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Historic Restaurant Updates with a New Sign


Los Angeles’ most historic restaurant, Tam O’ Shanter, established in 1922, recently underwent a sign transformation.  The new sign is meant to reflect the current trends of the surrounding culture, but still maintains the history of location in that it is Neon Sign, a method of lighting that has been used for over half a century, and in its design. The lightening bolt, which appeared in the 1930’s, but was not featured for a number of years, “returns as a vivid emblem of the Tam O’Shanter’s 21st century vitality” (April Neale, Oldest Restaurant in Los Angeles, Tam O’ Shanter, Get New Sign). Signs have the ability to highlight features from our past, while still allowing a company to renovate its look when it decides it’ time to update.  Here, we see a beautiful blend of both the past and present coming together in a sign that sends a message history translated through a new energy.

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