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Signage: the Marketing Solution (Final)

Zadig-Voltaire.pngAs we have seen the past few weeks, there are many reasons to choose signage as the marketing solution for your company.  We are not suggesting that all other forms of advertising be abandoned, but we are saying that signage can eliminate many of the struggles of other forms of marketing.  Signs are a form of advertising that are extremely useful and should be the marketing solution for your company.  Here are just a few of the reasons why:

1.  There is no up-keep.  With marketing like social media, in order to stay noticed and relevant, it requires daily updates, bi-weekly blogs, and hash tagging several times a day.  Not so with signs.  Once it’s up, you won’t have to worry about it for 5-10 years! That’s how long lasting our signs are at Landmark Signs.

2. There is no time wasted.  When you are dealing with advertising, it almost always requires that you or someone in your company will have to invest valuable time researching the methods and maintaining them.  With signage, allow the sign experts at Landmark Signs to take their time on your sign project so you can get back to what you specialize in!

3.   They are permanent.  With other forms of advertising, you may be here today but gone tomorrow.  Just research what it takes to maintain being at the top of the list on Google.  But with signage, once it’s up it’s no going anywhere.  Tell your clients that you mean business, by choosing a permanent sign from Landmark Signs.


Of course there are many other reasons why signage is the marketing solution for you company.  This includes incorporating a design that matched your business with a Lobby Signs, sending the right kind of message with a Monument Sign, and catching the eyes of passers-by with a LED Sign.  If signage is not a part of your marketing solution, it should be.


Thanks for reading!

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