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Introduction: How To Use Signage to Solve the Small Business Problem # 3: ​Getting the Word Out About Your Business

“The largest marketing challenge small businesses face is that they don’t have enough leads, and getting more leads is also their number one wish list item” (Source). Every small business owner has found themselves in this position at some point; and all they really want for Christmas is to keep their company growing and profitable. And any business, especially a small business, simply cannot do this without new customers.  

Trying to Find a Marketing Solution



We wrack our brains, ask our friends, and do research to figure out the best way to get the word out about our business. Our friends tell us that the best low-cost way to market is networking: get around the right people, attend the right events, and make the right impression and you will have new business in no time! Except it does take time. Your time. You have to invest the time to go to the events and build the relationships. And if there is one thing we know small business owners are running short on, it’s time (see how signage can be a time saver for your business).

Online Marketingicon-1319606_1280.png

Our research online tells us to utilize the exact tool we are using right now to market our business: the internet. And after digging a little bit more we find out that the avenues are endless: social media, blogging, Google ads, email marketing, oh my! And bonus, they are also relatively cost effective. However, once again all of these paths require time, or the money to pay someone else for their time.  Plus, they need constant upkeep to be successful including writing daily posts, creating weekly blogs, and designing monthly ads and email campaigns. Sounds like a headache.

motorcycle-1286540_1280.jpgPrint Advertising Costs Time and Money

Well, we think, what about the more tried and true form of advertising.  Marketing materials like flyers, coupons, direct mail, and ads in newspapers or magazines have been around for long enough. They must do the trick! They might. But, it will still cost you. You or someone you pay has to create these marketing materials. More time and more money. Plus, it is something you would have to run again and again in order to see a return on investment. And have you have seen a parking lot after some company has planted their flyers on the windshield of every car? What is it littered with? Flyers. And really we do the same thing.  Because our daily lives are busy and distracting enough without being bombarded by more information or someone else wanting us to buy something from them.

burst-1503319_1280.pngConsumers Are Tired of Being Advertised To

People done with being told what to buy and who to buy it from.  And most forms of marketing, even the more recent ones that can be found online, do just that. Consumers have no control over when they will receive the next unsolicited text message or hear the next obnoxious jingle on the radio.  In fact Bob Gilbreath, author of The Next Evolution of Marketing”, presents some revealing facts in his book when he explains that a whopping 76% of Americans are on the National Do Not Call Registry to avoid intrusive sales calls, most people will fast forward through commercials while watching TV to bypass commercials, and the software called Adblock Plus which blocks banner ads and pop-ups online was voted the “best product” and won an award from PC World. This signals a real and deep-seated annoyance and dislike of advertising.

Signage: The Marketing Solution

First American Gold Leaf Custom Monument Signs by Landmark Signs

So what is a small business to do?  We have to get the word out about our business somehow.  And we grow weary of spending a lot and only seeing a small return.  Plus, finding the time to put it all together or hiring the right employee to take care of advertising for us, isn’t always the best, or even feasible, option. And we definitely do not want to be associated with the type of advertising that our potential clients are sick of.

We here at Landmark Signs have a solution for you and it’s, yes you guessed it, signage.  To discover why, check out our blog next week to find out exactly how signage can solve your small business problem of getting the word out about your business.

Already know you are ready for you a Landmark Sign? Call us today! 714-637-9900.

Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 35 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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