How to Avoid Common Sign Mistake #5

Several years ago, Landmark Signs worked with a nationwide distributor of dental supplies, Benco Dental. They were looking for signage for their Costa Mesa, CA office. Their building was located on the corner of the street, which meant that they had two sides of their building that would face the street. In a desire to cut costs, they very easily could have been satisfied with one Store-Front Sign, assuming that that one singular sign would increase their viewership and sales enough.

And it is true, signage does result in an increase in sales. In fact, a study found that “Three out of four consumers say they have told someone about a store based simply on its signage” (1). This shows that signage leads to a 75% increase in their word of mouth marketing, which is one of the most significant forms of advertising in today’s world (click here to learn more about advertising with signage). Your sign, its existence and its quality, make a substantial impact on your visibility and consumer reach.

With such an boost in visibility, many businesses stop with just one sign because they think it is enough. However, they are often missing out on an even larger jump in sales by not thinking big enough. David J. Schwartz, author of the “The Magic of Thinking Big”, advised that people “look at things not as they are, but as they can be. Visualization adds value to everything. A big thinker always visualizes what can be done in the future. He isn’t stuck with the present” (2).

Benco Dental certainly personified this quote when they thought long term, looked ahead, and realized that an extra investment now would pay off ten-fold down the road. Not only did they purchase a high-quality Building Sign for one side of their building, they also took advantage of the extra store front space, and purchased a second Channel Letter Sign. Plus, to reflect even more positively on their company, they also bought a sleek Monument Sign to send a message of permanence and class. Check out their elegant signage below:

Settling for one sign, when you have the opportunity to have several, is missing out on a great opportunity to grow sales and viewership.

Common Sign Mistake #5: Having One Sign, When You Need Several

Depending upon your building, there are often several places where additional signage can be placed. Sometimes a building has an interior face within a complex, while the back of the building faces the street. This is an excellent place to put another Store-Front Sign in order to be seen by passers-by on the street.

Or perhaps you have the chance to add a Monument Sign to your property that already has a Channel Letter Sign. Adding a Monument Sign pulls in people driving by who would otherwise not realize that your business is inside that complex.

Or maybe you have a Store-Front Sign, but have additional wall space within your building for a Lobby Sign. A well-designed Lobby Sign warmly greets customers walking into your store and solidifies the positive impression they have of you after seeing your Business Sign.

What about also having ADA Signs to make your interior easier to navigate? Or adding Directional Signage to make your complex more customer friendly? Or placing a Pole Sign on your property to also be seen from far distances?

There are endless possibilities for almost every space in which additional signage can gain new customers and sales for your business. Think big, take advantage of your location, and capitalize on every chance to increase your business’s presence. Email or call Landmark Signs to learn how your business can avoid this common sign mistake.

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