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Signage: the Marketing Solution (Final)

Zadig-Voltaire.pngAs we have seen the past few weeks, there are many reasons to choose signage as the marketing solution for your company.  We are not suggesting that all other forms of advertising be abandoned, but we are saying that signage can eliminate many of the struggles of other forms of marketing.  Signs are a form of advertising that are extremely useful and should be the marketing solution for your company.  Here are just a few of the reasons why:

1.  There is no up-keep.  With marketing like social media, in order to stay noticed and relevant, it requires daily updates, bi-weekly blogs, and hash tagging several times a day.  Not so with signs.  Once it’s up, you won’t have to worry about it for 5-10 years! That’s how long lasting our signs are at Landmark Signs.

2. There is no time wasted.  When you are dealing with advertising, it almost always requires that you or someone in your company will have to invest valuable time researching the methods and maintaining them.  With signage, allow the sign experts at Landmark Signs to take their time on your sign project so you can get back to what you specialize in!

3.   They are permanent.  With other forms of advertising, you may be here today but gone tomorrow.  Just research what it takes to maintain being at the top of the list on Google.  But with signage, once it’s up it’s no going anywhere.  Tell your clients that you mean business, by choosing a permanent sign from Landmark Signs.


Of course there are many other reasons why signage is the marketing solution for you company.  This includes incorporating a design that matched your business with a Lobby Signs, sending the right kind of message with a Monument Sign, and catching the eyes of passers-by with a LED Sign.  If signage is not a part of your marketing solution, it should be.


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Signage: The Marketing Solution (Part 4)

So far we have learned that using signage as a marketing solution is beneficial because it requires little to no up-keep, unlike marketing using other alternatives such as social media which can be a drain on your time management. Furthermore, it deciding to invest in a sign for advertising ensures that you can get back to the business you specialize in, and let the sign experts take over for you. Let’s take a look at another reason to choose signage.

Marketing using many other methods like social media, online advertisements, and more are all temporary. You may write a new blog that is featured for a little while on their site, but very quickly it will be replaced by another blog. And perhaps you have managed to catch a consumer’s eyes with an insightful post on Facebook, but with so many other options to grab hold of a consumer’s eye, it will only be a matter of time before he or she looks elsewhere. And once you post on Twitter, just wait a few seconds and somebody else with post too, meaning the focus on your company is only for a brief period of time.

This is not so with a sign. Once that sign is up, no amount of SEO content, hash tagging, or streaming will take its place. It’s there and that is where it is going to stay. And depending on your sign, it can stay put for over ten years! Choosing to advertise through signage sends a message to the consumer of permanence. You value your company and your clients enough to make a statement that says you are here to stay. A sign is the marketing solution that sends the message of a company that is solid and firm.

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Signage: The Marketing Solution (Part Three)

As discussed last week, one of the reasons marketing can be so difficult is because it is a process that requires constant up-keep.  With signage, however, once a sign is up, it is not going anywhere!  Today, we will take a look at another reason signs are the marketing solution.

Trying to manage marketing for your own company can be extremely time-consuming.    There is so much information out there, and many experts who can give you their best advice, but at the end of the day, marketing through social media, advertising, and any other form means you are going to have to get in there and do it yourself.  Not only does it require countless hours updating marketing methods every week, but it also means you will spend time researching and trying to become an expert in a field your business does not specialize in.  

Instead, use signs at an alternative marketing method. This allows you to get back to the field you specialize in and already are an expert in and let us, the sign experts give you a marketing solution that will allow you to get back to business.  Allowing our clients to have a say in their signage is extremely important to us, but we realize that once we get your approval on the design, your going to want to get back to your business and let us take over.  And that is what we are here for! From the surveying to the designing, the manufacturing to the installing, Landmark Signs will provide all the sign services you need, requiring much less of your time in order to advertise your company well!  Signs, like Channel Letters Signs, Monument Signs and Gold Leaf Signs, are a preferable marketing solution because it allows specialists to take care of your marketing needs, giving you the time you need to spend time in the trade you are specialized in.

Skyline Push-Thru Graphics Monument Sign

Come back next week for another reason signage really is the marketing solution!

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Signage: The Marketing Solution (Part Two)

One of the most overwhelming aspects of marketing is the constant up-keep. From social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to advertising strategies like blogs and websites, one factor they all require is your time. If your social media accounts are not being updated frequently, people lose interest or forget about your company. And not posting relevant, new content to your blogs and website can keep your company from receiving the foot traffic it needs to get noticed and bring in new business. In fact one article, entitled “The Social Media Frequency Guide” suggests posting to Twitter 14 times a day, Facebook 2 times a day, LinkedIn once a day, excluding weekends, and Google+ twice a day not including the weekends. There is even a suggested time frame for each one of these sites. This task can leave a company feeling like they are constantly behind and completely overwhelmed in their marketing department.

Couture Channel Letter Sign

With signage, however, there is quite a different tale. Not only can you allow our sign experts to invest their time so that you don’t have to, signage is also the ideal way to market your company in a way that requires little to no up-keep. And when we talk about up-keep, we mean the kind that we come out and fix for you and only comes around every 5-10 years. Once a sign is up, it’s not going anywhere. You can relax and know that your company is being advertised without the nag of social media marketing always hovering above your head. For a sign sends advertises your company once and for all, turn to Landmark Signs.

Check back in with us next week to read about another reason signage is the best marketing solution for your company.

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