Does the Sign Match Its Design? The Skyline Monument Sign

The design phase of the sign process is one of the most detailed and important stages.  It is where we set the scene for what is to come.  If the installation is the performance and the manufacturing the rehearsal, than the design is the script.  It is what we use to sell the job, outline the plan, describe the dimensions and material, and is ultimately our promise to the customer of what we will deliver.  An elegantly written script is no guarantee that a play will live up to it.  So too, is this true with a design.  If any phase of the sign process goes awry, then the client will not receive what he or she was ensured.

Skyline Push-Thru Graphics Monument Sign

Which is why we at Landmark Signs believe in working hard from the beginning until the end so that a client gets exactly what was expected.  Last week, we showed you the Monument Sign above.  See if we delivered on our promise by looking at the design for this very same job, The Skyline Luxury Apartments.  What do you think? Did the design come to life?

1012-M Essex Skyline_Page_3

Check back in next week to see if this Channel Letter Sign matches it design.Word & Brown High Rise Channel Letters

 To see your sign design come to life, contact Landmark Signs.

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