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Sign Type Diversity by Landmark Signs: Up High or Down Low

With over 40 years of experience in the sign industry, Landmark Signs has the exceptional ability of being able to meet our client’s sign needs no matter what they are. No sign type is off limits. ADA Signs, Channel Letter Signs, Monument Signs, even Pylon Signs are all within the realm of Landmark Signs’ expertise.

Up High

Skyline Banner Sign

22′ 1/4″ x 83′ 7 5/8″ Temporary Mesh Banner

Sometimes our client’s come to us with a desire to make a big impact, one that can be seen for miles around. Installing a Channel Letter Sign or a Banner on a high rise building or a Pylon Sign can have its own unique challenges. At Landmark Signs we understand that such signs requires a lot of planning, safety precautions, detailed designs and the understanding of just how big the sign needs to be in order to be seen, since the viewer’s perspective varies greatly with a sign up high.

Down Low


1 1/2″ deep .125 aluminum pan fabricated tenant panels painted Brushed aluminum acrylic polyurethane enamel on an aluminum fabricated background with a texture coated finish and a cultured ledge stone

Then there are those who want to have presence on the ground. There building is set back far enough from the street or large enough that signs on the ground are necessary. Directional Signs, A-frame Signs, and Monument Signs are some of the options for those clients whose signs need to be down low. These firmly mounted signs show stability and permanence, and catch the attention on any customers passing by, providing them with direction and information.

If you require a sign up high, several stories off the ground or a sign down low, for directional or identification purposes, than contact Landmark Signs. With whatever sign type you may require, we’re here for you!

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