Why Should I Illuminate My Business Signs? Part Two

fire-bowl-1397855_640.jpgA lighthouse. A campfire. The northstar. All of these beacons of light symbolize hope and safety. For the seeking sailor a lighthouse is shelter from a cruel and unrelenting storm of the sea. For the wilderness wanderer, a campfire keeps the creatures of the forest away and allows for clean water and cooked meals. For the tired traveler the north star is a guide to home in the dark night sky.

Why has light come to represent protection and second chances? It very simply comes down to the fact that light stands out from its environment. When something is illuminated, everything else that is not simply fades into the background. For the lost globetrotter, keeping his eye on the light can mean the difference between life and death. For the modern business owner, ignoring the opportunity that comes from illumination can mean very much the same thing.

True, the fight of a company is not literally life and death. However, everyday a business is in a constant conflict attempting to survive against the vast competition. Utilizing light for your signage can mean the difference from your company being spotted by passers-by or being overlooked in a sea of non-illuminated signage.

Why You Should Illuminate Your Business Sign #2:

Stand Out From The Competition

Berris Lighted Dimensional Letters
Illuminated 3D Wall Sign by Landmark Signs Inc.

Last week, we looked at the importance of illuminated signage since it ensures that your signage is seen even when it is dark outside (click here to learn more). Furthermore, in an earlier blog we discussed that many different types of business signs can be illuminated including a powerful Monument Sign, an impressive Pole Sign, an elegant 3D Wall Sign, and more. This means that there are many signs available to make sure that your business is noticed by passers-by who are out on the road when the sun sets which is especially important when the early nights hours roll around in the winter.

However, this is not the only reason why it is important to illuminate your business signs. An illuminated sign will help you stand out from the competition. After all, we know that the competition is fierce. A fact reflected in the reality that, according to Gretchen Schmid, writer of the article entitled 17 Statistics Every Business Owner Needs to Be Well Aware Of, only “two-thirds of business[es] survive 2 years in business, half of all businesses will survive 5 years, and one-third will survive 10” (read more about small business problems here).

This tells us that it is not easy to own a business and keep it surviving and thriving for many years. A major factor in this struggle is the competition of other businesses in your industry striving to eke out their own place in the business world. As business owners, we need to do everything we can to ensure that we are a part of that exclusive one-third whose business lasts for 10 years of more. This includes making sure that your sign is noticed by illuminating your business sign.

Check back in next week to learn about more reasons why you should illuminate your business sign.

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