Artegon Center Updated Signage for New, Sleek Look

There seems to be a recent trend of shopping centers abandoning their old, out-dated mode of signage, which Steve Aust describes as “bland, fluorescent-lit cabinets [for] colorful design, bold typefaces and greater luminescence.”  Although the shopping centers themselves have been around for a number of decades, many are realizing that it doesn’t mean their signage has to reflect that.  Although, antique signage and restoring sign trends from the past can be a great way to show an appreciation for the past, sometimes it’s best to completely update the look of a sign in order to become more current.  This is just what the shopping center Artegon in Orlando, Florida decided to do.  With a glass wall-façade and a 12-ft-tall Channel Letter Sign, a two brand new bold backlit and front lit Monument Sign Artegon demonstrates the power of making the old look new!

Artegon glass wall facade

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