Does the Sign Match Its Design? Introduction

When it comes to being an all-service sign company, at Landmark Signs we do not underestimate any part of that process.  No step is too small, and like a pyramid, we realize that every stone, from the base to the top, disturbs the entire structure.  If one stone is out of place or lose, than the whole pyramid will be affected.

The base of our Landmark Signs pyramid is the consultation with the client where we find out what the company’s sign goals.  Up a little bit higher the pyramid is the surveying process where we carefully analyze the site the sign will go.  This is followed by designing the project, a chance for us to show what we are made of by both listening to the client’s needs as well as providing our own sign expertise: a delicate balance.  Next we have manufacturing the sign which requires an expert touch to bring the design to life.  Last is the installation, the pinnacle of the pyramid, where a client can finally see the finished product.

Of course if any of these steps are skipped, done haphazardly, or taken lightly, the final product will not live up to the design and the client’s expectations.  This is what we want to focus on for the next few blogs.

The designing process is a multi-dimensional process.  For the client, it tells him or her visually what the sign will look like.  It is much more about aesthetics and shows the customer what can be expected from his or her sign.  Technically speaking, on our end of things, it sets the tone for the rest of the project.   If it is not done in an expert manner, than the plan, the map which must be followed, will lead the manufacturer and installer astray.

Here at Landmark Signs, we believe in delivering what we promised.  If we say a sign is going to look a certain way, then the installed sign should flawlessly reflect its design.

Watch the Landmark Signs designs comes to life with our new blog series.

Check back in next week to see if this Monument Sign matches it design.

 To see your sign design come to life, contact Landmark Signs.

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