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ADA Sign Expert Blogger

(Our in-house expert, John Myres will tell you what you need to know in a series of blogs.  Click here to read more about him.)

ADA Signs are most likely a sign type that you have often heard talked about.  Perhaps, in passing you have also heard the terms “braille signs,” “handicap signs” or “compliance signs.” All of which are terms that fall under the category of ADA Signs but are not inclusive.  And if any images of what these signs actually look like pop into your head, you are probably imagining something that looks a little something like this:

Typical ADA Signs

Just your standard, basic and quite frankly, boring ADA Sign that you are required by law to put up in your building.  Not exactly a custom designed sign to add character and appeal to your building or store.  Nothing really to blog about, and most certainly nothing to read about.

But what if your ADA Sign looked a little bit more like this?

ADA Mens Restroom Door Sign

Or better yet, this?

Custom ADA Restroom Sign Kerlin Jobe

Interested now?

What if you learned that ADA Signs could be custom created to meet your aesthetic needs and reflect your company’s signage needs: from classic and subtle to exciting and innovative? It’s possible that you might not only “have to” put up ADA Signs, but that you might actually “want to”!  And that is signage worth learning about!  Check back in with us on Thursdays to read our latest sign expert blog series on ADA Signs.  Learn what they really are, why they are necessary and how they can enhance your property’s and company’s look and feel.

Next Thursday: What Are “ADA Signs.”

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