Sign Industry Article: ADA Signs – More than Meets the Eye

People are often surprised to learn that ADA Signs do not have to look like the standard, run-of-the-mill signs people often imagine them to be.  A lot of people picture, blue square edged or circular blue signs with white lettering and perhaps a handicap symbol.  Boring, uninteresting, and quite frankly not the best to look at.  And while many companies want to update or include ADA Signs in their buildings and companies, the thought of having to put something like this…

all over the interior walls of your building, does not exactly inspire action.

But what if your ADA Sign could look like this?

Custom ADA Restroom Sign Kerlin Jobe

That is why at Landmark Signs, we let our customers know that ADA Signage can be so much more than they imagined.  With a variety of colors, materials, and designs available, we can elevate ADA Signage to reflect elegantly and effectively upon a company and their brand. And a place where we often go to supply us with these materials is Gemini, Inc,  a company that was recently featured on signweb.com highlighting their supplies. We trust them to bring our detailed ADA Sign designs to life with a variety of color and material options, like metal or acrylic, even painted colors are available.

To read more about the company, check out the article.

To learn more about ADA Signs, check our ADA blog series or email us for your own ADA Sign.

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