3 Reasons Why A Monument Sign is A Must-Have For Your Business

Monuments: our country is obsessed with them.  From coast to coast: the Statue of Liberty in New York to the USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii.  In fact, the United States has 117 national monuments, with a plethora of them located in our nation’s capital including the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial, and the Martin King Luther Jr. Memorial.

What is it about these monuments that are so appealing to us as a country?  We travel thousands of miles across numerous states to gaze up at a large marble, carved statue of a historical figure or a graze our fingers across unknown, inscribed names on black granite wall while other tourists brush past us, bumping shoulders and elbows who are just as anxious as we are to see these same immoveable sights.

There is something awe-inspiring about taking in these monuments.  What they represent, their permanence, the message they send is of a country that has been free for close to 250 years and has overcome these struggles still together.

And that is exactly what a Monument Sign can do for your business and your customers.  It is not merely a large, stone, acrylic, or wood sign with your company’s name etched across it.  It stands for something more; it stands for your business and all that your company has done and will continue to do for your current and future customers.

Here are 3 Reasons to make a Monument Sign a part of your company’s message:

First American Gold Leaf Custom Monument Signs by Landmark Signs

#1: Show the Permanence of Your Business

Business signs send the message of permanence and give the impression of a business that is here to stayMuch like the Monuments in the United States, Monument Signs more than almost any other sign show your customers and potential customers that you have been here and you are not going anywhere.  

A Store Front Sign can be removed with little hassle, some patch, and a little bit of brush up paint.  A Window Graphic can be peeled off with some elbow grease and paint thinner. But a Monument Sign? That sign isn’t going anywhere.  

Your customers will see a Monument Sign and understand that you are a dependable, solid, and permanent company they can count on.

Brea Corporate Plaza Monument Sign
Brea Corporate Plaza Monument Sign by Landmark Signs

#2: Reach More Local Customers

As we discussed in our blog a few weeks ago, many of your customers come from within 5 miles of where your store is located.  According to Brandon Gaille, a marketing expert, in his article entitled 29 Striking Statistics on Effective Outdoor Signage, “That means the average person will see your sign about twice per day, or about sixty times per month” (Source).

With an elegant Monument Sign, you are sure to reach more local customers who are out there looking and needing to try what only your business can provide them.  They just have to know that you are there.

Redondo Village Monument Commercial Sign by Landmark Signs

#3: Be Easily Located From the Street

We’ve all been here before: we only have 30 minutes on our break to try out a new lunch spot that our coworker recommended.  After getting off the phone with a client later than planned, we rush out to our car, hit too many red lights, and finally arrive at the shopping center with only 15 minutes left to grab a quick bite.  We thought our destination was in this shopping center, but without a Monument Sign to assure us and with so many other hair stylists, grocery stores, and fast food spots in the same center, we can’t seem to find it.  Ugh! Forget it! Taco Bell it is.

Many businesses are located back from the street or in a shopping center with many other competing businesses.  While a store-front sign is almost always necessary, sometimes it is not enough to stand out from your competitors or be easily found by your customers.  Don’t miss out on a potential customer simply because they do know now how to find you. Monument Signs help bring in a customer and keep a customer.

To make a reach more customers, be easily found from the street, and show your customers that you are here to stay, call Landmark Signs to get started on your Monument Sign today!

Check back in with us next week for 3 more reasons why a monument sign is a must-have for your business.


Experience and innovation have been the back-bone of Landmark Signs for more than 35 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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