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Top 5 Exterior Directional Signs: Each Sign Tells a Story

maze-919271_1920.jpgJoanna just dropped off her son at his basketball practice at 4:15. With her 3-year old daughter in the backseat, soon she will need to pick her eldest daughter up from her after school yearbook class across town before turning back around the other way and getting her son from his practice. Since street traffic is beginning to increase moment by moment, she figures she has about 15 minutes to run into this new store she found online that has the exact vanity that she has been trying to find for weeks.

The only problem is, she can’t find the store. The address was listed on the website, and she knows it is somewhere in this complex, but is not sure exactly where. There is nothing to direct her path and she has been driving around this large complex for almost five minutes. By the time she finally finds the business, a small, obscure spot hidden around the corner, her fifteen minutes are up. In her frustration, she drives away deciding instead to buy the vanity through Amazon. As her thoughts turn to the rest of her day, the new shop she was excited to visit leaves her mind and won’t be given a second thought (except maybe when relaying her annoying experience to her friend over coffee tomorrow).

A customer, and any of her potential referrals, lost.

If that business had invested in exterior Directional Signage, they would have been easily found and been given the opportunity to impress Joanna with their excellent customer service and high-quality products.

This story details why exterior Directional Signage is extremely important for any business located within a large or complicated complex or a company that has several different buildings that customers will need to navigate in order to get to the right place.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Landmark Signs exterior Directional Signs to learn more about the story that each sign tells.

#1: Queen Mary Exterior Directional Sign

Queen Mary Exterior Directional Sign
Exterior Directional Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.

This Directional Sign is located over the walkway of this historic ship, The Queen Mary. Its purpose is to allow touring visitors to easily find their way to the different components of the ship. With its elegant and clean design, this exterior Directional Sign sends the message that your time traveling back into history will be just as nice.

#2: Essex Skyline Exterior Directional Sign

Essex Skyline Exterior Directional Sign
Exterior Directional Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.

This Banner Sign helps potential customers quickly locate the leasing office, a necessity for any apartment complex, especially one as large as this one. With this exterior Directional Sign, this company will help a customer realize that they will be taken care of from the moment they step onto to their property and beyond when renting one of their apartments.

#3: First American Exterior Directional Signage

Exterior Directional Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.

Like all signage, exterior Directional Signs should reflect the values of the company. This Gold Leaf Sign is meant to tell the story that our company is not only as good as gold, but that they have all the resources available to make your time within their business complex a positive one.

#4: Rreef Exterior Directional Signage

Rreef Exterior Directional Sign
Exterior Directional Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.

Although most companies hate to see their clients leave, when it is time for them to depart, their exit should be as smooth as possible. If they have a hard time exiting your site, then you risk having their last thought about your business being a negative one. An exterior Directional Sign like this, will ensure that the taste left in their mouths about your business is a positive one.

#5: Parking Exterior Directional Signage

Parking Exterior Directional Sign
Exterior Directional Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.

When a center is large enough to have a parking structure, Exterior Directional Signage can make all the difference. Make sure that your customers can efficiently navigate every part of your property like this sign does.


Taking care of your customers from the start can be the key to separating your from the competition. Get your own Exterior Directional Signs from Landmark today by giving us a call of sending us an email.

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