Top 5 Blogs to Make The Most Out of Your Signage

Those who are not familiar with what that means think that having your own business means independence, opportunity, and flexibility. They have visions of business owners getting into work whenever the way, taking vacations at the drop of the hat, and getting to run their business exactly the way they desire.

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What they don’t realize is the reason we didn’t get into work today until 10 AM today is because we were still up working until 2 AM last night. They don’t notice that while we were on vacation we were still answering business calls and emails the whole time, while taking work days in the middle of our vacation just to make sure we get a job done by the deadline. They don’t know that all of the burden falls upon our shoulders as to whether or not our business succeeds.

But we know. And we want to make sure that we support your efforts by giving you the best opportunity to use signage for all of it’s advantages. Over the past year, we have been posting a large number of blogs written with the business owner in mind.

Since you probably do not have the time to scroll through a whole year’s worth of blogs, we wanted to summarize some of our top blogs so that you can make the most out of your signage.

#1: Top 10 Sign Mistakes to Avoid

The Groves Custom Monument Sign

This blog is usually a good place to start. It is a comprehensive overview of the mistakes many people make when purchasing signage and how to make sure you don’t do the same. It can help you avoid mistakes before purchasing signage, when approving a sign design, and when getting it installed.

Read more here.

#2: Why Do Signs Matter? Business Sign Statistics – Signs are Worth the Investment


For those of you are wondering if signs are really worth it, this blog discusses just how beneficial they are based on actual statistics that support this finding. For example, did you know that roughly 68% of people believe that a sign is directly reflective of the service or products of that business? We think this statistic and blog proves the importance of signage.

Learn more here.

#3: How to Use Signage to Solve 3 Small Business Problems: An Overview


Like we alluded to earlier, we know how challenging it is owning your own business. Major issues like not having enough time, struggling with marketing, and finding reliable employees are some of the top issues business owners face. This blog discusses how to use signage to solve these common problems.

Click here to read more.

#4: Your Business Name in Lights: An Overview of Illuminated Signage


This blog dives even further into one of the very common sign mistakes people make: not illuminating their signage. Maybe they do not think it is necessary or don’t think it is worth the investment. Here we discuss just how vital illuminated signage is not only because it makes your sign more visible, but also because it sends a powerful message.

Read the rest here.

#5: 3 Reasons Your Business Can Fight Back at Amazon with Signage

Like Walmart used to threaten small business in the area they would appear, Amazon has become major competition to many small business no matter where they are located. This online super giant may have resources small businesses don’t. However, there are many services you offer that they don’t and you can use signage to show that to your customers.

Check it out here.


We know your time is precious so we hope this blog helped you to determine which blogs will be the right ones for you to read so that you can use signage to support your business. Ready to get your own sign? Call or email Landmark Signs today!

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