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Which Sign Type Should I choose? Channel Letter Signs


The process of determining which sign type to choose for your business can be an overwhelming one.  Not only is Landmark Signs available to design, manufacture, and install a variety of elegant, unique signage, we are also here to help you determine which sign would be the best match for your company.  As we have explored in previous blogs, there are many different sign types, and thus far we have looked at ADA Signs, Monument Signs, Gold Leaf Signs, Lobby Signs, and 3D SignsAll great options depending on your sign needs and all available through Landmark Signs

Today, we want to take a look at one of the more commonly know sign types, although it is not commonly referred to by its actual name.  Channel Letter Signs, usually referred to as Neon Signs, can have Neon Lighting, but can also be updated to the more environmentally friendly way of lighting, with LED, sometimes called LED Signs.   Channel Letter Signs are an ideal and common way to advertise your company, as they are usually installed right above your store front or at the top of your building.  They can also be lit in a variety of ways including lit-through, halo-lighting or both.  Depending on what design you desire, Channel Letter Signs can be bold and eye-catching or subtle and classic.  Learn more about these versatile signs.


Eye-Catching Signs

Channel Letter Signs will catch the eye of your customers walking by or driving by.  Bold and innovative, these signs are meant to be a marker for anyone navigating a busy complex or street, wanting to make sure that they came to the right place.  Draw customers right to your door with Channel Letter Signs.

Neon or LED Illuminated

With Channel Letter Signs, you can choose a classic neon illumination for a Neon Sign.  Or go with a modern, cost-efficient LED illumination for an LED Sign.  Either option will brighten your sign and illuminate so customers know where you are and who you are even when it is dark outside.

Multiple Lighting Options

Furhermore, there are a number of ways to illuminate your Channel Letter Sign.  Including the standard lit-thru lighting to the classy halo option beautifully bordering your Channel Letter Sign.  There is even the option to choose both for an even bolder and more eye-catching  Channel Letter Sign.

Eye-catching Channel Letter Signs will draw customers into your establishment.  Our company has been producing this type of sign for over 35 years; our trained and talented sign designers and engineers know exactly how to craft a Channel Letter Sign (or several) that suits your budget and compliments your brand identity.  Whether classic neon or modern LED construction, Channel Letter Signs are a bold and eye-catching way to advertise your services!

Call Landmark Signs for your own eye-catching Channel Letter Sign.   Or email us today.

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