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Why Should I Illuminate My Business Sign? Part One

“Signs enhance the unique image of a neighborhood and favorably influence people’s perceptions of individual businesses and the district as a whole” (Source).

A well-designed sign that reflects well on a company improves not only the perception of the business, but also how people think about the surrounding community. That is why it is vital that your sign sends the right message to those driving or walking by (to learn how customers judge your business by your sign, click here).

Though most successful businesses understand the significance of having a well-made sign, some do not understand why we often make the suggestion of illuminating the sign. This is something we recommend for many sign types including Monument Signs, Pole Signs, Channel Letter Wall Signs, and more. But why? I want a sign that makes a good impression upon my clients, isn’t that enough?

Well, often times, sign lighting is what takes your sign to the next level and impresses clients even more. However, it is about more than image; sign lighting also serves its purpose practically and enhances a sign so that it is even more of an asset to your company. If you have taken the time to invest in your sign than why not get the most out of it that you can? (Learn how else to get the most out of your sign here). Read on to learn why you should make sure to illuminate your business sign.

Why You Should Illuminate Your Business Sign #1: Make Your Business Visible at Night

Verizon Standard Channel Letters
Verizon Wireless Channel Letter Sign by Landmark Signs Inc

Many things change during the winter time. In many places it means that snow covers the streets in a pearl dusting, leaves fall from the trees that were once covered in an anthem of autumn colors, and wind blows with a fresh, cold bite. It is true that as a Southern California sign company, most of our clients experience a much milder form of the winter described above. However, no matter where you are in the United States, winter has at least one shared characteristic: the dark of night comes earlier.

church-648429_640.jpgIn fact, in the deep winter it begins to darken outside earlier than 5 pm. This means that there are many hours that potential customers are driving by your business while it is dark outside. After 5 pm is a time that many people are commuting home from work and are stuck at a stand-still traffic during rush hour, which gives them plenty of time to look out the window and notice what is around them, including your business.

A sign, no matter how elegant and unique, will not be seen by those driving by if it blends into the background of the night.  If it is surrounded by an outline of light, it is sure to stand out against it’s dark backdrop, but without it, the eye will quickly move past your business sign onto something else that catches its attention.

Even during the rest of the year, when the daylight lasts longer than in the winter, there are still many hours people are out driving around in the night time. An illuminated sign is a great way to be noticed during those dark hours. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to let potential customers passing by know that you are there even when it’s dark outside (to learn how often people pass by your sign, read our blog here).

Check back in next week to learn about more reasons why you should illuminate your business sign.

Landmark Signs

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