Top 5 Blogs by Our Sign Expert

The sign industry is a complicated one, filled with many facets, details, and steps. Just trusting anyone with something as important as your sign will rarely work out in your favor. And despite the popularity of DIY, signage is not the place to Do It Yourself (don’t believe us, check out our blog here). Sometimes, you need to call in an expert to help you. Because purchasing a sign is a complex process including surveying the site, designing the sign, getting permits for the sign, manufacturing the sign, and installing the sign, it requires an expert touch.

John Myres, our sign expert, is a long-standing sign professional with over 45 years’ of experience. He has been a licensed electrical sign contractor since 1987 and a Design Director for one of the top three major sign corporations in the United States. He has been awarded first place for his sign designs in the State of California and achieved honorable mention with the International Sign Association. John is a true “sign veteran” who literally started by sweeping the floors in his father’s sign shop and over the years has had hands-on experience in almost every aspect of sign sales, design, project management, construction and installation.

Let’s take a look back at some of his top blogs to get a better understanding of the sign industry and what sign options might be the best for you.

#1 – The Sign Expert Says: What Do Signs Really Do For My Business?

In this blog, John breaks down the benefits of investing in quality signage even in an increasingly online world. He explains that…

“…while it is true that it is imperative that any successful business take advantage of and

the chili pepper gold leaf window graphic

spend a significant amount of their time and resources on social media and internet marketing, it is also true that through these mediums we are becoming inundated with advertising so that in many cases a good message is just going to be drowned out.  So how can you, Mr. or Ms. Business Owner, really make your company stand out in such a crazy environment?

A well designed and attractive sign just may be more key to your success than ever!”

To read more from this blog, click here.

#2 – The Sign Expert Says: Pylon or Pole Signs, What Are They and Why Would You Need One?

While reading this blog, you will learn about what Pylon (Pole) Signs can do for your business. John writes that…

bella spese pole sign“…the main benefit of Pylon / Pole Signs is that they can be seen from greater distances.  Monument Signs by contrast, are much more intimate, being valuable to advertise at eye level to passing street traffic.  But when your location can be seen from a distance, Pylon / Pole Signs make it possible for your business to be noticed over the top of ground obstructions such as trees, trucks and even buildings, far in advance of a driver arriving at your location.”

To read more from this blog, click here.

#3 – The Sign Expert Says: Comprehensive Sign Programs – How Can I make Sure I Get the Right One?

Here, John discusses the importance of sign programs and why it is vital to let a Sign Program by Landmark Signsprofessional handle do the work for you. He tells that…

“…comprehensive Sign Programs also often need to go through a process that includes thorough research of city codes and possibilities, engaging and negotiating with city planners and attendance and representation of your interests before a Design or Architectural Review Board or City Council.  You’ll need a company who can handle your project with professionalism and tact, with the right mix of assertiveness when necessary to protect your interests.”

To read more from this blog, click here.

#4 – The Sign Expert Says: Reception and Lobby Dimensional Signs – Do I need one? How nice should it be?

Couture Reception Sign

In this blog, our sign expert details what a lobby sign can do for your business and how important it is to have an elegant one. John explains that…

“…having either no identification on your wall or a poor one wastes all of that effort, cost and thought.  Having no Lobby Sign wastes the opportunity to show that logo and get the positive impressions that were intended.  It feels unnatural and makes people uncomfortable because it’s not there.  It makes them suspicious.”

To read more from this blog, click here.

#5 – The Sign Expert Says: “Why Refurbish an Old Sign?  Is it Possible?”


While reading this blog, you can learn about when it is best to refurbish your sign instead of replacing it. Our sign expert details that one reason to keep an old sign is…

“…identity.  Sometimes a sign has such a long history and presence that it “becomes” the business in people’s minds.  Perhaps it’s unusual and iconic such as the Peppertree Lane Awning Sign above.  If the sign is removed and / or changed, that valuable presence in the mind of clients can be lost, causing negative reactions that can harm the business – even if the new sign is “better” or more “fashionable”!

To read more from this blog, click here.


Looking to speak with the sign expert directly? Give us a call today and he can help you work through any complicated sign issue you are facing.

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Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 40 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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