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Sign Creativity Comes out on Top!

People don’t often stop to look at the beauty of a sign because it is often seen as just a marker; a place used to identify with words, letters, numbers, and maybe a logo.  Nothing exciting.  And in fact, many do not expect anything more from their signs and sign makers.  But at Landmark Signs, we understand that signs are works of art.  They can be iconic, classic, experimental and creative.

As the Signs of the Times Magazine, an Annual Reader’s Choice Awards recently took place.  Browsing through the magazine, we could not help but stop at the winners of this award.  They took creativity to the next level with a sign full of brightly, multi-colored neon, a beautiful design, and sure to make a lasting impression.  It certainly left an impression on us!

Check it out for yourselves!  And remember, a sign is the chance to show customers your creative side!

Read more about other sign winners here.

Peacock Loop Diner at Dusk

Peacock Loop Diner at Night

For your own custom sign that is like a piece of art, contact Landmark Signs.

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