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Signage: The Marketing Solution (Part Two)

One of the most overwhelming aspects of marketing is the constant up-keep. From social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to advertising strategies like blogs and websites, one factor they all require is your time. If your social media accounts are not being updated frequently, people lose interest or forget about your company. And not posting relevant, new content to your blogs and website can keep your company from receiving the foot traffic it needs to get noticed and bring in new business. In fact one article, entitled “The Social Media Frequency Guide” suggests posting to Twitter 14 times a day, Facebook 2 times a day, LinkedIn once a day, excluding weekends, and Google+ twice a day not including the weekends. There is even a suggested time frame for each one of these sites. This task can leave a company feeling like they are constantly behind and completely overwhelmed in their marketing department.

Couture Channel Letter Sign

With signage, however, there is quite a different tale. Not only can you allow our sign experts to invest their time so that you don’t have to, signage is also the ideal way to market your company in a way that requires little to no up-keep. And when we talk about up-keep, we mean the kind that we come out and fix for you and only comes around every 5-10 years. Once a sign is up, it’s not going anywhere. You can relax and know that your company is being advertised without the nag of social media marketing always hovering above your head. For a sign sends advertises your company once and for all, turn to Landmark Signs.

Check back in with us next week to read about another reason signage is the best marketing solution for your company.

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