About Landmark

Welcome to the Landmark Signs Inc. blog.  We are a family-run sign business that is located in Orange County, CA and services all of Southern California including Los Angeles, CA, Riverside County, and more.  By committing ourselves to providing our customers with professional and superior sign service, and seeing to it that our number one priority is our clients, we have set ourselves apart in the sign industry.

Although, like most businesses, we want to promote our company in everything we do, this is not our main objective for creating a blog.  In fact, for a while we wondered how a blog would be relevant to a sign company at all.  However, we feel it is important to give insights letting others know what dilemmas and issues we struggle with and contemplate on a daily basis.  We hope that by sharing a little something about ourselves, we can encourage others to pursue a business that is about more than just profits and expansion, but one that is based on supporting and helping people.

So, for our products and services, contact us today by calling 714-637-9900, emailing us at sales@landmarksignsinc.com or click on the logo below to go to our website!

 © Landmark Signs Inc. 2015

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