5 Types of Signage That Can Be Illuminated

“Businesses surveyed 7,203 first-time customers within 30 to 45 days after the installation of a new sign and asked ‘how did you learn about us?’” Interestingly, 46% of people surveyed answered that they learned about the business from the sign. (Source). That means that almost half of those new customers came as a direct result of investing in a new sign.

If you weren’t already convinced that signage is an absolute necessity, then this statistics probably did the job.  If you still need more persuading, check out our blog on sign statistics here.

Once businesses realize that they need a sign, the discussion of sign type always arises. Nine times out of ten, Landmark Signs will recommend that a sign be illuminated if at all possible. However, not everyone sees the benefit of a lighted sign, and looking to cut costs, opts out of this eye-catching sign feature. This is a sign decision that we typically advise against, so for the next several blogs we will break down why this conclusion is usually a mistake.  

First though, let’s give you an idea of what illuminated signs look like with five types of signage that can be illuminated.

#1: Monument Signs

South Coast Neon Monument Sign by Landmark Signs
Illuminated Neon Monument Sign by Landmark Signs

Illuminated Monument Signs are an excellent option for advertising from the street, especially when your business is set back within a complex or located in a larger office park or building.  For a business that is looking to impress upon their clients that they are long-lasting and dependable than Illuminated Monument Signs are a home run for a growing company.

Check out our blog here for more reasons why Monument Signs are a must-have for your business.

#2: Pole Signs

Illuminated Pole Sign Hyperion
Illuminated Pole Sign by Landmark Signs

If you need to be seen from great distances and off the freeway, than Lighted Pole Signs are an ideal option for your business. Furthermore, they send a message like Monument Signs of reliability and permanence. If you have a Lighted Pole Sign, customers will not blink an eye when you say your company is here to stay because your sign will have already told them that!

Learn more about how signs will speak for your company so that you don’t have to here.

#3: Channel Letter Wall Signs

White Outline Channel Letters
Illuminated Channel Letter Sign by Landmark Signs

Illuminated Channel Letter Signs are an impressive, eye catching store-front sign option for any business looking to stand out from the competition. Depending on the lighting option you choose, an Illuminated Channel Letter Sign can send the message of a company that is elegant, creative, or even sensational.

Read here to learn the importance of sending the right message to customers with your signage.

#4: Dimensional Letter Building Signs

Berri's Exterior Signage Illuminated
Illuminated Dimensional Letter Sign by Landmark Signs

Illuminated Dimensional Letter Building Signs are another store-front sign choice that many business choose to if they are looking for a classic, understated sophistication appearance. They can be made from a variety of materials like aluminum, gold leaf, and more.

Check out our blog here to learn why business signs are worth the investment.

#5: Blade & Projecting Signage

Eileen Fisher Blade Sign.png
Illuminated Blade Sign by Landmark Signs

Illuminated Blade and Projecting Signs are a creative and appealing store-front sign option. Made with only the highest quality materials, they will draw customers in with their stand-out and unique impression.

To learn about the importance of having a quality sign, click here.


These are five of the more common illuminated sign options, but there are many more. To learn about those options, click here or give us a call.

Don’t forget to check back in next week to read about what illuminated signs can do for your business.

Landmark Signs

Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 35 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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    1. Hi. Almost any kind of business can use as much advertising and identification as possible. It’s hard to think of a business that wouldn’t. The question is not “can every business BENEFIT from any type of lighted sign” but “does every business have the OPPORTUNITY to use every kind.” Because it all depends upon your location, city and landlord restrictions, and cost as to whether YOU CAN USE any particular type. The bottom line is, because of their extreme effectiveness as marketing tools, all types of lighted signs are recommended for every business!

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