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Featured Sign: The Chili Pepper Window Graphic

Chilli Pepper Window Graphic

Location: Orange, CA

Description: Red, green and yellow chipped glue window graphic with 23 carat gold leaf outline

This is one of my favorite signs that Landmark Signs has ever created. I remember when I first saw this sign in the shop, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the sign. Not only do the crisp, bold colors stand out perfectly against the gold leaf outline, but the craftsmanship of this sign makes it seem more like a piece of art than just an advertisement. This chipped glue window graphic is a sign type that would fit in very well at a restaurant or pub. It is eye-catching and, with the gold leaf in the sign, this sign reflect elegantly upon the company that purchased this sign and show that quality matters in every detail of their business, down to their sign.

To learn more about the process of applying chipped glue on glass, check out this article.

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3. Our Featured Projects, Advertising, Business, Marketing, Signage

Sign Project: Skyline Luxury Apartments

Skyline Luxury Apartments South Coast Metro, CA

If anybody has driven on the 55 Freeway near the 405 Freeway recently, they may have noticed the colorful wall washers running down the sides of two buildings.  Well, those buildings belong to Skyline Luxury Apartments and we put up those wall washers a little over a year ago, along with several other types of signs.  It was quite a large project, but one that we are very proud of, especially since the advertising methods chosen by Skyline greatly benefited their company.

In fact, before Skyline purchased the property, the previous owner had struggled to get their company noticed and ended up having to leave.  However, once Skyline took over, they decided upon an aggressive and bold campaign to advertise, choosing Landmark Signs to help them send their message.

With a Monument Sign, Window Displays, an extremely large Banner, A-frame Signs Promotional Displays, and even colorful LED Wall Washers, there was no doubt about it,people were going to pay attention to them.  And their approach paid off!  With all the advertising they received many calls with customers interested in leasing one of their apartments and have exciting and creative signs all over their property to let every know who they are and what their company is about!

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Sign Type Diversity: One of a Kind or Many Locations

Signage needs can range from large to small. Clients often come to us and have one sign need in mind. This can be for a one location job, usually a business with a store front right on the street. In these instances it makes sense to stick with one sign. However other times clients come to us with a sign that they need repeated similarly in many locations. Fortunately, Landmark Signs can do both. Word & Brown High Rise Channel Letters For a one location client, we see to it that there job sends a very clear message of what the company is all about. Since they have one opportunity to make a first impression, they count on us to deliver the message clearly and correctly. We make sure that the sign is exactly what the client is looking for, whether that be a bold and innovative Channel Letter Sign or a more understated and elegant 3D Sign. many 1 many 2 many 3 4G redondo There are also times when a client comes to us with many locations in need of signage. The key here is consistency. The company’s brand and logo need to be instantly recognizable by anybody viewing the sign. And although the location of the sign may mean slight variances on spacing or layout, the brand must remain the same. That can range from the same Gold Leaf Sign to a Monument Sign. At Landmark Signs, we treat each project with care and attention to detail. We strive to meet the needs of each and every one of our clients. If you have a project with just one sign need on one location or a job with many sign needs over a number of locations, reach out to Landmark Signs. We are here for you! Landmark Logo  LinkedIn Gold Facebook Gold Twitter Gold © Landmark Signs Inc. 2014

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California Hotel Sign Tour: The Napa River Inn

Channel Letter SignOpened In: 1901

Location: Napa, CA

The Napa River Inn is the next beautiful hotel whose history we will take a look back at. What catches our attention to a site is usually the sign. And the Napa River Inn signage is no exception. It can be viewed from across the river and is a bright red, large Neon Sign as well as an elegant Blade Sign and historic Pole Sign. Blade SignInspired by the boldness of the sign, we wanted to learn more about the building which it represented. So we dove into the archives to discover when this elegant property surrounded by lush and graceful scenery was opened and it’s past.

Originally the site where the Napa River Inn now stands, was purchased to store goods from the wharf that was constructed there by Albert E. Hatt in 1895. However, the industry of Napa Valley soon went from farming to grape harvesting. And for many years this building served as a warehouse for the successful agricultural shift. Over the years it become a hotspot for any tourists traveling to Napa. A premier with 66 rooms, most with fireplaces, views of the river and balconies. “The Historic Napa Mill, an entertainment mecca, boasts a variety of 4 restaurants, a gourmet food and gift market, an art gallery, a jazz nightclub, European day spa and an onsite bakery.” (Read More).


This historic site has transformed overtime, keeping up with the Napa industry and demands and today is beautiful, elegant inn for any traveler looking for a little history served with their wine.

Pole Sign

Signage can inspire us to unlock hidden mysteries. It may be one of the first things that a passerby notices, or at the very least tell him or her what they are viewing. In an age where information is literally at our fingertips, installing signage on a site is one of the most successful ways to market a company, intrigue a curious onlooker, and make a bold and powerful statement that we have been here and we aren’t going anywhere either.

Napa River Exterior

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