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ADA Signs Part Three: How can I have a Sign that’s Attractive and Still Meets the Regulations?

ADA Mens Restroom Door SignWhat is often assumed is that ADA Signs can only look like those boring things you can pick up at the local hardware store. Do they really have to be so big that they take up half the wall? Do they always have to have that ridiculous blue color or that outdated “office” black and white? Must they be that cheap, stamped-out, cookie-cutter plastic? Do the parking signs have to use that industrial-ugly post with the holes in it?

The answer is: no! The truth is, that even with certain specific limitations, much of what your ADA Signs are made of and can look like can be very custom. Wood, brushed and polished metals of all types, attractive laminates and even stone and tile can be used. The symbols such as the wheelchair and the standing man and woman can be stylized to fit your décor. Braille dots can be done in many colors, even clear so that they “disappear” into the background.

Letter styles too can vary considerably. Although they must be “block” without serifs (the little extended corners thatWaterridge Suite Plaque Times Roman has as compared to Arial), there are numerous, very attractive and interesting fonts that fall into this category. And although colors need to have adequate “contrast”, so many combinations qualify that it is entirely possible to virtually match your interior’s paint and décor. You can even use special textures and graphics in many cases.

At Landmark Signs we are familiar with all of the required specifications, so you can be confident that the regulation for your signage are met. Even better still, with over four decades of sign design experience, we can also deliver a custom ADA Sign, created to meet your sign needs. Call Landmark for ADA Signs that meet not only the regulations, but also wonderfully compliment your building’s architecture and décor.

Next time: Part Four: Every Type of ADA Sign

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