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Sign Project: Salon Couture Studios

Couture Channel Letter Sign

Halo and Directly Illuminated Channel Letter Sign

For the project, Couture Salon Studios, our designers at Landmark Signs, were given the opportunity to be creative with the various types of signs, including ADA Signs, an Illuminated Channel Letter Sign, a Lobby Sign and several Blade Signs. At Couture Salon Studios, a customer can choose from a plethora of cosmetic luxuries, from manicurists and massage therapists, to hair stylists and make-up artists all within the same building. It is a business in which artistic style and quality customer service is key. Which is why, when it came time to design their sign, we wanted to make sure the signs highlighted these features, promoting class, artistry and dependability.

Couture Interior SignThe colors, font, materials and manufacturing needed to be carefully planned and executed in order to make sure the client’s message was incorporated into the sign. When discussing the Channel Letter Sign, we knew it needed to stand out from other typical Channel Letter Signs. It had to make a statement. With the brick background, we thoughtfully chose an aluminum backing to provide a contrasting between the sign and the backdrop. While the aluminum provides the opportunity for the sign to be more easily spotted, the dark brown lettering maintains the subtle, classic look that is important for portraying elegance. Lastly, the translucent acrylic teal wings of the brown butterfly reflects the company’s innovative qualities.

Dimensional Lobby Wall Display

As can be seen in the images, similar color schemes and materials were maintained for the interior signage. The Lobby Sign, which makes the first impression upon a customer entering the store, is a smaller version of the Channel Letter Sign, non-illuminated and made of acrylic letters. The interior signage consists of regulatory ADA Signs and tenant Blade Signs. The ADA Signs includes Restroom Signs, Room Plaques, and Evacuation Plans were made of acrylic. The Blade Signs, made of clear acrylic, hang delicately from S-hooks.

Couture Shop Signs Couture Shop Sign Close Up

Realizing that a sign gives a company the opportunity to send a message of what their company stands for without having to say a single word. Before a customer even steps foot into a store, a powerful impression can be made through powerful signage. For the Couture Salon Studios Sign Project, Landmark Signs created signage that highlighted the imaginative and classic features of the company, reminding customers of who they are and what they stand for.

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