How to Avoid Common Sign Mistake #3

A gym-goer decides that he wants to bulk up his biceps. So he hits the gym everyday working through multiple sets of dumbbell curls, bar curls, chin ups, and more. His sole focus, 5 days a week, is to get biceps that will impress anyone who glances at him. And soon, he has achieved his goal. His “guns” are thick, masculine, and as well sculpted as an ancient Greek marble statue. As he admires his man of steel biceps in the mirror, he notices for the first time that while his arms look like the hulk, the rest of his body is starting bear a striking resemblance to Gumby. As a result of his hyper-focused workouts, the shape and definition that he once had when he had been spending time on an all-over body workout has faded and left behind a figure that leaves much to be desired.

While this may seem like an exaggeration, the truth is that it is very easy to get too focused on one aspect of life and disregard the others. The result is disproportionate; one area may be blossoming with attention and effort, however the benefit is usually overshadowed by all the other facets that have been neglected.

This often happens in business, especially in moments of crisis. If a company notices sales steadily decreasing, they can be so focused on increasing sales and saving money, that components like employee training, customer care, and marketing strategy falls by the wayside, sometimes leading the very ending that a company was working so hard to avoid.

Investing in signage follows the same idea. Businesses taking the time to purchase a well-made, unique sign will most definitely increase sales and exposure of a business (Check out why this is true, here). Let’s take a look at a common mistake that businesses can make when they get hyper-focused on just one sign type.

Common Sign Mistake #3: Only Having One Sign Type

Illuminated Pole Sign HyperionPurchasing a sign is a great step for any business anxious to improve sales and visibility. However, many times a business will stop once they have one sign type. Perhaps they have a Store-Front Sign and feel that now that their business name is visible to anyone near their front door, than their sign needs are taken care of. Or they are now very proud of their Directional Signage that leads customers right to their door. Maybe their Illuminated Signage captures the attention of people passing by during their night capturing business they never had access to before.

All of these sign types are an excellent choice for any business wanting to make a powerful impression upon their current and potential clients. However, most locations provide businesses the opportunity to gain even more visibility by having more than one sign type.

Different sign types provide the option to gain access to different clients and make unique impressions. For instance, a Monument Sign gets a business visibility from the

First American Gold Leaf Custom Monument Signs by Landmark Signs

street, which is especially important when a business is set back in a complex or located far from the street. They wow clients with an impression of permanence and power. Also, Blade Signs are often placed above a walkway and meant to get the attention of passers-by walking directly in front of your store who cannot see the Wall Sign. Their impression is one of class and helpfulness. Additionally, Pole Signs are a great chance to get attention for your business from great distances or from the freeway. They make a dramatic impact every time.

Call or email Landmark Signs today and take advantage of all the benefits that having multiple sign types offer.

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