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Why Do Signs Matter? Business Sign Statistics – Customers Refer Based on Signage

Why Do Signs Matter_ Business Sign Statistics - Customers Refer Based on Signage


“Word-of-mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions” (Source).

In last week’s blog, we briefly touched on the changing role of the marketer from production centered businesses to brand-based strategies and finally to today’s modern consumer-focused industry.

The current consumer is sharp, savvy, and even slightly suspicious of your company initially.  There pexels-photo-696218 (1)are many unfortunate instances of businesses making promises to their customers and failing to keep them. In the past, many were powerless to do anything about it because of limited choices or the lack of a platform to express their upsetting experience.  But the tides have turned and now a customer not only has the place to vent their frustrations for all to see (Yelp-a business’s best friend or worst enemy ), they also have more options than ever before.  Which also means that you have more competition than ever before.

pexels-photo-331989.jpegToday, the customer is in charge.  Gone are the days of the door-to-door salesman, the convincing catchy jingle (at least not the ones we wish were not stuck in our heads; most of them are worse than the small world song), and intrusive sales calls (why do they always come during dinner?).  They decide if they want to learn about your business, try your business, and whether or not they will recommend it (or strongly advice against your services) to their friends and family.

Think about it?  How often do we try a new company without a recommendation from someone that we trust?

So what does all of this have to do with your business signage?  Well, according to the following statistic, 75% of your customers think it has a whole lot to do with signs.

Business Sign Statistics #3: “Three out of four consumers saying they have told someone about a store based simply on its signage” (Source).


Most businesses are already well aware of the fact that a customer will make a decision whether or not to continue working with you based on their overall experience.  This is why we go above and beyond to make their time at our company the best we possibly can from the friendly greeting as soon as they enter our building to the follow-up calls after they have used our services to make sure we did everything for them we possibly could.  For example, Trader Joe’s actually delivered food to an elderly man who was snowed in after his daughter called worried that he would not have food to endure the storm.  Delivery is not a part of their service.  Talk about amazing customer service! (Read more about other amazing customer services here).

With a quality, custom sign (see what a gold leaf sign can do for your business), you are Landmark Signs Quotesadding to the customer’s experience from the very start. However, you will never have a chance to impress your customers with your stellar service if they do not give you a try.  For many consumers, their first impression of you is you store front sign, monument sign, or pylon sign (more on that in next week’s blog).    Before they even have the chance to speak with you, they may have already made a decision about your services based solely on your sign.  A poorly-made sign (read more about that here) reflects on the quality of your service.

It is essential that we, as business owners, utilize every resource we have available to create the best customer experience possible, and that starts with our sign.


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Just Completed – Broadway Thomas Sign Program!

Broadway-Thomas Sign Program

Hello everyone! We just wanted you to know that we have completed one of our most intense and beautiful sign programs yet!

Broadway-Thomas Plaza is an excited mixed use development, consisting of several first floor retail spaces along Broadway and three floors of office / commercial spaces with ample interior parking.  It’s architecture and design are attractive with great office amenities, such as upper floor covered patios with a view.  If you are interested in leasing any part of this building, please contact Erick Marchena at Erick@charles-company.com.

Along with the Sign Program, we’ve also completed extensive design drawings for all of the signs to be used on the project.  If you want to know more about what we can do or are interested in knowing more about what a Sign Program does, just click on either of the links below:

Broadway-Thomas Sign Program

Broadway-Thomas Sign Designs

Also, if you’d like to see more of our Sign Programs click on this previous blog of a three-part series:

The Sign Expert Says: Comprehensive Sign Programs – What Are They?  Why Should I Care?

And you can also look at another recently completed sign program in our blog:

Announcing: Completion of the 900 Wilshire Sign Program

As always, if you have an interest in our helping you with your Sign Program or sign designs, permitting, manufacture and installation, please email us at sales@landmarksignsinc.com or call us at 714-637-9900 today!

Best wishes to you all!

Sign ExpertJohn Myres, The Sign Expert.

714-944-7257 (cell)


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Announcing: Completion of the 900 Wilshire Sign Program!

900 Wilshire Sign Program

Hello all!  I am just announcing the completion of our recent 900 Wilshire Sign Program.  For those of you who use them, I hope you’ll be impressed.  If you are curious about what they are, I think the attached file below will give you an idea:

The 900 Wilshire Sign Program

If you are in the market for one, let us know! We are experts at them and have done them all over the state of California.  Just call 714-637-9900 or email us at sales@landmarksignsinc.com!


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Featured Sign: The Chili Pepper Window Graphic

Chilli Pepper Window Graphic

Location: Orange, CA

Description: Red, green and yellow chipped glue window graphic with 23 carat gold leaf outline

This is one of my favorite signs that Landmark Signs has ever created. I remember when I first saw this sign in the shop, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the sign. Not only do the crisp, bold colors stand out perfectly against the gold leaf outline, but the craftsmanship of this sign makes it seem more like a piece of art than just an advertisement. This chipped glue window graphic is a sign type that would fit in very well at a restaurant or pub. It is eye-catching and, with the gold leaf in the sign, this sign reflect elegantly upon the company that purchased this sign and show that quality matters in every detail of their business, down to their sign.

To learn more about the process of applying chipped glue on glass, check out this article.

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See more signs by Landmark Signs at our website or social media sites.

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Sign Project: Skyline Luxury Apartments

Skyline Luxury Apartments South Coast Metro, CA

If anybody has driven on the 55 Freeway near the 405 Freeway recently, they may have noticed the colorful wall washers running down the sides of two buildings.  Well, those buildings belong to Skyline Luxury Apartments and we put up those wall washers a little over a year ago, along with several other types of signs.  It was quite a large project, but one that we are very proud of, especially since the advertising methods chosen by Skyline greatly benefited their company.

In fact, before Skyline purchased the property, the previous owner had struggled to get their company noticed and ended up having to leave.  However, once Skyline took over, they decided upon an aggressive and bold campaign to advertise, choosing Landmark Signs to help them send their message.

With a Monument Sign, Window Displays, an extremely large Banner, A-frame Signs Promotional Displays, and even colorful LED Wall Washers, there was no doubt about it,people were going to pay attention to them.  And their approach paid off!  With all the advertising they received many calls with customers interested in leasing one of their apartments and have exciting and creative signs all over their property to let every know who they are and what their company is about!

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See more signs by Landmark Signs at our website or social media sites.

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Sign Project: The Commons


The Commons 3D Sign

The Commons Exterior 3D Sign-Art Deco Bronzed Metallic Finished Letters over Brushed Aluminum

The Commons Sign Project was a job that was a long time in the making, because it required a lot of planning, cooperation with the client, design work, and not to mention when we were awarded the sign project, the construction was not yet completed. However, Landmark Signs has the tenacity and the foundation to see a job through, no matter how much planning and patience is necessary. And with the Commons, we were happy to wait for our turn to step in and contribute to the sign phase of the project.

Room Sign

Interior ADA Sign – 1/8″ Non-Glare Clear Acrylic with a Dark Brown second surface enamel paint with a Deep Mahogany Brown high performance vinyl copy

With a large quantity of interior ADA Signs, exterior 3D Signs, and Digital Directory Sign displays, it was a substantial sign project. But one that was well worth the effort and time, because when it was completed, the client was thrilled with the results. Landmark Signs will complete projects beautifully, pay careful attention to every detail, from the smallest of sign projects to the largest of sign projects. For multiple sign location projects or various sign type projects rely on Landmark Signs to see your sign project through until the very end.

The Commons Digital Sign Display

The Commons Digital Sign Display – .090 aluminum with Copper Alloy Metallic satin enamel finish and a Dark Brown high-performance applied vinyl copy.

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Featured Monument Sign: Welbrook Senior Living

Wellbrook Monument Sign

The interesting aspect of signage is that it has the ability to subtly communicate through style, design and appearance. The receiver of the message can learn so much more about a company than simply its name through a sign. Yes, the main goal of a sign is to identify. But, like most art, it is multi-faceted and can be interpreted in any number of ways. ADA Signs can tell viewers that their company cares. Channel Letter Signs give a store the opportunity to stand out and make a splash. And, the message sent by Monument Signs is almost always one of permanence and dependability.

Like with the Welbrook Monument Sign. Simple and elegant in its conception, we learn that the company is reliable, solid, and long-lasting even though the sign only has three words and a logo. Strong, stable, firm in their foundation, a passer-by of a Monument Sign can pick up on these features subconsciously and apply it to the brand without even realizing it.

For your very own Monument Sign with a unique hidden message all of its own, call Landmark Signs.

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Sign Project: Salon Couture Studios

Couture Channel Letter Sign

Halo and Directly Illuminated Channel Letter Sign

For the project, Couture Salon Studios, our designers at Landmark Signs, were given the opportunity to be creative with the various types of signs, including ADA Signs, an Illuminated Channel Letter Sign, a Lobby Sign and several Blade Signs. At Couture Salon Studios, a customer can choose from a plethora of cosmetic luxuries, from manicurists and massage therapists, to hair stylists and make-up artists all within the same building. It is a business in which artistic style and quality customer service is key. Which is why, when it came time to design their sign, we wanted to make sure the signs highlighted these features, promoting class, artistry and dependability.

Couture Interior SignThe colors, font, materials and manufacturing needed to be carefully planned and executed in order to make sure the client’s message was incorporated into the sign. When discussing the Channel Letter Sign, we knew it needed to stand out from other typical Channel Letter Signs. It had to make a statement. With the brick background, we thoughtfully chose an aluminum backing to provide a contrasting between the sign and the backdrop. While the aluminum provides the opportunity for the sign to be more easily spotted, the dark brown lettering maintains the subtle, classic look that is important for portraying elegance. Lastly, the translucent acrylic teal wings of the brown butterfly reflects the company’s innovative qualities.

Dimensional Lobby Wall Display

As can be seen in the images, similar color schemes and materials were maintained for the interior signage. The Lobby Sign, which makes the first impression upon a customer entering the store, is a smaller version of the Channel Letter Sign, non-illuminated and made of acrylic letters. The interior signage consists of regulatory ADA Signs and tenant Blade Signs. The ADA Signs includes Restroom Signs, Room Plaques, and Evacuation Plans were made of acrylic. The Blade Signs, made of clear acrylic, hang delicately from S-hooks.

Couture Shop Signs Couture Shop Sign Close Up

Realizing that a sign gives a company the opportunity to send a message of what their company stands for without having to say a single word. Before a customer even steps foot into a store, a powerful impression can be made through powerful signage. For the Couture Salon Studios Sign Project, Landmark Signs created signage that highlighted the imaginative and classic features of the company, reminding customers of who they are and what they stand for.

To read about other Landmark Signs Project, click here.


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Featured Sign: Lantern Bay Monument Sign

Lantern Bay Gold Leaf Monument Sign

Location: Dana Point, CA

Description: 1/4″ Extira composite exterior wood panel routed to 1/2″ depth, primed and painted with White gloss enamel. 1/2″ raised border and edge gilded with 23 1/2 carat gold leaf. 1/2″ raised copy finished with 1-Shot Dark Blue gloss enamel. 1/2″ raised scores finished with 1-Shot Blue Green gloss enamel.

Some of my favorite Landmark Signs, are those in which we get to use Gold Leaf.  There is just something about the color and shine of Gold Leaf that makes any sign look more elegant and classic.  Gold Leaf Signs are just at another level; their beauty and sophistication stands out from most other signs.

Of course, some say they look more high-end, because they are more costly.  And this can most definitely be true.  Especially when talking about completely covering a sign in Gold or Silver Leaf (for examples of Gold Leaf Signs, check out our blog post).  That can definitely add up quickly .  But as was the case with the Lantern Bay Village Monument Sign, it is still possible to incorporate Gold Leaf into a sign, without spending a fortune.  Lantern Bay chose to use a Gold Leaf border around the panel of their Monument Sign.  Not only did this add a creative feature to a more basic sign, but this also allowed the customer to send a message of luxury and class without having to break the bank.

For more information about Landmark’s creative, practical sign solutions, visit our website or follow one of our social media sites.

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Featured Sign: Zadig & Voltaire 3D Sign

Zadig & Voltaire

Material:  090 Aluminum panel / cabinet with a Matthews Satin White acrylic polyurethane enamel finish and aluminum letters with a Matthews Gloss Black acrylic polyurethane enamel finish.

For the 3D Sign at Zadig & Voltaire, we at Landmark Signs had to think outside of the box a little bit.  As you can see from the image above, the aluminum panel had to be curved in order to be installed.  That was a minor issue we were able to work out.  However, the major challenge on this 3D sign was delivering a sign that would fit the customer’s needs, even though it required us to design differently.

In the sign industry, less is usually not more.  In fact, if the client can, generally we recommend that almost every sign have some form of illumination: whether that is halo, lit-thru, neon, fluorescent or LED.  The reason is that during the long winter months, when it gets dark fairly early in the day, the client can have a sign that can be seen at all hours, which is particularly helpful when traffic passes by.  And at first, this is what we recommended to Zadig & Voltaire.  However, our client felt certain that in their case less was definitely more.  Their company, being in the fashion industry on a street with a lot of high end cliental, wanted to maintain a “best kept secret” vibe and thought that illumination would take away from that effect.

So, in the end, we produced a simple yet elegant 3D Sign that would attract the high-end cliental they were seeking after without pushing them away by being too pushy.  And even though every company says this, in our case it was definitely true that our customer was right!

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