Finding your Way – In Style

Directional Signage, sometimes referred to as Wayfinding Signage, is not necessarily considered a chance to be overly creative or impressive. Many sign companies and purchasers of signs think of them as informational and functional, that’s it.  But at Landmark Signs we understand that every sign is the chance to send the right kind of message to its viewers.  And yes, even Directional Signage can be creative, versatile and stylish.

The Society for Experiential Graphic Design thinks so too!  It took the time to name the “Top 20 Wayfinding Projects Since 2000.”  Among the companies featuring these signs are Amtrack, Bloomberg, and the Lester B. International Airport in Toronto.  Check out the pictures below to see a few of Landmark Signs’ favorites on the list.

Wayfinding at Bloomberg headquarters seamlessly communicates Bloomberg's brand and services to employees, clients, and visitors (2004, Pentagram).

Directional Signs at Bloomberg headquarters.

Downtown LA Walks leads a new generation of urban wayfinding systems that connect neighborhoods and actively encourage walking (2006, Hunt Design, Corbin Design).

Downtown LA

LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal's $40 million

LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal.

See all the signs on the list here.

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Designing: Revealing a Sign’s True Potential

The benefit of working with an all-service sign company is that we are invested in every aspect of your sign project from start to finish. We see the sign project through from the brainstorming to the design and from the manufacturing to the installation. Mostly, we have focused on described our finished signs. However, we thought it might be interesting to look into the aspect of signage that takes place behind closed doors: the design.
Designing starts once the client has contacted a sign company with certain sign needs. They list their concerns and desires, and we at Landmark Signs take these needs into consideration while also bringing the elements of sign knowledge and design expertise to the process. The design is our chance to shine and excite the client about their sign’s potential.
Let’s take a look at one of our designs that required Landmark Signs to create a whole new sign program so that the client could have exactly what they wanted: an Awning Sign for the Chamberlain Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.

Chamberlain Entrance Installed Chamberlain Parking Entrance Chamberlain Sign Letters Design
The finished sign will be made with Polished Stainless Steel Internally Illuminated Halo Letters with a Steel Awning and an Internally Illuminated Valence Cabinet.
To learn about your sign’s potential, email Landmark Signs.

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Sign Creativity Comes out on Top!

People don’t often stop to look at the beauty of a sign because it is often seen as just a marker; a place used to identify with words, letters, numbers, and maybe a logo.  Nothing exciting.  And in fact, many do not expect anything more from their signs and sign makers.  But at Landmark Signs, we understand that signs are works of art.  They can be iconic, classic, experimental and creative.

As the Signs of the Times Magazine, an Annual Reader’s Choice Awards recently took place.  Browsing through the magazine, we could not help but stop at the winners of this award.  They took creativity to the next level with a sign full of brightly, multi-colored neon, a beautiful design, and sure to make a lasting impression.  It certainly left an impression on us!

Check it out for yourselves!  And remember, a sign is the chance to show customers your creative side!

Read more about other sign winners here.

Peacock Loop Diner at Dusk

Peacock Loop Diner at Night

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