Top 5 Window Signs Part One – Each Sign Tells a Story

Windows are an often under-utilized or overlooked space for Business Signs. Or, sometimes, when a company does use their window space to display their company, they only place the name of their company and possibly the hours of their business.

And there is nothing wrong with this approach. However, just because your message is simple, it does not mean that your design needs to be. In fact, Window Graphics or Window Signs provide a convenient space to display your company’s message creatively and uniquely. Let’s take a look at the top 5 Window Signs by Landmark Signs starting with our first sign, so you can learn how you can start using your business’s window space to send a powerful message.

The Chili Pepper Window Graphic

the chili pepper gold leaf window graphic
The Chili Pepper Window Graphic Gold Leaf Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.

This is one of our most unique and exciting window displays. Yes, the actual words in the sign design are very simple. It is telling their customers that they are at the right place, this is indeed The Chili Pepper restaurant. But that is not the end of this story. The viewer cannot help but be drawn to the exceptional look and feel of the design.

The colorful chipped-glue and gold leaf design tells a story much more enticing. The eye-catching yellow, read, and green display is outlined superbly by elegant gold leaf. Several positive messages are being sent by this sign. The first is that we are an exciting restaurant full of life and delicious food. One cannot help but to assume that the food is going to be flavorful and enticing when greeted by such an intriguing Window Graphic.

Additionally, using gold leaf for a sign is one of the best messages a business can send to its customers. It tells them that their business is as good as gold and therefore will provide quality services, products, or in this case, food. It also tells them that we take investing in our company seriously and we want to make sure that we live up to the story our golden sign is telling. So, customers can be sure that they will be given excellent service with a business that treats all its customers like they are a gold member. Customers will not be required to earn that status only after spending money or through getting enough stars. They will receive top treatment just because they have chosen to walk into the door.

This company realized that they wanted to use every opportunity to let their customers know that they are in good hands. No stone was left unturned. A sign design is one of a kind and tells customers that the business to whom the sign belongs is just as unique.


Window Signs are a great option for any business looking to create a unique and exciting design like the one above. Don’t miss out on this opportunity by placing a bland design on your window or by not using the space at all. Call or email Landmark Signs today to get your own Window Graphic.

Check back in with us next week to see our next top Window Graphic.

Landmark Signs


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