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How to Avoid Common Sign Mistake #6



“The possibilities for signage are limited only by imagination and budget.  In fact, many businesses will benefit from using more than one type of sign as part of their overall strategy” (1).


startup-594091_1920When businesses think of purchasing signage for their company, they are often considering just one sign type. They might have just moved into a location and need a new sign above their store, so they stay focused on purchasing just a Channel Letter Sign. Or maybe a property owner sees the need for a Monument Sign so that his or her tenants can advertise on it from the street. And there are those that want to capitalize on having a business right by the freeway so they get a Pole Sign to be seen from far distances.

While all of these investments are worth it, a business does itself harm when it gets hyper focused on just one sigh type and does not see the other opportunities that different sign types can provide them. This is often the result of companies wanting to fix the immediate problem. However, in an article entitled Why Great Business Leaders Must Address the Big Picture, it states that

big picture thinking means strategic thinking. Brand strategy and business strategy are all about seeing the whole picture. Considering things in a silo never creates impactful strategy. And often leaders get hung up on tactical details that stall powerful, strategic thinking” (2).

Signage is a critical part of your big picture business strategy, and if it isn’t already, now is the time to make it a part of your brand strategy. There are many reasons that signage is an integral part of marketing a business (click here to learn more), including the fact that 75% of consumers have said that they have referred a business simply because of its signage (3). The value of that word of mouth marketing cannot be overstated. So it is vital that when purchasing signage, a business thinks long term and examines all the sign opportunities they have.

Common Sign Mistake #5: Only Having One Sign Type

It is important that in order to capitalize on the benefits of signage, a company invests in several sign types since each sign type has its own unique advantage. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the different sign types and what they can do for your business.

Wall & Building Signs

High Rise Building Sign by Landmark Signs

These are some of the most common sign types, since Wall & Building Signs go directly above a store’s door or right on the building. While they most obviously provide the opportunity for a customer to identify your company and its location, it also provides other benefits.

First of all, a Wall Sign, like a Channel Letter Sign, if it is done well and is of high quality, often makes the first impression upon your customers. They usually see this sign before even being greeted by your receptionist. Additionally, a company that takes the time to put up a Building Sign shows those passing by that they are a company that is there to stay. And like with most signs, if you illuminate your Wall Sign, then you will stand out even more from all the other signs in the area (to learn about the other benefits of illuminated signage, click here).

Monument Signs

South Coast Neon Monument Sign by Landmark Signs
South Coast Neon Monument Sign by Landmark Signs

While you may not know what they are called, you have most definitely seen a Monument Sign. They are the ones that are located right by the street.

What is the point in having a Monument Sign? Well there are many reasons. One of which is the fact that they get your business to be seen by people driving by on the street. This is vital if your building is set back from the street and further in the complex. This is also helpful if your building is blocked by trees, another building, or some other obstruction that makes your building hard to see from the street.

Furthermore, a Monument Sign, made out of substantial materials and large in size, tells your potential customers that your business is substantial and permanent. Click here to learn even more about how Monument Signs can help your business grow.

Directional Signs

The Commons Digital Sign Display
Interior Directional Signage by Landmark Signs

Directional Signs are located within a building and outside of it around a complex. For schools, malls, hospitals, and more these signs are a must. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find the location of a company and not being able to. Directional Signs can ensure that your customers arrive at your company easily and in a good mood.

In addition to helping your customers quickly find your building or office, Directional Signage also shows a consumer that you care about them and want to make sure that they are taken care of. It also sends that message that you are a legitimate company and have invested in not only your business, but also in your customers. Click here for even more information about Directional Signage.


These are only three of the many different sign types that are necessary for most, if not all businesses. In order to make sure that you take advantage of all the benefits that signs have to offer, contact Landmark Signs today. Check out this blog to learn about even more sign types.

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