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Top 5 Ways Get Your Brand Noticed With Signage

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Since the earliest days of advertising, brand awareness has been a top priority. In fact, during the Mad Men days of advertising in the 1960’s “advertisers began to differentiate individual brands by giving them a personality” (1). Suddenly as company’s attempted to connect to a generation that was all about freedom of expression and love, Campbell’s soup was “groovy”, Pepsi was thinking young, and Coca Cola just wanted peace, man.

While the approach has shifted in today’s advertising world, branding is just as important as businesses recognize that “your brand reflects your identity as a company. That’s why you want it to convey a sense of who you are and what you do” (2).  In modern marketing, it is less about telling your customers what you think they want to hear, and more about being honest and authentic in the representation of your company and what they stand for.

Signage has its earliest beginnings in ancient Greece and Rome and has been a

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trusted part of branding ever since. While other methods of branding have shifted over the years, along with the goal of branding, signage has stayed just as reliable as ever. In fact, a recent survey found that “68% of consumers believe a store’s signage is reflective of the quality of its products or services” (read more here). More than two-thirds of those that are out there buying your goods, believe that your sign is the ultimate representation of your brand. Let’s take a closer look at the top 5 ways you can get your brand noticed with signage.

Light up the Night

Illuminated Pole Sign Hyperion
Designed, Manufactured, and Installed by Landmark Signs Inc.

Illuminating your signage is an extremely effective way to get your brand noticed. This is especially true during the winter months when signs that are not lighted will lose all visibility once the sun sets. At this time of the year, the night comes much earlier and right around the time when most commuters are coming home from work (learn more here). Getting your brand noticed at all times of the day is an absolute must if you want to continue to make a strong impression.

Signs of all types can be illuminated, from Channel Letter Signs to Pole Signs to Awning Signs and more. To check out more reasons to illuminate your sign, click here.

Hit the Streets

Kelvin Court Apartments Monument Signs by Landmark Signs Inc.
Designed, Manufactured, and Installed by Landmark Signs Inc.

Businesses set back from the street are missing out on branding opportunities by not incorporating a Monument Sign into their marketing campaign. These substantial and long-lasting signs get you noticed by those driving by on the street. Without them, it is very easy for your company to get lost in the complex and lose an opportunity for brand awareness.

Monument Signs can be made of a variety of materials and can be illuminated as well. Click here to learn more about the power of Monument Signs.

Soar in the Sky

Jondo Custom Channel Letter Sign
Designed, Manufactured, and Installed by Landmark Signs Inc.

Signs that get your brands noticed from afar take your brand to new heights. They get your company noticed from long distance and catch the attention of passers-by for miles around. They substantially increase the consumers that will see your business by adding a range of visibility that you would otherwise be missing out on.

Use High Rise Building Signs or Pole Signs to take your brand to new heights. Check out more examples of these signs here.

Catch their Eye

Window Graphic
Designed, Manufactured, and Installed by Landmark Signs Inc.

Window Graphics are an excellent place to get creative and get your brand noticed at the same time. They are an often underutilized space where you can either introduce a new element of your brand or reaffirm one already displayed. Window Signs are eye-catching, bold, and unique.

Choose from frosted vinyl, chipped glue, and more with Window Graphics. Click here to learn more.

Mine for Gold

first american silver leaf lobby sign
Designed, Manufactured, and Installed by Landmark Signs Inc.

Gold has been recognized as a valuable and rare commodity for thousands of years. When you choose a Gold Leaf Sign to represent your brand, you are sending a message that your company is as valuable and rare as the material of your sign. This type of signage sends the message that your brand is as good as gold.

Monument Signs, Lobby Signs, Window Signs and more can be Gold Leaf Signs. Check out more about Gold Leaf Signs here.


Any company that wants to get their brand noticed can use a variety of sign options to do so. A brand can light up the night with illuminated signage like LED Signs or Neon Signs. A business can hit the streets with elegant and impressive Monument Signs. By using a Pole Sign or High Rise Building Sign, a brand can soar in the sky. To catch the eye of passers-by, a brand can utilize Window Signs. A company can even mine for gold by relying on Gold Leaf Signs to stand for their brand. No matter what message you want to send, use signage to get your brand noticed.

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