opportunities they have.

Common Sign Mistake #5: Only Having One Sign Type

It is important that in order to capitalize on the benefits of signage, a company invests in several sign types since each sign type has its own unique advantage. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the different sign types and what they can do for your business.

Wall & Building Signs

High Rise Building Sign by Landmark Signs

These are some of the most common sign types, since Wall & Building Signs go directly above a store’s door or right on the building. While they most obviously provide the opportunity for a customer to identify your company and its location, it also provides other benefits.

First of all, a Wall Sign, like a Channel Letter Sign, if it is done well and is of high quality, often makes the first impression upon your customers. They usually see this sign before even being greeted by your receptionist. Additionally, a company that takes the time to put up a Building Sign shows those passing by that they are a company that is there to stay. And like with most signs, if you illuminate your Wall Sign, then you will stand out even more from all the other signs in the area (to learn about the other benefits of illuminated signage, click here).

Monument Signs

South Coast Neon Monument Sign by Landmark Signs
South Coast Neon Monument Sign by Landmark Signs

While you may not know what they are called, you have most definitely seen a Monument Sign. They are the ones that are located right by the street.

What is the point in having a Monument Sign? Well there are many reasons. One of which is the fact that they get your business to be seen by people driving by on the street. This is vital if your building is set back from the street and further in the complex. This is also helpful if your building is blocked by trees, another building, or some other obstruction that makes your building hard to see from the street.

Furthermore, a Monument Sign, made out of substantial materials and large in size, tells your potential customers that your business is substantial and permanent. Click here to learn even more about how Monument Signs can help your business grow.

Directional Signs

The Commons Digital Sign Display
Interior Directional Signage by Landmark Signs

Directional Signs are located within a building and outside of it around a complex. For schools, malls, hospitals, and more these signs are a must. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find the location of a company and not being able to. Directional Signs can ensure that your customers arrive at your company easily and in a good mood.

In addition to helping your customers quickly find your building or office, Directional Signage also shows a consumer that you care about them and want to make sure that they are taken care of. It also sends that message that you are a legitimate company and have invested in not only your business, but also in your customers. Click here for even more information about Directional Signage.


These are only three of the many different sign types that are necessary for most, if not all businesses. In order to make sure that you take advantage of all the benefits that signs have to offer, contact Landmark Signs today. Check out this blog to learn about even more sign types.

Landmark Signs


Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 40 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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How to Avoid Common Sign Mistakes #2

Related image“There are two surefire methods to fail financially…The first is to spend when one should be saving and the second is to save when one should be investing” (1).

Business owners, property managers, CFO’s, and other money-conscious careers are often looking for ways to effectively cut costs in order to increase profits and save money. There are several areas of a business where this can be effective and should be pursued whenever it makes sense in the long run. However, trouble comes when businesses begin to prioritize saving money above all else and actually end up losing money down the road.

Take, for example, a decision the electronic services company, Circuit City. Back in 2007, in an attempt to cut costs, the company terminated over 3,000 of its best salesman. They then replaced these experienced salesmen with newer employees whom they could pay less money. Yes, in the short term, they saved a lot of money. However, their sales dropped significantly and by November 10, 2008, they filed for bankruptcy (2).

The cutting cost strategy is not only used with salaries and employees, but also with the products and items companies spend money on. As a sign company, we have seen time and time again when a business was much more concerned with getting the least expensive sign possible than with investing in a quality sign that would reflect well upon the business and draw in new customers. Because, “the fact is that cheap items of inferior quality might have to be replaced more often, a fact that could negate any savings potential. You might even find yourself paying more to buy a new product than if you’d purchased the more expensive, high-quality one the first time around” (3).

Last week we looked at a common sign mistake that is often made when a company does not purchase a Monument Sign, effectively cutting down on their company’s visibility. Today, we will look at another common sign mistake that occurs when a company attempts to save money at the expense of investing in a quality sign.

Sign Mistake #2: Not Investing in a Quality Sign

Business Signs Landmark Signs
3D Sign by Landmark Signs

In our experience, often people fall into this sign mistake trap because they do not realize how powerful and effective a quality sign can be for a company. They understand the importance of having a sign in order to be easily identified and found, but struggle to believe that investing in a top sign by a top sign company will not only save them problems down the road, but will also greatly benefit them today.

But the reality is that “Poor signage can deter consumers from entering a store, with over half (52%) saying they are less willing to enter a store with . . . poorly-made signs” (4). This statistic takes the theory that quality signage is vital for a business and turns it into fact. If a business, in the interest of cutting costs, purchases a low-costing sign, the finished product with reflect that and over half of their potential customers will see this is as a direct reflection of what type of company you are.

This is true even if the sign “looks” well-designed. Because while it may initially be visually appealing, the low-quality of the materials the sign is made out of, will get you a sign with good looks that fade quickly and will need a refurbishment sooner than you would think. And let’s be honest, consumers can tell the difference between a sign made of top materials and one made of inexpensive ones. Low-quality signage is much like buying an extremely inexpensive car that will save you money in the moment, but cost you a lot down the road when it inevitably has problems.


Well-made signs with an elegant design and the highest quality of materials will give you a sign that is visually appealing and lasts your company for years without you having to spend another dime. Whether you are purchasing a Monument Sign, Wall Signs, Pole Signs or any other Landmark Sign, investing in a quality sign now will save you money in the long run and bring new business right to your door.

Avoid making this common sign mistake by calling or emailing Landmark Signs today and getting your own quality sign today.

Landmark Signs


Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 40 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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The Sign Expert Says: “Wall Signs – What You Need to Know”, Blog One

Couture Wall Sign

Of all the varieties of sign types you may use, the Wall Sign is the most prevalent.  The problem is, there are so many kinds!  What’s going to work best for your particular circumstances?  Should it be lighted or not?  How much should I spend?  these are some of the questions you may have.  In this series of blogs, I will answer all of these questions and more.

To begin with, a Wall Sign simply means a sign that is placed upon an exterior wall, very typically right over your business entrance.  This should not be confused with the sign you may place on an interior wall in your reception area, or a small plaque mounted on the wall outside or your entrance.  But it does include those very large and very high signs placed upon skyscrapers, whether that wall is a solid one or made of glass.

So in this blog we will begin by discussing the various standard types of Wall Signs, from the simple to the sublime.  This will take more than one posting, so hang on and check back!  I know you will find this interesting, informative and possibly profitable, especially if it helps you to pick the right one, the one that advertises and represents your business best, drawing great clientele.

So we will start with the non-illuminated Wall Sign types, moving on to the lighted wall signs next time.  Here we go:

The Hand Painted Wall Sign

“Okay”, you may ask, “Why should I care about this outdated kind of Wall Sign?”.  Well, believe it or not, hand painted wall signs are making a comeback!  When you have a minute, check out this blog by a very skilled sign painter who is doing a new version of an old sign for people who want that nostalgic look.

When I was 15 or 16 years old, my dad (who was an “old school” sign painter) and I went and painted many Wall Signs of this kind.  Of course since that was before the invention of the camera (joke!), I don’t have any pictures.  And most of what is being done currently is restoration or imitations of old signs.  But just because most of what you think of are these older examples, that doesn’t mean a modern logo or current image can’t be applied to an exterior wall too, just as in the past.

What are the advantages?  Well for one, aesthetics.  If you have a business that is nostalgic in nature or longstanding and experienced, this may be just the right thing to do.  It immediately gives the viewer the impression that your business has been around for a while and gives it that very desirable classic image that is in vogue these days.

Another advantage is cost.  Now you should not think “cheap” because it’s definitely not.  There are few sign companies that can do this (Landmark can!), and so just finding a skilled sign painter is of course more and more rare.  And so “rare” often translates into costly.  But, the cost of materials is typically a lot less than any other sign type, and there are no mechanical installations necessary.

So, believe it or not, you may really want to consider a hand painted wall sign as an alternative!

Lincoln Cove Wall Sign

The Wood Wall Sign

This is another sign type that is a little more rare but still very effective in it’s own way.

Wood wall signs are typically dimensional, being either sandblasted (as the example above) or routed.  Sometimes they are flat or hand painted as a less costly but not nearly as dramatic or impressive option.  If well made of the proper materials such as redwood or cedar, and finished with the right high quality sign paints (we recommend 1 Shot sign enamels), they can last a very long time and give you a lot of bang for your buck.

Their advantages are also mainly aesthetic in nature.  Being dimensional, they have an impressive and custom appearance that tells your customer that you aren’t satisfied with just another sign, that you care and are a company of substance.  They are also very well suited for doctors, lawyers and professionals, residential  complexes, gift shops in tourist areas, any business or enterprise that wants to portray a beautiful and impressive image.

Since they are mainly hand made, they are not especially inexpensive.  But they have an undeniably classic and custom appearance that can’t be matched in any other wall sign.  And if designed and fabricated properly, they will last many, many years with a unique appearance that will represent your business well.

At Landmark, we specialize in wood signs and can design and manufacture a great one for you!

Title 365 Wall Sign

Non-Illuminated Dimensional (3D) Letters

Moving on to the more contemporary and business sign appearance, we come to these.  Dimensional Letters are a very modern and desirable type of wall sign that we here at Landmark have done quite a lot of.  They are best suited for new professional offices and buildings.

Good dimensional wall signs are those made of a variety of metals, and which are either mounted away from the wall or have substantial depth, giving them the appearance of substance that reflects well on your concern.  We have used anodized brushed aluminum,  polished plated gold aluminum, anodized bronze and stainless steel as examples of metals and finishes that last a long time and look great for years.

Their advantages are longevity and impressiveness.  They work well for any business concern that needs to look substantial and solid.  If made of the proper materials with the right anodized or stainless finishes, they will stand up well to almost any environmental condition and come away unscathed.  Some of the materials we offer actually come with a life-time warrantee!

A disadvantage is the lack of illumination.  They are less costly than lighted alternatives but don’t do well for retail establishments that need to draw clients to their locations day or night.  So keep this in mind when considering them.  If you are a 9-5 professional office that isn’t looking to pull in customers off of the street, then you will be served well.  But if you rely heavily on attracting and bringing in people from your local area such as a restaurant, clothing store, laundry, or any typical retail business, you should use an illuminated sign.

Contact us today if you think this is the sign type for you!

Next Time . . .

So as mentioned, next time we will deal with the various types of Lighted Wall Signs, including LED sign, neon signs and high rise wall signs.

I hope you enjoyed this and as always, if you have any sign need or question, let me know!  You can reach me at johnm@landmarksignsinc.com.  I’ll always be glad to help you!

Sign Expert John Myres, The Sign Expert


Channel Letter Signs, Dimensional (3D) Signs, Monument Signs, Signage

Rocky Mountain Monument Sign

Monument Signs are one of the most in-demand signs in the industry for a number of reason.  First of all, they give a company visibility from the street.   Often times, a building or store is set back from the street.  A company may have a Channel Letter Sign above the store front or on top of a building, even an illuminated Channel Letter Sign that ensure night time visibility.  However, if that sign is not able to be seen from the street, a company is losing out on potential clients that may drive by your property, but never drive through because they do not know you are there. Monument Signs are extremely important for any business that is set back from the street.

Another reason Monument Signs are sought after and often used is because of the message they send.  Why does our country put up Monuments such as the Jefferson Monument, the National Monument or even the Empire State Building?  There are a number of reasons, true, but one of them is because it tells of our legacy, our history, and our longevity.  These Monuments tell visitors from across the world we have been here and we are going to continue to be here.  Monument Signs send the same message.  It shows potential clients that your company is dependable.  It shows them that you have permanence.  That you have established yourself enough to be able to invest in the property that you are currently occupying.  A Monument Sign too says “We have been here and we are staying here.”

Futhermore, like many signs, it allows for the opportunity to display your company’s creativity.  That is exactly what the House of Signs Sign company did for their clients in Breckenridge, CO.  There sign shows off the Rocky Mountain spirit of the state, and lets passerbys know that they are not going anywhere.

Check out the sign for yourself.  And read the rest of the article here.

Rocky Mountain

Check out our Landmark Signs Monument Signs here!  Or call us for your own Monument Sign at (714) 637-9900!

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Which Sign Type Should I Choose: Directional Signs


A potential client drives up to your property already considering doing business with your company (he made the trip to visit you; he is interested).  He arrives a few minutes early to make sure they have enough time to find your office.  Suite 205, your receptionist told him. The only problem is that when your receptionist told him the suite, she failed to give him the very specific instructions required to find your office because she had another client on hold and three people in the waiting room.  So now this potential client has to navigate through your property on his own.  And 15 minutes later, after having entered three incorrect building, frustrated, late, and slightly embarrassed, he finally manages to make it to your office.  Only now, his interest has waned.  Because, your company has already failed to take care of him by making him find you instead of you coming to him.  Why would he trust you to take care of him in the future?

One of the easiest ways to solve this dilemma is through Directional Signage.  While it is not considered the most glamorous of signs, it is one of the most necessary.  And, at Landmark Signs, we create custom Directional Signage so that it not only makes your office or building easy to find, it can also complement your property.  Let’s look at a few reasons why Directional Signs are a great choice.

Enhances your Property

With Landmark Signs, you can work with our professional design team to produce Directional Signs that enhances your property and complements the look your business has already established.

Easily Directs Customers

For large complexes & those with multiple buildings, Directional Signs are needed to make your property navigable for your customers.  Don’t make your customers come to you.  With Directional Signs, you can come to them.

Assortment of Materials

With a variety of materials available, Landmark Signs can create Directional Signs out of sandblasted wood, carved wood, stone, metal & much more!

Directional Signs are intended to help your customers navigate around complexes when in the car or on foot, which is an extremely important impression to make upon your clients.  Able to be made out of many different materials with a variety of color choices, Landmark Signs can custom-create beautiful and attractive Directional Signs to enhance your property and make it easy for your customers to come to you! For Directional Signs, contact Landmark Signs today!

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Which Sign Type Should I Choose? 3D Signs


There are many sign types available for customers considering obtaining a sign, with a variety of materials, colors, lighting options, style, and design to choose from.  This can be extremely overwhelming for a business owner who is aware of the importance of signage and that they need one, but does not know which sign type (or types) will reflect well upon their establishment.  There are many sign types, some of the most common being Monument Signs, Channel Letter Signs, and ADA Signs.

Furthermore, going to a sign company’s website can introduce them to an ever grander array of choices. Which may very well open his or her eyes to brand new options and inspire a different way of thinking about signage.  However, this can also add even more of a stress, as they navigate through the products wondering which sign type to choose.

Our website makes this more convenient as each product lists what makes it an ideal choice for our customers. We wanted to make sure that our blog achieves this as well by further exploring the different sign types.

Today we will take a look at 3D Signs.

Simple and elegant 3D Signs are an ideal sign choice for above the store on in the lobby.  Learn why else your company can benefit from a 3D Sign.

It is Dramatic Signage

Bold and innovative, 3D Signs make a dramatic impact, impressing passers-by and encouraging customers to come right to your door.

There are a Variety of Material Options

With Landmark Signs, 3D Signs can be made out of acrylic, metal, stainless steel, finished with Gold Leaf and even more.

They Display Dimension and Perspective

Adding perspective and dimension with 3D Signs creates depth, making your sign interesting and innovative.

So why should you choose a 3D Sign for your company or business?  At Landmark Signs, we want to help our clients make a big impact as their first impression, which is why we offer 3D Signs that are sure to get you noticed, bringing clients right to your door.  With an array of options including Dimensional Lobby Signs, Channel Letter SignsGold Leaf Signs, & much more, our 3D Signs are perfect for adding dimension and a dramatic presence.  Stand out from the rest of your competition with a 3D Sign that Landmark Signs can custom create to display dependability and excitement!

Call Landmark Signs today to learn more about our 3D Signs! 949.637.9900

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