Top 5 Sign Services: Each Sign Tells a Story

File:Van Gogh - Starry Night - Google Art Project.jpgTake a look at any well-known and influential piece of art. The Thinker by Rodin, The Last Supper by Da Vinci, or Starry Night by Van Gogh. Upon viewing any of these masterpieces, one would not think that they were overly complicated to create. Because once finished, they look so natural, almost like it was easy for the artist. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, months or even years of preparation, planning, and training went into producing these pieces. Every curve, every color, every detail was thought out and carefully added.

Like art, signs are more than they appear. They are not simply words placed above one’s store. They are detailed and intricate. Furthermore, they are a powerful marketing tool that when designing, preparing, and installing, signage should be treated with the potential they have in mind. A sign can get your business noticed, increase your sales, and send a message about your business and what it represents. That is why it is enough to settle for businesses that produces a “fast sign” or a “quick sign”. Instead, rely on Landmark Signs, a business that has sign services designed to treat your sign like a piece of art.

Custom Design Sign Service

With an award-winning sign design team and over 45 years of experience in custom sign design, we have the ability to create a unique and quality sign. A custom sign design, whether for a Monument Sign, High Rise Building Sign, Pole Sign, or more, has the potential to set your business apart from the competition.

Don’t settle for an average design which will surely lead to an average sign. Instead, start the sign process off right with our custom design sign service. Whatever your custom sign need, Landmark will professionally design a unique and beautiful sign, tailored just for you.

Click here to read more about our custom sign design service.

Sign Program Sign Service


An often-overlooked part of sign services is sign programs. However, without a sign program that meets city requirements AND reflects well upon the businesses, stores located within a complex will be severely limited.

We can create sign programs for retail, commercial, office, and industrial center sign programs. These are necessary for any Developer, Property Owner, or Property Manager. Landmark has many years of experience working with City Planning Departments and Landlords to design and develop highly useful, effective and comprehensive Sign Programs that work for you!

Click here for any more examples of Sign Programs by Landmark Signs.

Permits and Variances Sign Services

Image result for sign permits

Dealing with the city and its requirements can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Especially, if one is unfamiliar with all the rules, red-tape, and the gridlock that comes with government affairs.

Fortunately for our clients, we are experts at getting through the paperwork and at dealing with city personnel in order to get the sign you really want.  Experienced in dealing with Design Committees, Planning Commissions and City Councils at Landmark no department or sign issue is too difficult for us.

It’s never too late for us to help you get a permit for your sign. Contact us today so we can get past the red-tape for you.

Identity Standards Sign Service

Identity Standards Manual by Landmark Signs

Making sure your image is consistent and your brand stays on message is essential for any growing and expanding business. Corporations need Standards Manuals to keep their graphic image and sign identities uniform.

Landmark is your expert in making sure your company’s image will shine, no matter where or under what conditions it is displayed.

Check out some Landmark Signs examples here.

Manufacturing and Installation Sign Service

After a sign has been designed, it needs to be manufactured and installed. And no matter how beautiful your design is, if a sign company cannot produce the sign it promised, all plans will have been in vain.

Thankfully, Landmark Signs sees your sign through until the end and makes sure that every detail is paid attention to along the way. We will only manufacture quality signs and we install nothing less.

Check out some of our finished sign jobs here.


For all your sign service needs, choose Landmark Signs to make sure that your sign is treated like a piece of art.

Landmark Signs


Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 40 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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