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Top 5 Window Signs Part Two – Each Sign Tells A Story

Windows provide an additional, easy to use space for business owners to advertise theirshutters-669296_640 company’s name and their services. People often overlook this opportunity by either not utilizing the space at all or by sticking to the basics and not thinking more creatively about how they can best utilize that space. Click here to learn more about one of our most creative Window Signs.

However, there are times when the placement of windows can be inconvenient for privacy reasons. Either in an office building, a medical building, or even cosmetic businesses, a window placed in the wrong spot can make customers feel uncomfortable and exposed. Today, we are going to take a look at one of our Window Graphics that solve this problem.

P.C.A. Window Graphics

Window Sign by Landmark Signs Inc

One of our favorite aspects of being in the sign business is the chance to solve problems imaginatively. When someone comes to us looking for a way to make their office more private, that tells us that they are looking for a creative solution to their challenge. We could simply slap up simple frosted vinyl and that would certainly create the effect that our customer is looking for. And there is nothing wrong with that option if that is what someone is looking for.

However, with the P.C.A. Window Graphic, we had an opportunity to go beyond the simple and strive for the elegant. With a wavy frosted vinyl shadowing in the background of the company’s logo and company name, this Window Sign not only advertised and identified the company, it also created the privacy and separation that the business and their clients were looking for.

PCA Window Graphic by Landmark Signs
Window Graphics by Landmark Signs Inc.

Not only does this design provide what they are specifically looking for, it also allows them to further promote their business. Signs should be able to be both practical and creative. It is not enough to only tell others that a business is located within a building, a sign must also reflect positively upon the company by being pleasing to look at.

In fact, did you know that over half of people will not enter a store if the sign reflects badly upon the business? 

That’s why it is so important that your sign not only solve your problems, but do so creatively like this Window Sign does. Check out that statistic here.


Window Graphics provide an space to let people know about your business. Even if the windows you have seem to be more of a nuisance than an opportunity, with Landmark Signs, you can use that space to create privacy and advertise as well.

Call or email Landmark Signs today to get your own Window Graphic today!

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