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The Sign Expert Says: Comprehensive Sign Programs – What Are They? Why Should You Care?

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Comprehensive Sign Programs – Blog One

If you are a medium to large retail, commercial or industrial property owner or developer, chances are good that at some point the city in which your real estate exists will require you to submit a Comprehensive Sign Program. This may be prompted by your presentation of plans for a new development, or simply by a tenant of yours going to City Hall just to get a permit for a sign. Either way you may be tempted to consider it a bothersome inconvenience just planted there by the city government to take more of your money and make your dreams a little harder to get. So you may be asking not just “What is it” but also “Why should I care? Isn’t it just something I have to get out of the way?”

But believe it or not, a well designed Comprehensive Sign Program can be a great help to you on a number of levels and well worth the cost.

Have you gone to great expense having a talented architect draw up plans for a unique and beautiful building? Or do you have a property that’s special to you, with features and improvements you’ve personally overseen and are proud of? A Comprehensive Sign Program can help you protect and beautify your investment by assuring that no tenant will place an unattractive, poorly built and architecturally offensive sign on your wall.

Have you or are you planning to use some very expensive and unique materials on your structures? Is your landscaping, whether existing or in the works, very special, beautiful and expensive? A well prepared Comprehensive Sign Program can specify very particular and even groundbreaking methods of the construction and installation of signs to insure that your building components and grounds won’t be permanently damaged or suffer.

Of course you understand and are compassionate that your tenants are just business people like yourself and need attractive and effective signs to succeed. But do you worry that your lessees would be tempted to consider their concerns greater than yours and either damage your property or mar it’s magnificent looks? A Comprehensive Sign Program protects you against this and more.

Specifically speaking, a Comprehensive Sign Program is a multi-page document similar to architectural plans and designs. It deals with every sign type and sign issue that may be needed or encountered on your property. But it goes beyond this by building in regulations and becoming a part of your leases to insure that your tenant’s signs are controlled, being checked not only by you, but at the city too as they will use it to double check what is permitted. Even still, it can do much more for you than these things too.

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The bottom line is, a Comprehensive Sign Program is a valuable tool you can use to:

  1. Keep your beautiful and expensive investment safe from harm by tenants and others;
  2. Help make an impression on the City government as to your good intentions towards beautifying your surrounding area and respecting your fellow citizens and property owners;
  3. And if properly and skillfully done with coordination with your architect and your personal oversight, a well designed plan that will enhance, beautify and add that extra special touch to your property that really sets it apart!

Sign ExpertIn the following blogs, I’ll explain more about Comprehensive Sign Programs including, “What Do They Do and How Do They Do It?” and “How I Can Make Sure I Get the Right One?”. So, stay tuned and thanks for reading!

John Myres, The Sign Expert.