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Sign Type Diversity by Landmark Signs: Non-illuminated or Illuminated

Signs come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and materials like aluminum, acrylic or gold leaf.  Some are subtle and elegant, while others are bold and vibrant.  There is the option of having a sign stories high and seen from afar or on the ground and meant to be seen at street level.  Others still are lit up with neon or LED while there are signs that are non-illuminated.


While many assume that a sign needs to or should be illuminated, that is not always the case. Sometimes a sign is not in a location where it makes sense to have illumination since there is not a lot of traffic. Also a sign simply may not have the need to be illuminated like an ADA Sign or a Wood Sign.  And some clients simply prefer the elegance and intrigue of a 3D Sign that isn’t illuminated, preferring to maintain the status of a store that is a city’s “best kept secret.”

first silver

More well-known and more highly recommended, especially for places where street visibility is a possibility, illuminated signs make an impact.  There are many different options for illuminating a sign, through LED, Neon, or fluorescent sign lighting.

Berri's Exterior Signage Illuminated

Not only are their different ways to light up a sign, there are also different styles: internally, externally, or both and directly or indirectly (halo) or both.

White Outline Channel Letters

For a more subtle way to illuminate, Landmark Signs recommends halo lighting.  For a bolder a approach, direct lighting is ideal.  And for an even bigger impact, Landmark Signs can fabricate a sign with both indirect and direct illumination.


Whatever your sign needs, Landmark Signs has the experience and innovation to create it for you!

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