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Signs of the World: Chicago Theatre Sign

File:Balaban and Katz Chicago Theatre.jpg

As we have seen through many historic signs, what is fascinating about signage is that it can, like all art, speak on many levels other than just the tangible.  We see a sign, one bright and flashing, a Neon Sign, and can draw the conclusion, based on its appearance, that its main purpose is to attract the eye.  A design ultimately created to be noticed.  And it’s reasonable to conclude that the Chicago Theatre Sign was crafted with this function in mind.  It is, after all, just shy of six stories high and a Neon Sign.

However, like so many other signs, this Chicago Theatre Neon Sign tells a tale of inspiration. Known as the “Wonder Theater of the World”, the Chicago Theatre was the “first large, lavish movie palace in America and was the prototype for all others. This beautiful movie palace was constructed for $4 million by theatre owners Barney and Abe Balaban and Sam and Morris Katz and designed by Cornelius and George Rapp. It was the flagship of the Balaban and Katz theatre chain” (History of the Chicago Theatre). It opened on October 26, 1921, with its first showing being the movie “The Sign on the Door” starring Norma Talmdage.



Not only did this Chicago landmark inspire other theaters that were to follow, it is the picture of being inspired. The architecture was modeled after the French Baroque style. The grand lobby was modeled after the Royal Chapel at Versailles, the staircase inspired by the Paris Opera House, and its exterior is meant to remind the view of the Arc de Triomphe.  This theater, its sign, and its history articulate the power of incorporating style of the past, and in turn, inspiring those in the future.  A sign has the capability to do the same.  If a muse can be found in the past, go with it.  You never know when your inspiration can create a legacy, and be a motivation for the future.File:Paris July 2011-30.jpgFile:Chicago Theater - day.jpg


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Brand New Sign Projects by Landmark Signs

There are several sign projects Landmark Signs has completed as of late. We updated our website to include our latest projects.  Check out what’s new at Landmark Signs!

Monument Signs

Monument Signs are a great way to advertise your business at street level.  They are specifically helpful when your building is set back from the road and your Wall Signs are difficult to see.

1200 Wilshire Monument Sign After Wellbrook Monument Sign

Benco Dental Monument Sign

Click here to learn more about Monument Signs.

Channel Letter Signs

Eye-catching Channel Letter Signs will draw customers into your establishment.  Our company has been producing this types of sign for over 35 years; our trained and talented sign designers and engineers know exactly how to craft a Channel Letter Sign that suits your budget and compliments your brand identity.

Couture SalonBenco Dental Channel Letter Sign

Read more about Channel Letter Signs here.

ADA Signs

For commercial and residential multi-tenant buildings, rely on Landmark Signs when in need of ADA Signs.  Our ADA Signs include those in braille, office plaques, restroom signs, exit signs, wheelchair access signs, handicap parking signs and even more!

Kerlin Job ADA Sign Kerlin Jobe Restroom ADA Sign The Commons ADA Sign

Click here for expert insights into ADA Signs.

3D Signs

At Landmark Signs, we want to help our clients make a big impact as their first impression, which is why we offer 3D Signs that are sure to get you noticed.  With an array of options including Dimensional Wall Signs, Channel Letter Signs, Gold Leaf Signs and much more, our 3D Signs are perfect for adding dimension and a dramatic presence.

The Commons 3D Sign

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Featured Monument Sign: Welbrook Senior Living

Wellbrook Monument Sign

The interesting aspect of signage is that it has the ability to subtly communicate through style, design and appearance. The receiver of the message can learn so much more about a company than simply its name through a sign. Yes, the main goal of a sign is to identify. But, like most art, it is multi-faceted and can be interpreted in any number of ways. ADA Signs can tell viewers that their company cares. Channel Letter Signs give a store the opportunity to stand out and make a splash. And, the message sent by Monument Signs is almost always one of permanence and dependability.

Like with the Welbrook Monument Sign. Simple and elegant in its conception, we learn that the company is reliable, solid, and long-lasting even though the sign only has three words and a logo. Strong, stable, firm in their foundation, a passer-by of a Monument Sign can pick up on these features subconsciously and apply it to the brand without even realizing it.

For your very own Monument Sign with a unique hidden message all of its own, call Landmark Signs.

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AT&T Stadium Signage Renovation


A football piece on sign blog isn’t exactly what one would expect to find when visiting our page. But, football season is well underway, and Landmark Signs is not immune to the excitement of the NFL season.

imageSo, the stadium changes that have taken place at AT&T Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys, over the past few years gave us the perfect opportunity to write about one of our favorite past times. Because with these stadium renovations, their Signage was transformed as well.image

From Digital Signs, including 3,000 LCD displays and one of the largest high-def T.V screens in the world giving fans a powerful viewing experience from any seat, to the Dimensional Signs and Illuminated Signs, the AT&T Stadium signage makes a powerful statement. And even though the Dallas Cowboys are now in their 55th season, these updates and enhancements show that it is never too late to reinvent your business. And the 4-1 start for the Cowboys 55th season makes us think they’re onto something. Scroll through the following images to see what we are talking about!



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ADA Signs Part Three: How can I have a Sign that’s Attractive and Still Meets the Regulations?

ADA Mens Restroom Door SignWhat is often assumed is that ADA Signs can only look like those boring things you can pick up at the local hardware store. Do they really have to be so big that they take up half the wall? Do they always have to have that ridiculous blue color or that outdated “office” black and white? Must they be that cheap, stamped-out, cookie-cutter plastic? Do the parking signs have to use that industrial-ugly post with the holes in it?

The answer is: no! The truth is, that even with certain specific limitations, much of what your ADA Signs are made of and can look like can be very custom. Wood, brushed and polished metals of all types, attractive laminates and even stone and tile can be used. The symbols such as the wheelchair and the standing man and woman can be stylized to fit your décor. Braille dots can be done in many colors, even clear so that they “disappear” into the background.

Letter styles too can vary considerably. Although they must be “block” without serifs (the little extended corners thatWaterridge Suite Plaque Times Roman has as compared to Arial), there are numerous, very attractive and interesting fonts that fall into this category. And although colors need to have adequate “contrast”, so many combinations qualify that it is entirely possible to virtually match your interior’s paint and décor. You can even use special textures and graphics in many cases.

At Landmark Signs we are familiar with all of the required specifications, so you can be confident that the regulation for your signage are met. Even better still, with over four decades of sign design experience, we can also deliver a custom ADA Sign, created to meet your sign needs. Call Landmark for ADA Signs that meet not only the regulations, but also wonderfully compliment your building’s architecture and décor.

Next time: Part Four: Every Type of ADA Sign

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