Featured Sign: The Chili Pepper Window Graphic

Chilli Pepper Window Graphic

Location: Orange, CA

Description: Red, green and yellow chipped glue window graphic with 23 carat gold leaf outline

This is one of my favorite signs that Landmark Signs has ever created. I remember when I first saw this sign in the shop, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the sign. Not only do the crisp, bold colors stand out perfectly against the gold leaf outline, but the craftsmanship of this sign makes it seem more like a piece of art than just an advertisement. This chipped glue window graphic is a sign type that would fit in very well at a restaurant or pub. It is eye-catching and, with the gold leaf in the sign, this sign reflect elegantly upon the company that purchased this sign and show that quality matters in every detail of their business, down to their sign.

To learn more about the process of applying chipped glue on glass, check out this article.

 © Landmark Signs Inc. 2014

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