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Signage: The Marketing Solution (Part One)

Take a moment to Google the phrase “marketing for your business.” You’ll see that the articles, blogs and suggestions are endless.  Titles like “31 Low-Cost Ways To Promote Your Business,” “Ten Key Steps to Successfully Marketing Your Business Online,” and “16 Unique and Innovative Ways to Market your Business” are just a few of the seemingly endless links to follow, ideas to incorporate, and strategies to try.  Click on one of these links and words like “elevator pitch,” “leverage,” “create buzz” and “network” flood the screen like a long honey-do list that completely ruins the image of a Sunday spent watching the game and relaxing on the couch. We are not arguing that these strategies would not prove helpful.  In fact they may prove to be extremely helpful.  But for those not well-versed in marketing, it can be overwhelming, often times confusing, and no matter which strategy you try it will require a lot of time. And we at Landmark Signs have been there.  Which is why we want to suggest you consider possibly the most convenient, over-looked and under-utilized marketing strategy available: the marketing solution of signage.

 White Outline Channel Letters

Come back next week to learn why signs are a marketer’s best kept secret.


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Advertising, Business, Marketing, Signage

A Flash of the Past

Poster Three

These modern posters created to reflect the styles of the past beautifully display the creativity of combing the old with the new.  Simplistic, elegant, and classic, the posters are inspired by the past and show that an idea can spark into a whole collection.  These are just a few of the many posters designed to reflect a classic retro feel.

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Poster Four

Poster OnePoster Two