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Signage: The Marketing Solution (Part 4)

So far we have learned that using signage as a marketing solution is beneficial because it requires little to no up-keep, unlike marketing using other alternatives such as social media which can be a drain on your time management. Furthermore, it deciding to invest in a sign for advertising ensures that you can get back to the business you specialize in, and let the sign experts take over for you. Let’s take a look at another reason to choose signage.

Marketing using many other methods like social media, online advertisements, and more are all temporary. You may write a new blog that is featured for a little while on their site, but very quickly it will be replaced by another blog. And perhaps you have managed to catch a consumer’s eyes with an insightful post on Facebook, but with so many other options to grab hold of a consumer’s eye, it will only be a matter of time before he or she looks elsewhere. And once you post on Twitter, just wait a few seconds and somebody else with post too, meaning the focus on your company is only for a brief period of time.

This is not so with a sign. Once that sign is up, no amount of SEO content, hash tagging, or streaming will take its place. It’s there and that is where it is going to stay. And depending on your sign, it can stay put for over ten years! Choosing to advertise through signage sends a message to the consumer of permanence. You value your company and your clients enough to make a statement that says you are here to stay. A sign is the marketing solution that sends the message of a company that is solid and firm.

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