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3 Reasons Your Business Can Fight Back at Amazon with Signage

cleveland-1936108_1920.jpgBrick and mortar stores are no strangers to competition.  In fact, roughly ten years ago, small businesses were in trouble whenever a new Walmart would pop up in a town. Studies found that the closer a small business was to a Walmart, the more likely it was to end up closing. For every closer a mile was to Walmart, it was 6% more likely to close, while a whopping 35-60% of stores that were located the closest would go out of business. (Source).

Walmart was certainly an entity to be reckoned with.  However, this was mostly a threat smartphone-2995676_1280.pngfor smaller businesses that did not have the same marketing budget as the bigger companies, like Best Buy, JC Penny, and Toys R’ Us who managed to weather the Walmart storm cloud.  Fast forward to today though, and these brick and mortar stores are quaking and folding in the force of a much more formidable foe, one whose omnipresence makes it a threat no matter where a store is located. Being that most of you are business, you most likely have already guessed that I am referring to the online giant, Amazon.  

JC Penney closed 140 of its stores in 2017 and announced that it will continue to close stores this year.  Best Buy plans to close all 250 of its mobile phone stores.  Toys R Us just recently released a statement saying that it will close or sell all 735 of its stores bringing an end to the only store that really seemed to be ours as children as we strolled happily through aisles and aisles of dolls, games, and action figures (we are in intentionally leaving out the countless temper tantrums that could easily ruin the nostalgia we’ve reminded you of).  Even Walmart is not immune, which will close 63 of its Sam’s Club locations impacting 9,400 employees.

So what does all this mean for you and your business?  Well, whether you are a small business like ours, or a Fortune 500 company, upping and adjusting your marketing strategy and making the in-store experience more authentic for customers seem to be the direction many are recommending. We concur with these strategies and luckily, we are in a business that provides a solution to both of these methods. Let’s break down a few reasons why signage can be the answer to fighting the competition.  

#1: Gives Consumers Back Some Control

Research has found that customers go to brick and mortar stores because they are looking for authentic shopping.  In a world where they are bombarded by constant in their face marketing, customers are tired of being aggressively sold to.  We cannot even look at our cell phones without getting a text from some company advertising their products even though we have no memory of signing up for these messages.  When we reply to this communication with STOP in all caps, we really mean it!

Business Signs Landmark Signs
Zadig & Voltaire 3D Signs by Landmark Signs

Signage, like Monument Signs or Store-Front Signs, gives consumers the chance to take back some control of when and where they choose to learn about a store and its products.  If they see your sign and are interested, they will come to you and if not, they can move on without their day being disrupted. Furthermore, according to the research, with a brick and mortar store, most of your consumers come from within a 5-mile radius, which means that potential customers will have the chance to see your company twice a day or roughly 60 times a month.  That gives them plenty of time to decide if they want to check your business out without the frustrating experience of being bombarded wherever they go. Don’t be just another company that tries to aggressively convince consumers to give them a try with the next “best deal”.  They get enough of that. Let them see your impressive signage and come to you.

#2: The Original Form of Marketing

rome-1948384_1920.jpgIt does not get much more authentic for customers than signage, which is a form of advertising that dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks.  The Romans used stone or terracotta signage to announce public events. Later, during China’s Song Dynasty, people started using signage for effective branding.

Signage continued to develop and from the late 1890’s to the 1960’s, when chipped- glue

The Chili Pepper Gold Leaf Chipped Glue Window Display by Landmark Signs 

 window displays, gold leafing, and sign painting were the norm for signage advertising (our owner actually learned to create signage with his dad painting by hand).  We can still see hints of these past signs today!  Then in the 1980’s the emergence of neon signs took center stage and since then, this more permanent, long-lasting type of signage continues to dominate the sign industry today.  

In a world of online businesses and temporary, ambiguous marketing that floats through the internet like a cloud in the sky, advertise your long-lasting, permanent business with signage that dates back to ancient times.  What can be more authentic than that?

#3: Enhances the Customer Experience

Bloomberg Businessweek survey revealed that “delivering a great customer experience” has become the new imperative: 80% of the companies polled rated customer experience as a top strategic objective. This is different than simply providing great customer service, which is an aspect of a customer’s experience.  

First American Interior Lobby Sign
First American Title Gold Leaf Lobby Sign by Landmark Signs

But what exactly is the elusive customer experience?  Well, according to the Harvard Business Review, it is “the sum-totality of how customers engage with your company and brand, not just in a snapshot in time, but throughout the entire arc of being a customer.”  It is said that all the little things add up in the end, and this is another way of looking at the customer experience. It is all the ways that a customer interacts with your company from the coffee and snacks that are served in your lobby to the day they sign on the dotted line.  And one important component of a customer’s experience is your signage. With more than two-thirds of consumers believing that the quality of a business’ signage is directly related to the business itself, it is imperative that the signage component of the customer experience (from Monument Signs to Lobby Signs) make the right impression on your customers.  

To stand out to your potential customers, choose not just any sign, but a Landmark sign.  Call us today at 714-637-9900!  Or shoot us an email to get a quote.


Experience and innovation have been the backbone of Landmark Signs for more than 35 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!

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3 More Reasons Why Monument Signs Are a Must-Have For Your Business

Last week, we learned 3 Reasons Why Monument Signs Are A Must-Have For Your Business.  These three reasons were to show the permanence of your business, reach more local customers, and be easily located from the street.

But maybe you are still are not convinced.  You have a storefront business sign and window graphic for your business, isn’t that enough?

Well you are in luck, because today, we are going to look at 3 more reasons why Monument Signs are a must-have for your business.

They Are Extremely Customizable

Skyline Push Thru Graphic Monument Sign by Landmark Signs

The wonderful thing about Monument Signs is that they are extremely customizable. This means that you can have a Monument Signs that reflects the exact message that you want your customers to understand about your business.  And being that recent studies show that more than ⅔ of consumers think a sign is directly reflective of the business and its products and services, the importance of this cannot be overstated.

If we are doing the math right, that means that if a sign does not reflect well upon a company, it risks losing 2 out of every 3 potential customers.  Wouldn’t that be a shame for a business like yours, that works so hard to take care of its clients?

So just how custom-made are these signs?  Well, the possibilities and combinations are endless thanks to our award-winning sign design team and expert manufacturers.  Want to make sure your Monument Sign is visible at night? Try an illuminated Monument Sign. What about a Monument that reflects the elegance of your company?  You cannot go wrong with a Gold Lead Monument Sign. Maybe you want to appear solid and dependable. Try a Wood Monument Sign. Do all of these options appeal to you?  Get a Monument Sign with all three!

Just make sure it sends the right message to your potential clients so you have the opportunity to wow them with your service as well as your sign.

They Are Long-Lasting Marketing

South Coast Neon Monument Sign by Landmark Signs
South Coast Neon Monument Sign by Landmark Signs

In a marketing world that bombards customers with Facebook and Google ads, having a quality Monument Sign not only helps you stand out from all the other forms of advertisement, but they are also marketing that keeps on giving.

Need more proof that Monument Signs are one of the best forms of advertising?  What about that for a local business, the “vast majority of what you’ll get comes from people who live within 5 miles of your store.  That means the average person will see your sign about twice per day, or about sixty times per month!”

Online ads require constant funding and do little to tell your customers that you are here to stay.  Any brand new business can create an online ad. But you are not just any business, and having a monument sign serves as a form of marketing that will be long-lasting and show that your company is not going anywhere because neither is your Monument Sign.

They Make a Positive First Impression

MLK Jr. Monument Sign by Landmark Signs

As we established in our last blog, much of your business comes from local customers. And if your store is not located right on the street where your 3D Sign can be easily seen or is in a shopping center with many other stores, then the first impression your customer will have of your company is not your Store-Front Sign or Window Graphic, but your Monument Sign.

It is vital that this first impression be the absolute best that it can be.  The importance of first impressions was confirmed in a study done by social psychologist and professor of psychology, explained that their “results [from their study] support the common observation that first impressions are notoriously persistent.”

If your company has a long-lasting, elegant, well-designed Monument Sign, then you have already made a wonderful first impression without having to lift a finger!  And we can see, this positive first impression is likely to last and be even more affirmed by their interaction with you and your wonderful products. After all, you are what works about your business.  Our sign business is just here to make sure people get a chance to find you and experience your stellar service first hand.

To make a positive first impression that lasts with your very own custom-made Monument Sign, call Landmark Signs to get started on your Monument Sign today!


Experience and innovation have been the back-bone of Landmark Signs for more than 35 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!


3 Reasons Why A Monument Sign is A Must-Have For Your Business

Monuments: our country is obsessed with them.  From coast to coast: the Statue of Liberty in New York to the USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii.  In fact, the United States has 117 national monuments, with a plethora of them located in our nation’s capital including the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial, and the Martin King Luther Jr. Memorial.

What is it about these monuments that are so appealing to us as a country?  We travel thousands of miles across numerous states to gaze up at a large marble, carved statue of a historical figure or a graze our fingers across unknown, inscribed names on black granite wall while other tourists brush past us, bumping shoulders and elbows who are just as anxious as we are to see these same immoveable sights.

There is something awe-inspiring about taking in these monuments.  What they represent, their permanence, the message they send is of a country that has been free for close to 250 years and has overcome these struggles still together.

And that is exactly what a Monument Sign can do for your business and your customers.  It is not merely a large, stone, acrylic, or wood sign with your company’s name etched across it.  It stands for something more; it stands for your business and all that your company has done and will continue to do for your current and future customers.

Here are 3 Reasons to make a Monument Sign a part of your company’s message:

First American Gold Leaf Custom Monument Signs by Landmark Signs

#1: Show the Permanence of Your Business

Business signs send the message of permanence and give the impression of a business that is here to stayMuch like the Monuments in the United States, Monument Signs more than almost any other sign show your customers and potential customers that you have been here and you are not going anywhere.  

A Store Front Sign can be removed with little hassle, some patch, and a little bit of brush up paint.  A Window Graphic can be peeled off with some elbow grease and paint thinner. But a Monument Sign? That sign isn’t going anywhere.  

Your customers will see a Monument Sign and understand that you are a dependable, solid, and permanent company they can count on.

Brea Corporate Plaza Monument Sign
Brea Corporate Plaza Monument Sign by Landmark Signs

#2: Reach More Local Customers

As we discussed in our blog a few weeks ago, many of your customers come from within 5 miles of where your store is located.  According to Brandon Gaille, a marketing expert, in his article entitled 29 Striking Statistics on Effective Outdoor Signage, “That means the average person will see your sign about twice per day, or about sixty times per month” (Source).

With an elegant Monument Sign, you are sure to reach more local customers who are out there looking and needing to try what only your business can provide them.  They just have to know that you are there.

Redondo Village Monument Commercial Sign by Landmark Signs

#3: Be Easily Located From the Street

We’ve all been here before: we only have 30 minutes on our break to try out a new lunch spot that our coworker recommended.  After getting off the phone with a client later than planned, we rush out to our car, hit too many red lights, and finally arrive at the shopping center with only 15 minutes left to grab a quick bite.  We thought our destination was in this shopping center, but without a Monument Sign to assure us and with so many other hair stylists, grocery stores, and fast food spots in the same center, we can’t seem to find it.  Ugh! Forget it! Taco Bell it is.

Many businesses are located back from the street or in a shopping center with many other competing businesses.  While a store-front sign is almost always necessary, sometimes it is not enough to stand out from your competitors or be easily found by your customers.  Don’t miss out on a potential customer simply because they do know now how to find you. Monument Signs help bring in a customer and keep a customer.

To make a reach more customers, be easily found from the street, and show your customers that you are here to stay, call Landmark Signs to get started on your Monument Sign today!

Check back in with us next week for 3 more reasons why a monument sign is a must-have for your business.


Experience and innovation have been the back-bone of Landmark Signs for more than 35 years.  Located in Orange and servicing all of California, our services include sign design, sign manufacturing, and sign installation.  Choose our specialized sign expertise to turn your ordinary sign into a Landmark!