Cinema City: Portland Theatre Signs

During the roaring 20’s and the Golden Age of Hollywood, Portland, Oregon experienced a boom of theatre’s opening.  This was to keep up with the high middle class demand for seeing movies in the theatre.  It seemed as if around every corner was another theatre, around chance to see a silent film, or later a “talkie.” At one point, there was over 50 theatres!

Here are just a few of the theatres that opened in Portland, Oregon during this time period:

the Egyptian Theatre in 1924,

the Alameda Theatre in 1926,

the Broadway Theatre in 1926,

and the Portland Theatre in 1928.

And while unfortunately many of these theatres were demolished over time or reconstructed, there are also a few that remain to represent not only this era in Hollywood, but also the history of Portland itself.  For the next few weeks we will take a closer look at these theatres, the Hollywood Theatre, the Bagdad Theatre, and the Aladdin Theatre, their representation of the city of Portland and of course their signs.

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