How To Use Signage to Solve 3 Small Business Problems: An Overview

For the past several blogs, we have taken the big picture problems that all small businesses face, and zoomed in on how signage can solve those problems. Although there are many challenges business owners face, we chose to focus on the top three that can really bog a business down if it does not come up for a solution for dealing with them.  We encourage you to go back and take a look at those blogs for a comprehensive coverage of the challenges. However, today, we will briefly go over all the elements to give you a panoramic view of the following small business issues and how signage can be used to alleviate them: not enough time, finding reliable employees, and getting the word out about your business.

How Signage Can Solve Small Business

Problem #1: Not Enough Time

Solution #1 – Stop Chasing Down Potential Customers

Couture-Salon (1)
Couture Salon Store Front Sign by Landmark Signs

Did you know that 2 out of every 3 consumers see a direct link between your company and its sign? That means if they like what they see, it will imply positive connotation and therefore, positive beliefs about your business.  That also shows that the opposite is true – a poorly-made sign in the mind of a consumer indicates a poorly-run company.

With Landmark Signs’ help, you can have a sign the sends a positive message to your customers. One that doesn’t yell at them from the TV screen, send them an obnoxious text during dinner time, or distract with annoying ads while they are reading an article online. Signage saves you time because it lets the customer come to you.

Solution #2 – Market Your Business Without Lifting a Finger

First American Gold Leaf Custom Monument Signs by Landmark Signs

If you are working a 40-hour work week (although as a small business owner, it is most likely at least 10 hours more than that) you are spending about half your time marketing your business.

Imagine getting back half of your work hours? That is 20 hours or more that signage can free up because signs, like 3D Signs, tell consumers what your business is all about like we learned in the last point. Market your business with a great sign without you having to do any of the leg-work.  

Want more info on how signage can help you get back your time? Check out our blog here.

How Signage Can Solve Small Business

Problem #2: Finding Reliable Employees

Solution #1 – Signage is a Great Representation for Your Company

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where an employee has unknowingly

Zadig-Voltaire 3D Sign by Landmark Signs
Commercial 3D Sign Designed, Manufactured, and Installed by Landmark Signs.

offended a client or said something untrue about what you offer and you have to fix it? Yep, we’ve been there too. And even though those employees are well meaning, sometimes we end up spending a lot time dealing with the clean up.

However, once you have a sign that sends the right message about your company, you will never have to worry about it reflecting negatively upon your business.  Looking to tell a story of permanence and longevity? We’ve got just the Monument Sign for you! Want to let them know that you are creative and exciting? A LED Store Front Sign will do the trick! Want to appear as good as gold? Well, then a Gold Leaf Sign of course! There is a literally a sign for every company. And with a sign by Landmark Signs you can be sure it will say what you want it to say every time!

Solution #2 – Let Signage Do the Work for You

Gold Leaf Monument Sign Designed, Manufactured, and Installed by Landmark Signs.

For most brick and mortar stores, the majority of your customers are going to come from within 5 miles of your store. Which means that many of your potential clients are seeing your sign 60 times a month! That is 60 opportunities to cement in their minds the image you want to project.

A unique, custom made sign can serve as a marketer for your growing business. It’s an employee that will never complain about the work, be there even when you are not, and can sell as good as any salesman!

Want to learn more about signage helping you with your employee problems? Click here.

How Signage Can Solve Small Business

Problem #3: Getting the Word Out About Your Business

Solution #1 – Signage Lets Your Customers Come to You

Between social media, online ads, print advertising, and more there are so many options

Gold Leaf Chipped Glue Window Display by Landmark Signs

for advertising your company. The problem with all of these possibilities is that they are pushed upon the consumers and many people are growing tired of these traditional tactics.

With signage, you can advertise your company without overwhelming them and making them want to run. In fact, it puts them back in control so that they can choose to come to you. So make sure your sign make the right first impression with a sign from Landmark Signs.

To learn more signage that allows the customer to come to you, click here.

Solution #2 – Customers Refer Based on Signage

Word & Brown Lobby Display
Word & Brown Lobby Sign by Landmark Signs

Since a whopping 75% of customers say they have referred based solely on a company’s signage (see more here) it is extremely important that your sign be the best. While this statistic may be good news for some, for others it might have just lodged a lump right in your throat.

With so many people relying on word of mouth marketing today, a sign can be a perfect referral tool for those whose sign is top notch. And for those whose sign isn’t…here’s our number.

For more information on using signage as word of mouth advertising, click here.

Solution #3 – Your Signage is Seen by Local Customers Everyday

Like we learned earlier in the blog, local customers see your sign 60 times a month.

Redondo Village Monument Commercial Sign by Landmark Signs

That’s a whole lot of chances to market to your local clientele.

And the wonderful thing about signage is that it does this every day, all day, even if you yourself are not at work. This is too good of an opportunity to miss out on! Make your sign is the best marketer in your business with a Landmark Sign.

Check out our blog here to learn even more about how many customers to your sign everyday.


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