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Top 10 Common Sign Mistakes to Avoid

High Rise Building Sign by Landmark Signs

Any major investment has pitfalls that can be avoided with insider tips. For example, Matt Jones, a former car salesman, recommends that those looking to buy a new car give themselves an advantage “when you’re trying to negotiate a lower sales price, [by] giv[ing] the dealership a reason to discount the price. If you’ll use the service department, say so. If you’ll refer friends, be sure to say that, too.” (1). For those wanting to cut down on expensive flights, the Airlines Reporting Corporation advises that travelers “book seven weeks in advance. Passengers pay the lowest price, nearly 10 percent below the average fare, if they buy 50 days before their flight” (2).

It is impossible to be an expert in everything. But sometimes it feels like you need to be one in order to get the best deals and avoid major mistakes. While, we cannot ease the demanding process of purchasing a house or booking a hotel, we can certainly make the business of investing in a sign much easier. Avoiding these top ten sign mistakes will help you get the sign you want, when you want it and where you want it.

#1: Not Obtaining a Monument Sign

Monument Signs are a must for any business that is set back from the street or within a complex with several other stores and businesses within that center.

To learn more about why you need a Monument Sign for your business, click here.

#2: Not Investing in a Quality Sign

It can seem wise in the short term to opt for a cheaper sign if you are looking to save a few bucks. However, this usually causes problems a lot sooner than one might think. Investing in a quality sign will make a positive impression right from the start.

Learn how to avoid this sign mistake by clicking here.

#3: Only Having One Sign Type

This often has to do with a business wanting to save money or not thinking about the long term. But this can lead to a company missing out on reaching different types of advertising, like the far-away marketing Pole Signs offer or the street advertising Monument Signs provide.

Read more about avoiding this sign mistake here.

#4: Not Having Directional Signage

Directional Signage is a must for any business that has a large complex or several interior spaces. It will not do a company any good if their customers arrive frustrated because they could not find their center or even worse, if they simply give up because they can’t find it.

Avoid this sign mistake by clicking here.

#5: Having One Sign, When You Need Several

For some complexes, maybe one sign type if enough. Still, there is a big advantage to investing in multiple signs in order to capitalize on all potential customers.

Learn to avoid this sign mistake by reading more here.

#6: Not Benefiting From Multiple Sign Types

Each sign type provides its own benefits and in order to reach all potential clients, it is vital that a company have several sign types in order to get every advantage.

Read here to understand how to avoid this common sign mistake.

#7: Not Illuminating Your Signs

Again, this often happens because a business wants to save some money. However, by not illuminating their signs, they are missing out on many visibility options.

Learn more about this sign mistake here.

#8: Making a Sign Yourself

In the age of DIY, it can be tempting to apply this to your signage. However, this rarely works out and can end up costing you more money down the road or eating up your sign budget all together.

Read here to avoid this common sign mistake.

#9: Not Checking In With Your Landlord or City About Sign Restrictions

This mistake can cost you big as you might end up in a building that does not allow you to have the signs you really want.

Figure out how to avoid this common sign mistake by reading here.

#10: Not Getting a Permit For Your Sign

Permitting fees can seem unnecessary. However, since they city says they are, make sure to save yourself trouble down the road by getting a sign permit for all of your signs.

Avoid this common sign mistake by reading here.

Call or email Landmark Signs today to make sure every sign mistake is avoided and you get the signs you really want!

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